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A burkini is a swimsuit, for those who wants to be covered up a bit more, when they're at the beach or the pool. It often consists of a bathing cap, tights, and a swimming shirt, so only the face, hands and feet are visible. As such...
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A burkini is a swimsuit, for those who wants to be covered up a bit more, when they're at the beach or the pool. It often consists of a bathing cap, tights, and a swimming shirt, so only the face, hands and feet are visible. As such, it's also important to pick a burkini of a high quality, that fits comfortably, dries quickly, and doesn't hinder you with excessive fabric when you're swimming.

Why use a burkini?

The word burkini itself, comes from a combination of burka and bikini. It's particularly popular among muslim women, who wants to uphold the muslim values, but who also still loves to swim and splash around. As such, a burkini is a different type of bathing suit, that lets you live up to your values, without you having to compromise with a great swim.

The material is typically from polyester, which is either quick drying or water repellant. This is due to the simple reason, that you shouldn't feel like you're wearing normal clothes when you get out of the water. There is almost nothing worse after a great swim, than if your swimwear sticks to your skin, and you want to peel it off.

All this fuss and worries won't be a problem, if you pick a burkini swimsuit of the right quality. In fact you will rarely think about you're even wearing a swimsuit, that covers most of your body. They must dry quickly, feel comfortable and be airy.

This is particularly the case when you are in the scorching sun, where it can quickly become too hot, if you're wearing too much clothing.

As such, you can be sure of both bodily and personal comfort. So if you for one reason or another wants to cover up, but don't want to miss out on a great trip in the water, a burkini is a great choice.

Find a burkini that suits your style

Many burkinis come with a unique pattern, and in different colours and shapes, so you can find one that fits your style. The same thing applies if you're looking for one in plus size. There is something for everybody, and we're certain that you here on our site can find a burkini that fits your style.

There can of course be some worries when it comes to how to see yourself as plus size. This adds some very special requirements for the fabric, but also in this case you can remain calm. The materials a burkini is made from, is very stretchy without feeling like a close fitting swimsuit. Most plus size burkinis won't feel much different to wear, than many other swimsuits.

The most important part is of course, that you find one that fits your needs and the requirement you have. As such, we're also certain that you can find something here on this page, that fits your specific needs.

Look after your bikini

Like much other swimwear made from the same materials as burkinis, salt and chlorine water can be very rough on the fabric. Even though a burkini is very durable and hard-wearing, you can still prolong its life by taking the right precautions. To make it easier to figure out, we have listed them here:

  • Hand wash - preferably in cold fresh water after use
  • Can be machine washed, but we recommend using a gentler program and very mild (if any) detergent
  • Don't wring after the wash, since it will overstretch the fibers.
  • Avoid the dryer if you can, since burkinis prefer to air dry - and preferably not in direct sunlight.

If you use sunscreen under your burkini, you may experience yellow stains on the lighter parts of the fabric. This only affects the look of the swimsuit, and not the functionality.

Buy your burkini here at

We understand that a burkini should live up to certain requirements, which is also why we have burkinis of the highest quality, to give you the best comfort. As such, we're certain that you can find your next burkini here on our site, and if you whop with us, you get a lot of benefits as well:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

So hurry up and place an order, and get 100% ready for your next trip to the pool or the beach.

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