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Stop watches

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In this category, you will find our selection of high-quality stopwatches with digital displays. A stopwatch for timing is handy, as mobiles and other electronics are not suitable at the poolside. Our stopwatches are waterproof, so ...
Stop watches
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Stop watches

In this category, you will find our selection of high-quality stopwatches with digital displays. A stopwatch for timing is handy, as mobiles and other electronics are not suitable at the poolside. Our stopwatches are waterproof, so you don't need to worry about durability and water.

A stopwatch gives you the ability to keep track of your times, performance, and improvements when swimming.

Here, you can find stopwatches for swimming, running, or other sports. These watches can be used in numerous ways for many different types of sports.

Our goal is to assist you in becoming a stronger athlete in the water, which is reflected in our range. The watches you find here are especially well-suited for use around water, making them ideal for swimmers or swimming coaches.

You can browse our range below and learn more about the different watches and their functions.

What makes a good swimming stopwatch?

The obvious requirement is the ability to time effectively.

But beyond that, it's a difficult question to answer. Not for lack of information, but rather because, like many things, 'good' is always relative.

A good stopwatch for you might not be the right one for someone else. It all depends on your needs and the situation in which the watch will be used.

If your only wish is to time the laps you swim, there's no need to invest in a fancy watch with a hundred and twenty different functions. The likelihood of using all those features is slim, making it somewhat superfluous.

However, if you desire a watch with many functions, it's certainly feasible. Many modern stopwatches come with advanced yet user-friendly features.

Be realistic about your current and future needs.

In our range, you will primarily find handheld watches for timing.

What are the benefits of a stopwatch?

You might wonder why invest in a stopwatch when there are countless free alternatives online. The answer is, there's no saying you must use a stopwatch. Alternatives can be used. However, it should be emphasized that it's a bad idea if you're serious about developing your swimming.

Firstly, the precision of an online stopwatch cannot be guaranteed. This makes it difficult to accurately measure your progress and improvements. 'Free' stopwatches can be highly imprecise, leading to potentially misleading data.

The watches in our range are highly accurate in their measurement, timing to 1:100 of a second, a precision rarely found in free stopwatches in apps or online.

Additionally, not using a dedicated stopwatch means you'll have to bring a computer, mobile, or other electronics to the pool, which is never advisable as these devices are not designed to be near water and can easily be damaged. All the stopwatches in our range, however, are designed for use near water and don't suffer the same damage in humid environments.

With a stopwatch designed to measure swimming performance, you get both precise data and durability.

High-Quality Products and Brands

With one of our many timing watches, you have a better foundation for developing as a swimmer.

We offer many reputable brands, so you'll find a multitude of quality products in our range. This includes products from TYR, a brand known for its stylish and innovative design, ensuring high durability for many years. This applies not just to TYR products but to our entire range.

We offer high-quality swimming gear because we believe you should not have to worry about your equipment. It should always be in good condition, allowing you to focus solely on your swimming, not your gear.

The different brands are selected based on our own experience with elite swimming. You can, therefore, expect all products to be of decent quality. This applies to our swimming stopwatches and also to other product categories, whether it's wetsuits or earplugs. And if you need to measure your own training, you should check out our category of swimming watches.

To maintain the high quality, it should also be expected that the products are treated properly, extending their lifespan.

When reading about the different products, you can often also find information on quality and care.

So feel free to browse around. Explore the many products and learn more about what they offer. We have much more to offer than just stopwatches for swimming.

Advantages of Shopping at

Why should you buy your stopwatch from instead of other retailers?

We are a team with many years of experience in the field. This makes it easy for us to distinguish poor quality from good. We know what we're talking about when we recommend a product.

Moreover, we constantly strive to provide the best possible customer service. Among other benefits, we offer all the help you need. We're only satisfied if you are.

With us, you get the following benefits:

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