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"Keep Water Out - Let Sound In" - That's the idea behind Swimear's earplugs, and it's an idea that works for many thousands of swimmers and triathletes worldwide. And now also for you, because on this page you can find and buy a pai...
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"Keep Water Out - Let Sound In" - That's the idea behind Swimear's earplugs, and it's an idea that works for many thousands of swimmers and triathletes worldwide. And now also for you, because on this page you can find and buy a pair of the award-winning and TV-famous earplugs from Swimears.

Why these Swimears earplugs work so well - the unique

Inside and behind Swimears lies an unrivaled technology that makes the almost impossible possible. Namely, keeping the water out while letting the sound in. This has been proven through several tests, where it has been shown that with Swimears in your ears you lose virtually no sound, whereas with ordinary earplugs for water you lose up to half of the sound.

At the same time, they just sit surprisingly comfortably inside the ear itself. In fact, so much that you hardly notice that you are wearing them.

This is possible because the earplug itself is made up of 4 parts, each of which is important with its own characteristics:
- Part 1 is a so-called "wing" which keeps the earplugs in place inside the ear
- Part 2 is an acoustic layer that keeps the water out and thus lets the sound waves through
- Part 3 is the actual core of the earplug
- Part 4 is the rubber which must fit into the ear itself and hold the earplug in place, and it ensures a comfortable fit.

5 quick facts about Swimears

  1. In just a few years, these earplugs have outperformed all other types of earplugs for use in water by making it possible to keep the water out in a really comfortable way, and at the same time let in sound from the coach/friends, which is what makes swimming cool.
  2. They can easily be adjusted to your ears and quickly with interchangeable sizes of ear tips and bar to ensure optimal fit and that they are waterproof
    They not only keep water out, but also cold air, dirt and bacteria - but let sound in.

  3. Swimears can be used for ordinary swimming, open water swimming, surfing, kayaking, diving and all other water sports.
  4. These earplugs have won numerous awards in ear technology as well as design awards.

The perfect earplugs for (competition) swimmers

How many times have you been standing by the edge of the pool trying to talk to your teammates/swimmers, but because you have to swim with earplugs to avoid getting water into your ear, it has been completely impossible to talk to each other? That has probably happened to you lots of times.

But that is the exact problem these Swimears solve to perfection. And it's not just a sales pitch. After I myself, Daniel Johannesen (owner of, have been in this exact situation during my own swimming workouts, I acquired these swimears a couple of years ago and they really changed everything.

Suddenly I could hear what my coach was shouting at me during training and also talk to my teammates at the edge - and still without any earpain by the water coming in.

These Swimears can help you with the same problem.

What you get with a pair of Swimears

To ensure the most optimal fit for your ears, there are a number of extra things that are possible to replace and to make them fit perfectly.

That applies to the following:
- 1 pair of swimears
- 2 small "wings" which hold the earplug in place
- 3 large "buds", which are the ones inside the ear itself
- 1 storage box (not with the Junior model))

Buy your Swimears at

Now you have hopefully understood why Swimears have already helped thousands of swimmers worldwide, and thus also why you should get a pair to avoid ear problems in the future.

The fact that we here at at the same time have the cheapest price in Denmark for exactly these swimears with our price match just makes it even more advantageous for you.

In addition to that, you also get:

  • Free shipping on purchases over 599,-
  • Day to day delivery on weekdays
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

So get your new pair of swimears before you experience more problems with your ears when you approach the water.

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