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Club deals

At, we currently help and collaborate with over 45 danish swimming clubs on everything from discount agreements on all our products for their members, club clothing for competitive divisions, swimming stalls for weekend competitions ( towards a % share of our sales to the club), very cheap shower caps, sponsorship agreements and much more.

The question is, should you be the next swimming club? In any case, below you can read a little about what we can offer your club, which other clubs we work with and then I hope to hear from you - and of course we'd love to give you a completely non-binding offer on exactly what you are looking for.

You can always contact us at +353 818 882 475 or

Discounts for your members (9 - 20%)

It's no joke that over 35 danish swimming clubs currently have a discount agreement with us, where their members can buy all our equipment and swimwear at a fixed, significant discount of 9-20% (depending on the size of the club) all year round.

They can offer their members a significant benefit of being a member of their swimming club with no obligation and without any additional requirements.

Something that is being utilised by their members. For example, in just under a year, SigmaSwim members have used their discount code 287 times as of today.

This popularity is due in no small part to the fact that, unlike other swimming shops, we can offer our members EVERYTHING they need for their swimming because we have the largest selection in Denmark and the cheapest prices on our products. 

See examples of swim clubs with their Watery discount agreements here:

  • Haslev Swim Club
  • Århus Swim
  • BHS Swim Club

This could easily become your swimming club, as we are happy to arrange these discount agreements - to the great benefit of your members.

Contact us at +353 818 882 475 or - Then we'll have a non-binding chat about the possibilities for your club.

Cheap (quality) shower caps with your logo

As of today, we have delivered shower caps with your choice of club or sponsor and names to 29 danish swimming clubs.

The reason why so many clubs choose us as their swimming cap supplier is quite simple (we have yet to be opted out after initial contact):

1. Our swimming caps are produced in the same place and with the same high quality as Arena, TYR and Speedo produce theirs in Spain.
2. Despite the high quality, due to a unique long-term cooperation with our supplier in Spain, we can offer swimming caps with your own logo for as little as 3-4€. per cap. If you want the swimmers' names on them, we can make them for 6-8€. each, which we guarantee is the cheapest price you can find.
3. We can have your swimming caps delivered to you within 3-4 weeks.
4. Our minimum production per order is as little as 50 pieces.  

So if you also want cheap and durable shower caps with your own customised logos and names, don't hesitate to contact us at or +353 818 882 475

We'll make a non-binding design of the swimming caps and a total price in advance. Then you can just say yes or no. 

PS: You can see some of the many swimming caps we've supplied below.


What we do for #teamWatery clubs

Swimming competitions

A permanent swim stall at the Kolding Dorothea Cup

- Kolding Swim Club

Swim stall for a small 5-edge competition

- Bjerreherred Swim Club

When Watery is out and about with our swim stall, it's always busy because of our large and affordable selection

- A6 Swim Club

Discount deals

The many members of both the competitive and recreational divisions receive a discount every year at Watery

- Haslev Swim Club

Fixed discount deal with the startup community Aarhus Swim and its four parent clubs

- Århus Swim

One of Danmarks best swimming clubs has a fixed 20% discount deal with Watery

- Sigma Swim

Swimming caps

Unique Race Caps with Watery front logo, sponsor logo on one side and club logo on the other. Delivered within 3 weeks.

- Esbjerg Swim Club

Denmark swimming cap used by the Danish swimmers at the World Winter Swimming Championships

- Winter Swimming World Championships

Dark blue swimming cap with club logo and names

- Swim Club Søhesten

Multi-coloured swimming caps for a company that needed them for employees. Delivered within 3 weeks.

- RogD Consulting

Three different swimming caps for invitations, table settings and seating cards for confirmation. Delivered within 2 weeks.


Black swimming caps with event logo on one side and sponsor on the other

- VAT Copenhagen

Black swimming caps with logo and names

- Nord Als Swim Club

Blue swimming caps with logo. Delivered in just under 3 weeks.

- Brædstrup Swim Club

Swimming caps with club logo on one side and the Danish flag on the other - Names on both sides

- AGF Swimming

Dark blue swimming caps for Vejle's entire competition department

- Vejle Swim Club

Here we placed an order for just 6 swimming caps for a special event

- Klub 100

An all-red swimming cap with club logo and names on it

- Ringe Swim Club


10 Watery gift cards for confirmands at the club

- Swim Team Neptun

Swimming trunks with print for a small boys' group

- Koral Swim Club

40 swimmers happy with their brand new swim bags with new prints

- Haslev Swim Club

Should your club have a club deal?

We are ready to give you the best offer

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