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Diving mask for kids

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On this page you'll find the best diving masks for kids, because is there anything better than kids just frolicking, diving and playing around in the water? Especially when they're diving for things on the pool or at the bottom of t...
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Diving mask for kids

On this page you'll find the best diving masks for kids, because is there anything better than kids just frolicking, diving and playing around in the water? Especially when they're diving for things on the pool or at the bottom of the sea. Or maybe your kid has started to take an interest in what's under the surface of the sea? If you recognise any of these scenarios, then it's time to invest in a diving mask for kids.

What a diving mask for kids should be able to do

Of course, a diving mask for kids is not quite the same as a diving mask for adults. This is mainly due to the fact that kids' masks need to have smaller dimensions to provide the right fit for a kid's face. However, it is possible to change the fit by adjusting the silicone straps on the sides, but it doesn't solve the problem if they are too big.

Therefore, diving masks for kids are often narrower in length and slightly lower in height to better fit a smaller and narrower head shape. This is an important detail as the silicone skirt around the frame of the lens needs to fit snugly against the skin, which is not possible if the mask is too big. Otherwise, water will enter the diving mask as soon as the kid starts diving.

The material should not only fit tightly, it should also be comfortable and soft to wear. That's why the skirt is usually made of silicone, as it provides the best comfort and is the most durable.

In addition, many kids also prefer a diving mask with a nose. This helps prevent them from getting water in their nose when diving, which can be very uncomfortable.

One last thing to mention is that it's important to look at the age range of the diving masks. For example, whether it is 0-14 years or 4-12 years. This has a big impact on whether the masks will fit correctly.

Safe diving requires practice...

It's important that your kids feel safe in the water and understand the dangers before diving headfirst into the water. Therefore, it's also important that they have a calm and safe breathing pattern when they start snorkelling or diving underwater.

For this reason, it also requires that the kid has learnt to swim - both above and below water - and generally has a good sense of their own abilities and limits. These can, of course, be continually developed, but it is important that this is done at the kid's pace. Also to achieve the best results from swimming training.

Of course, it's different if it takes place in a pool where the kid can swim.

...but it should also be fun

Once they have a good understanding of water and swimming technique, it's time to start diving!

It's fun, educational and provides hours of fun and entertainment. One of the most fun things for kids is diving for items at the bottom of the pool and possibly having little competitions to see who can retrieve the most items or who is the fastest. A classic swimming pool game.

Another is when they have to dive in open water. There's a whole world of wildlife to explore, and even here in Denmark there's plenty to look at - even if it's not all exotic South Sea fish.

Is there a difference between diving goggles and diving masks?

There are swimming and diving goggles and masks for all purposes in water. Therefore, depending on your kid's needs and desires, it's not a matter of what you choose.

  • A swimming goggle for kids only covers the area around the eyes and has a limited field of vision. They also don't cover the nose, so if your kid finds water in the nose a major irritation, you may need to buy a nose clip as well.
  • Diving goggles for kids are a cross between a swimming goggle and a diving mask. They take up more of the face and therefore provide a wider angle of vision, but they also don't cover the nose.
  • A diving mask, on the other hand, fills most of the face - including the nose - and thus provides the largest viewing angle. This way, your kid can see much more when under water and you don't have to worry about water in the nose.

Diving masks with other equipment

You can have hours of fun with just a diving mask, but you can always expand with new equipment. This is especially true if it's the bottom of the ocean that sparks your kid's curiosity.

This is a great time to buy a diving mask with a snorkel for kids or a full-face diving mask for kids. Both allow them to breathe calmly and quietly while patiently exploring the ocean for life and other exciting things.

If diving or snorkelling in open water becomes a hobby, we recommend buying swim fins or a wetsuit as well. This will help alleviate fatigue and extend the time they can stay in the water.

Something that many people experience from time to time when diving is the annoyance of their diving mask fogging up. This can ruin the whole experience as it's impossible to see anything.

You can avoid this by also buying an anti-fog spray with your diving goggles. This helps prevent water particles from e.g. exhaled air from sticking to the glass of the diving mask.

Taking care of a diving mask

Before you start using your new diving mask, there is one important thing you need to do first. Often there will be a layer of silicone residue on the inside of the glass that needs to be removed to prevent the glass from fogging up. You can do this by taking some fine-grained toothpaste and scrubbing the glass with it before rinsing it off with water. It should then be ready to use.

Like many other things, salt and chlorine water is very hard on swimming equipment, and this also applies to diving masks. It's therefore important to rinse them thoroughly with fresh water after use and dry them well to prevent limescale from building up. It's also important not to leave them in or dry them in sunlight. This will eventually damage the skirt and strap.

It's also not a good idea to clean them in alcohol, as it can dissolve the silicone material and cause the mask to leak. You can sometimes clean them in a little Rodalon or soap to remove dirt, bacteria or mould that builds up over time. To take extra care of them, we recommend putting them in a case when not in use.

Buy a diving mask for kids here at

Hours of play and exploration await in a diving mask for kids. It's a great way for them to get a good technique in the water, but it's also a great way to make things a little more fun.

Most kids love the water, and with a good diving mask on, they'll be ready to let loose. So buy your diving mask for kids here at and get a number of benefits:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

So hurry up and place an order and get your little water dog ready for water play and adventure.

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