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When will my parcel be delivered?

If there is something we care about at Watery, it’s a fast and secure delivery.

In 99.3% of the cases you get 3-5 days delivery, when you order within our daily pickup-deadlines. We’re pretty proud of that (actually we believe we’re almost as fast at swimming your parcel over to you, as Michael Phelps is at finishing a 200 m butterfly)

Before you order, you can always easily see the expected delivery date on the product page, in your cart or at the payment. The day listed there is something that is actually held up at 98,2% of our orders.

Depending on what time of day you order, whether it being a weekday or weekend, and depending on which courier you select, it it can take 3-5 days for delivery.

To give you a brief overview, you can follow these examples, where we get our parcels picked up

Delivery with An Post:
- Home delivery to the door: Order before 3 PM on weekdays = Expected delivery within 3-5 days.

You can always use the tracking number to track your parcel - you will receive it on email shortly after we have finished packing your order. See the question “Can I trace my parcel?” to find out where your parcel is.

But human errors sadly also occur - both at our end, but also when it comes to our chosen couriers. It is just as terrible every time, but it’s difficult to avoid 100%. On our end it can be because we have slipped up at the warehouse, and don’t have the item in stock as we thought, and at out couriers it can be because they are extra busy, or because they lost the parcel. See the question “You haven’t sent my parcel yet” if you haven’t received a shipment e-mail from us yet, and see the question “My parcel hasn’t moved in several days on the tracking link”, if you have received the tracking link, but nothing has happened there yet.

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My parcel hasn’t moved for several days in the tracking link (+5 days)?

If you have received the shipment email with a message that your order has been packed, and containing the tracking link, your parcel has in most cases been handed over to the courier the same day. See “When will my parcel be delivered” to see pickup times for the different couriers.

But sometimes we must admit that they just aren’t as fast as we are, to get your parcel all the way to your door - and thusly, delays can occur - or, to just be perfectly honest in rare cases - your parcel has been lost.

Follow the procedure below, if your tracking link shows that it has been several weekdays since your parcel has moved

  1. The tracking on the link is only shown when the parcel lands on their termina. So not when they pick it up from us.
  2. If the couriers on top of this is extra busy, it can sometimes be 2 weekdays before the tracking link shows the first update. Sadly we can’t control this, but we follow up often with our quality-agreements.
  3. Check your order confirmation that you received in an email shortly after your order, and see if the address listed for the order is the right one. Is the address 100% correct?
  4. If it looks like your parcel is stuck, and has been so for more than 2 weekdays, contact us and tell us if there were any errors in your address, or if everything appears correct. After this our amazing support team will help you within the next couple of hours, 24 hours at the latest. If the parcel has been lost, we will send you a new one immediately.
  5. After this we will work with the courier to investigate and find the missing parcel. We will typically hunt it down at a depot somewhere, and then get it sent back to us - but at this point you have received your new parcel ages ago ;) 

Thank you so much for your patience

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You haven’t sent my parcel yet?

If you have placed an order, but not yet received a shipment mail with the message that your order has been packed, and containing a tracking link, one of these two things can be the reason;

1. We haven’t packed your order yet - Less than 24 hours from order
We pack all of our orders every day, no matter the courier - every day of the year. So if you have ordered within the last 24 hours, it can simply be because we haven’t reached your order in the pile yet. But don’t worry - we’ll get there, and there is probably no issues, so just hang tight.

2. We have made an inventory error - More than 24 hours from order

If it has been more than 24 hours from your order, and you have not yet received an email that it has been sent, sadly it can be because of a warehouse mistake regarding one or several of your ordered products. We’re terribly sorry for this, and apologize, but when it’s people like you and me who handles the orders, receive the products and do the inventory, we can’t avoid errors on rare occasions. We hope you understand that, even if it only happens in 0,3% of our orders.

But if this is the case for your order, our warehouse will already the day after your order try to contact you by phone or email to figure out a solution with you, either with a different product, or by just sending what we have. If we can’t reach you we’ll try to contact you again the next day. And if we can’t reach you here either, we’ll send you what we have, and delete what is missing from your order, so you will still get your parcel delivered as fast as possible. Thusly none of our orders will be sitting for more than 48 hours unattended.

If you spot it yourself, you’re very welcome to contact our customer service for faster resolvement.

Again - we’re terribly sorry for the mistake!

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How can I track/trace my parcel?

You received your tracking number for your order in the "Your-package-has-been-shipped" email.

It looks like this:

Please be aware that depending on your chosen delivery method, it can take up to 48 hours before your package is registered with the distributor, so you might not always be able to track it immediately.

The tracking link will only display information once it's scanned at the shipping provider's terminal, not when it's picked up from us.

If you have your tracking number, you can easily and quickly track your package with your chosen carrier.

- Delivery with An Post

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Who will my order be shipped with (delivery methods)?

