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Snorkel kids

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Here you'll find the best snorkels for kids, whether it's to improve swimming technique or explore underwater life. There are many good reasons to get a snorkel for kids as it helps them improve their swimming skills. In addition, a...
Snorkel kids
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Snorkel kids

Here you'll find the best snorkels for kids, whether it's to improve swimming technique or explore underwater life. There are many good reasons to get a snorkel for kids as it helps them improve their swimming skills. In addition, a snorkel for kids provides hours of fun and allows for snorkelling that kids can benefit from in many ways.

That's why we have several different snorkels for kids to suit all situations and needs. And if they're keen explorers of underwater life, a diving mask with a snorkel for kids might be a good idea. Or maybe even a whole snorkelling set that kids will be able to spend many hours with. Either way, you'll find it here at

Which snorkel for kids should you choose

There are several different parameters to consider when investing in a snorkel that kids will get the most out of. It all really depends on what it will be used for. You will therefore come across descriptions such as semi-dry and full-dry snorkels.

This really just covers how good they are at keeping water out of the tube. A semi-dry snorkel for kids will keep water out as long as they are at the surface of the water. Therefore, no water will get in if a wave washes over them. However, it will fill with water if they dive below the surface, which assumes they have enough lung capacity to blow out the water as soon as they surface.

This is where a full-dry snorkel for kids comes into its own, as it seals off completely so the tube doesn't fill up when they dive below the surface. Therefore, they will be able to breathe as soon as they surface.

Due to the danger of diving and filling the snorkel with water, there is a rule of thumb that the kid should be at least 145 cm tall in order to have enough air to clear the snorkel of water when it fills. This is purely due to the fact that they need to have enough lung capacity to blow out the water. If your kid is under 145 cm, we would recommend buying a snorkel for kids aged 4-12 years.

Avoid tiredness when your kid uses a snorkel

We can hardly think of anything worse than using a snorkel that causes mouth fatigue and jaw soreness after a short time. That's why it's also important to choose a snorkel for kids that is ergonomically correct and comfortable to wear. For this reason, we only have snorkels that meet these requirements, because it's just really annoying to have your snorkelling adventure interrupted because the snorkel isn't good enough.

Our selection of snorkels for kids have flexible curves to allow for maximum freedom of movement without your kiddo having to worry about everything fitting properly. Plus, they're easier to attach to straps, goggles or diving masks.

Snorkels for all activities

When thinking about which snorkels kids will benefit from the most, most people would say it's the ones for snorkelling in open water. While there's some truth to that, snorkels can also strengthen their swimming skills in the pool. It will give them the opportunity and energy to focus on their strokes without having to get their head above water to breathe.

A snorkel for kids will therefore strengthen their position in the water and thus their stability. Luckily, snorkels can be used for just about anything, which means that kids will also have many exciting snorkelling experiences.

There's a wealth of wildlife beneath the water's surface just waiting to be explored. Of course, they'll need a pair of diving goggles or a diving mask to see what's going on.

If this is where your kid's interest lies, we'd recommend a snorkelling set that kids can fit and use with ease. Whether they're snorkelling at home or abroad, there's plenty to see, and with a kids' diving mask with snorkel, it'll be a breeze.

If you've already invested in a kids' diving set but would like to replace the snorkel with a better quality one, you're sure to find what you're looking for in this category. All our snorkels for kids are compatible with most diving goggles and masks.

Take care of your kids' snorkels and extend their lifespan

Once you've found a really good snorkel for your kid, it's annoying to have to buy a new one every year because they've become defective. Fortunately, snorkels for kids are generally very hardy and with simple maintenance will last a long time.

Chlorine, salt water and sunlight are pretty harsh on swimming equipment, and that includes snorkels for kids. If you don't rinse them in fresh water after use and store them in a dry place out of sunlight, you'll find that the silicone parts harden and the plastic pieces become more fragile. This will eventually mean that these parts can, for example, break, making the snorkels leak. Really annoying if this happens while they're in the water.

So remember to rinse it well with fresh water, wipe away any excess water and store it in a dry and dark place when not in use. It's especially important that it's completely dry, otherwise mould and bacteria can form in the wet areas. Not very delicate to breathe when your kid is using the snorkel.

Buy your snorkel for kids at

We're pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for on this site, but if you need any advice, guidance or have any questions, our knowledgeable customer service team is ready to help you. At the same time, there are a number of benefits when you shop with us here at

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So don't hold back on ordering a snorkel for your kid, whether it's to improve swimming skills or to explore the wildlife beneath the surface of the sea.

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