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On this page you can explore our wide selection of tankinis. This type of bikini is a mix between a bathing suit and a bikini, which is both practical and stylish. We have a great selection of different models and colours, so no mat...
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On this page you can explore our wide selection of tankinis. This type of bikini is a mix between a bathing suit and a bikini, which is both practical and stylish. We have a great selection of different models and colours, so no matter what you are into, you can find the perfect tankini here on our site.

They can be used by athletes, who would like an alternative to the bikini or the swimsuit, which both has a great fit, and is easy to put on and take off. But if you are just looking for a unique, stylish swimming outfit for the beach or the vacation, it's also a great option.

What is a tankini?

A tankini consists of a sleeveless top with a low neck and adjustable shoulder straps. You may think they're named after the suntanning word "tan", but this is actually not the case. They are named after the so-called "tank suits" that women used when they visited swimming pools in the 1920's. The tankini stands out because it's a two-piece, where tank suits was one-piece swimsuits.

The great thing about a tankini is that they're super practical. For example you don't have to remove all your swimwear when you need to use the restroom. There is also no risk of the tankini's top falling off when you are swimming, playing beach volley or doing triathlon when you're wearing one of these. It sits firmly on the body, and isn't relying on a string on the back like the bikini. Because of this it's a great alternative to both that and the swimsuit.

There are many different models, so no matter if you want the sporty or more elegant look, you can find the perfect model for you. For example, you can get a tankini with a built-in bra, which gives you a stylish and fresh approach to swimming fashion. If you want to mix and match you can also to this. Since it's a two-piece, there is nothing preventing you from using a par of bikini bottoms from another set, that you have lying around in your drawer.

It's the perfect choice if...

As we mentioned, the tankini is perfect for athletes, who want to have their things in order. But many fashion experts also note that it's recommended if you have had a breast removed for health reasons. This is because it fits snugly, without leaving a "void" in the fabric. It's also very fashionable if you have a long torso or a smaller bosom.

In general it's a great alternative, if you don't feel comfortable in a bikini, but doesn't want to get in a bathing suit either. For instance you don't need to have trimmed abs to look great in it, which is without a doubt a great advantage.

If you're pregnant, a tankini can be great at first. It gives you room for your belly to grow without everything tightening. You can, however, also get tankinis specifically made for pregnant women, which is both a comfortable and smart solution, that you can enjoy throughout your pregnancy.

How to look after your tankini

A tankini should be treated like mostly any other swimwear. First of all it's important that you rinse it thoroughly in cold water after use. The fibres of the fabric gets ruined if you let it sit and dry in chlorine- or saltwater, just like it doesn't like soap or shampoo.

After you have rinsed it, you must hang it up to dry. It can take a little longer for it to dry, than a bikini would take - simply because there is more fabric. You should be aware not to hang it in the sun. This can bleach the fabric, so the tankini gets dull to look at, and this can also make it loose and thin.

When it's dry, you should keep it somewhere dry and dark. If you do it like this, it will always be in tip-top shape when you pull it out again.

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A tankini is a great option for you, who want a cool, practical solution, that also looks great. You don't have to be a top trimmed athlete to wear it, which can be nice in our busy lives, where the most of us don't have the time to work out our abs all the time. When you buy your new tankini from us, you get a lot of extra benefits as well.

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