Speed and stability is vital for us at Watery, and our customers (everybody hates missing the swimming shoes in the suitcase on the holiday, because the parcel was lost …. Yep, we’ve been there ourselves).

But with so many happy customers, unfortunately, we can't deliver the orders personally even though we'd like to, so we rely on the well-known postal and distributor services.

And as the next best option (besides ourselves), you can choose at Watery how you want your package delivered.

1. An Post - Home Delivery

These four providers have been longstanding partners with Watery and ensure quick and safe delivery in most instances.

When finalizing their order, customers have the flexibility to choose their preferred delivery partner.

Depending on the volume and weight of the order, there might be a free delivery option. The exact shipping fee will be visible at checkout.

For more detailed information about each delivery method, their associated fees, and pickup/delivery timings, customers can follow the provided link or reference material - delivery method, delivery prices, and pickup and delivery times here.

It's crucial to note that all provided delivery times are just estimates. There could be unforeseen delays due to the courier or postal service.

If customers have queries about tracking their package, they're directed to the section titled "How can I track my package?".

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What does delivery cost?

On Watery.ie, we have many different shipping options. This means that you can freely pick the one you feel the most comfortable with / is the easiest in your situation.

We can however guarantee, that you get:

1. Free delivery on at least one delivery method for purchases over 79€.

2. Affordable shipping for 7€ on at least one delivery method for purchases under 79€.

3. We pack all orders until 10.00 PM every day, including weekends, ensuring you a fast delivery.

You can get a full overview of delivery prices and options here.

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I have received a broken product / my parcel is broken?

If you could see us right now, we would be slamming our head in our desks.

Because of course that’s a bloody terrible situation for you as a customer, and particularly terrible because we always check the quality of the products we send out of our warehouse - each and every one of them.

(luckily it only happens on very rare occasions, so you don’t have to worry about our heads too much)

But again - let’s fix it right away - quickly and easily to you (and of course free of charge for you).

It only requires 1 step for you (and we'll take care of the rest).

1. Please send an email to us at support@watery.ie, where you specify what is damaged/defective/smashed, along with a picture of the product and packaging.

2. We will respond to this email within 2 hours during our business hours with a message about sending the affected products again if approved and whether we require you to send the affected products back to us (this will be the case with products with a sales price over 25€).

You can have the new (and hopefully 100% intact) product(s) within one or two days. It's our way of saying sorry in a hurry."

If we wish for you to return the damaged/defective item(s), it should be done in the following way:

1. Retrieve your free return code/return label here and prepare the package for shipment by writing the 9-digit DHL return code on the outside of the package.

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I’m missing a product in my parcel?

The worst thing that can happen when you were just looking forward to it. We are incredibly sorry about it. But yes, even though we have a large inventory with fast-swimming warehouse staff, mistakes happen in a small number of cases. We hope for your understanding.

But of course we must fix this as soon as possible - because that’s our trademark.

Simple send us an email, or give us a call and tell us your order number, the name of the missing product - and if you’re extra helpful and wants to make the process lightning-quick, also a picture of the parcel (so we can see if it’s the courier’s handling of the parcel that has opened it, and let the product fall out).

Then we will with no further questions asked send you the missing product(s) right away, and you can receive it already by tomorrow :)

Internally we will obviously look into what has happened, so we can avoid this in the future.

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Can I cancel or or change my order?

We’re known for extremely fast shipping. If you catch us at just the right time, meaning withing few minutes - almost as fast as Michael Phelps swam his 100m butterfly world record.

That sadly also mean that the time in which we can cancel or change your order, is relatively limited. But hurry up and contact us at quickly as possible, and hopefully it can be done before our warehouse packs and sends the order to you. 

Please note that when you have received the mail “Your parcel from Watery.ie has started is swim to you!”, It’s sadly not possible anymore. Because at this point it has often already been picked up by the courier, and on its way to you.

If we have already packed and sent your order, of course you can always return theo order after it has been received. We’re here to help you.

You can easily send back your order after receiving it, in our return portal here

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Which countries do you ship to?

At watery.ie, the primary destination for orders is Ireland.

Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, and more. The delivery price here is 20€... 

We currently do not ship to Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and the United Kingdom, as well as countries outside of Europe. However, we are continuously working on adding more shipping countries.

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How is my order packed?

Nothing is more dear to our hearts, than ensuring that your parcel reaches you safely!

Depending on which products you have bought, they will either be packed in a bubble envelope or a cardboard box with package filling. This ensures that your products reach you safe and sound,

We do everything we can, to make sure that your products reach you safely and protected.

If your product gets damaged on the way, we will advise you to follow the procedure we outline in the section “I have received a broken product / my parcel is broken”

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I can't select the delivery method I want?

At Watery.ie, we offer the following delivery methods:

- An Post Home delivery

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