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A beginning with (a lot of) water in the eyes

It didn't take more than a couple of years in my basement selling well-known swimwear and swimming equipment before the dream of establishing Watery's own swimming brand started to creep in.

A big and difficult step that simmered for a long time, but the famous aha moment came for me late one evening in August 2018, when I was, as always, advising Watery customers on the chat until 22:00.

A mum (and morning swimmer) wrote to me. I could see that she had placed 7 orders with us in the last 1.5 years - cool was my first thought, but she quickly elaborated on her initial "Hi":

“I have just received the fifth pair of goggles in 3 weeks from you guys. Like all the others I have tried and subsequently returned, they leave red marks around the eyes and water pours in like a waterfall after a few laps. Is this really the standard, Daniel??”

I knew the frustration quite well, both from other customers and from my own nearly 10 years as a competitive swimmer (just look at the picture of me at a typical training camp). Not only were these established brands expensive, but many had a poor fit and all seemed to be designed for the elite. And the colours? Fifty shades of boooring..

This was the final straw that led to the creation of an alternative water sports brand that produced quality swimming equipment and swimwear in colourful Scandinavian colours with direct distribution to customers and therefore could actually be sold at a fair price. 

This "standard" the mum was looking for ended up being Watery itself.

A new standard that can be felt in quality and in your wallet

Following the initial discovery, we realised there was a gap in the watersports equipment market.

But what we thought was fairly straightforward, we quickly got wiser. 10 months and 12 tests back and forth went by before we and our test swimmers could say GO and present our first Watery swimming goggles, swimboard and pull buoy

This was the start of Watery, which today is our most popular brand on with more than 800 different products and over 100,000 purchased products. 

The range now includes everything from wetsuits, swimming gear, snorkelling gear, bathing suits and swimming trunks.

In truth, over the last 3 years we've found our recipe for developing and improving the best equipment - but still at a price point that every water dog can afford.

Simply put: High quality at a fair price.

Every new product incorporates our own and many customers' requests and improvements, and in collaboration with our chosen factories' expertise in materials, we have pushed back several barriers in the industry. 

In the design and development process, there is one focus: Durability and functionality - not fashion and collections. 

This ensures products that provide a sustainable long lifespan and are made to actually be used in water, not just look good.

Sustainability = Usability

No matter how sustainable a product is, it can rarely justify the use of two products over one.

 That's why sustainability at Watery starts with us. The products are designed to be timeless, durability is a top priority and the combination of multiple features in the same product allows our customers to use their Watery products on countless trips to the water. 

Checkmark: Long-term sustainable

Checkmark: Not seasonal

Checkmark: Timeless designs

Checkmark: 90% of ranges are continuous

Checkmark: Over 4,678 reviews with a rating of 4.7/5.0

Checkmark: 55% of products are made from recycled materials (look for the ECO label)

Checkmark: Based on the experiences and wishes of +300,000 customers - as well as our own time as competitive swimmers

Rethinking for higher value

Plastic bags are the worst thing we and the planet know - and they just get thrown away by everyone anyway. 

So why does all swimwear have to be delivered like that anyway? 

We couldn't make sense of it, so we developed our own Wet/dry bag, which all our swimwear is now delivered in for free and can be used again and again for storage back and forth from the water.

We did the same with our diving masks - removing the plastic wrapping and putting the mask in an EVA box. 

Two of many examples of us rethinking and adding extra value for the user and saving the environment from unnecessary plastic.

Functionality is the cornerstone of our materials

What good is sustainability if the product doesn't last or fit as intended. That's why functionality is the cornerstone of every choice of our materials. 

In all our swimwear, we have completely avoided Elastane, which is typically used. Instead, we use PBT polyester, which, unlike Elastane, is resistant to chlorine and UV - a must for any lane swimmer, you might think? Similarly, our wetsuits are made from the renowned Yamamoto #39 neoprene from Korea instead of the typically cheaper Japanese neoprene. 

This results in products that are actually made to be used in the water over and over again for several seasons.

A stronger thread can make a lasting difference

When we developed our first piece of swimwear, the Freestyler bathing suit, we rejected the samples 9 times because we weren't happy with the durability of the thread.

While we've never been the easiest customer, our long-standing manufacturers have come to understand our attention to detail and perfectionism

Nothing ends up in the final product without a reason. A principle we still live by today.

Nordic nuances in the water

There was no Scandinavian water sports brand before Watery. So it's only natural that the subtle Nordic colours were almost non-existent in the wider watersports landscape. 

From the start, it was one of our hobbyhorses to do something about it. Today, everything from dusty green and dark brown to vibrant orange and pink fill our range across swimwear and equipment.

Something that really brings life to swimming venues, pools and beaches.

Improvements rather than new features

Our entire production and business model with Watery products is set up to minimise stupid overproduction and design products that can be used over and over again regardless of the season or year. 

That's why we continue to develop and improve our existing products in close co-operation with the many inputs from our customers (thank you very much!). We prefer this to having to rush through 4 new annual collections a year - just because the industry does.

Recycling: Towels from plastic bottles, swimwear from fishing nets and wetsuits from limestone

Working closely with our factories, we have repeatedly pushed the boundaries of recycling typical waste products in our water sports products.

It's something we always strive to do when the equation between material durability and sustainability comes together. 

Today, more than 40% of our Watery products are made with recycled materials. A figure that is set to rise in the coming years. Find them all by looking for our Eco-label. 

Checkmark: Nebraska towels made from 12 collected plastic bottles

Checkmark: The Freestyler bathing suits made using 55% recycled polyester

Checkmark: The Eco Signature shower cap was the world's first recycled shower cap 

Checkmark: Signature swimming trunks made from 92% recycled polyester

From Danish design to European factory to you

Our approach with Watery products is quite simple. 

Exclusively, we only sell our swimwear and equipment here at and directly to our customers.

By removing the typical agents and retailers, we can get the products to the market faster and sell the products at a price that the average water dog can always afford.

Full control is the key to a better product for you

We have full control over the entire supply chain, from the designs we create in our Danish headquarters and the technical materials we develop ourselves, to the hand-picked factories that produce our equipment and swimwear according to our detailed specifications.

 Today, we see them more as partners than suppliers. 

We don't spend money on big world stars as front figures for our brand or test the products in current pools, but invest our energy and money where you as a user get the most out of it - the product.

We listen (a lot)

Speaking of our customers - our dedicated community is heavily involved in our product development, whether it's colors, designs or brand new products.

We are both grateful and proud of this, because together we create the best products. 

So if you share your honest feedback with us, you can play a big part in making your own mark on new designs and product improvements.

You can always write directly to our CEO, former elite swimmer and responsible for the Watery products, Daniel, at with suggestions.

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