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Swim socks

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There are many great reasons to get a pair of swim socks, whether it's for the swimming pool or the sea. They have the advantage that, when it comes to the weight, swim socks are lighter than bathing shoes, but still provide protect...
Swim socks
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Swim socks

There are many great reasons to get a pair of swim socks, whether it's for the swimming pool or the sea. They have the advantage that, when it comes to the weight, swim socks are lighter than bathing shoes, but still provide protection against sharp rocks or slippery tiles. They come with a non-slip sole, which is worth its weight in gold if you have babies or small children with you in the swimming pool.

This is why swim socks are a great idea

Kids are much more sensitive and tactile when it comes to temperatures, than adults are, which means that things like sand doesn't have to be very hot before it seems burning to them. We adults don't always think about it, but for that very reason it can be a great idea to have swim socks for children. This way you avoid having to constantly feel if the sand has now become too hot for the little ones.

For children, swim socks are a really good idea if they sit in, or bathe in the sun. Most swim socks come with UV protection +50, which ensures that children will not get sunburned while splashing and playing in the water.

The feet can be particularly difficult to always keep protected with sunscreen, as it quickly wears or rubs off in the sand. That worry can be avoided by wearing swim socks with UV protection.

Swim socks give you better protection

Swim socks also provide great protection at the pool, and not just because they are non-slip. Especially in the swimming pool, there is a risk of becoming infected with fungus or warts, which can be difficult for the unprotected feet to stand up against.

This can be avoided by wearing swim socks, as it creates a barrier between the bare skin and infected surfaces. This of course also applies to swim socks for adults.

Learning to swim gets easier

Swim socks are also often made from neoprene, which also provides buoyancy when kids are in the water. This is because the neoprene has small air bubbles in it, which will naturally seek upwards. They don't make your child float, but can instead give a feeling of more mobility in the water.

Therefore, it also becomes easier for them to learn to swim with only swimming socks on. It will also apply to adults who may be learning to swim or are unsure in the water.

Difference between bathing shoes and swim socks?

The biggest difference between bathing shoes and swim socks is obviously the weight and the sole. swim socks are mostly intended for being in water or ensuring that you don't slip on slippery tiles.

If you use them for open water swimming, it is of course more important that they keep your feet warm, and that they at the same time fit well, and do not become too heavy in the water.

Because of this, bathing shoes are also more durable, as they have a somewhat thicker sole. For this very reason, bathing shoes also provide better protection than bathing socks, when it comes to avoiding stepping on sharp objects.

On the other hand, swim socks feel easier to wear and with many of them, you will hardly be able to feel them when you swim. swim socks are generally designed to fit snugly around the feet so they don't fall off, no matter how much you kick in the water. It also reduces the risk of blisters and small wounds, which you can be unlucky to get in bathing shoes.

This, for example, applies to brands like Duukies, which is also one of the most popular brands. Duukis have often been described as a cross between a pair of socks and a pair of shoes. They are therefore very suitable for both playing in the garden and for swimming at the beach.


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