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Discount codes for

Watery favours fixed, low prices that benefit all our customers all year round. That's why we (mostly) don't use discount codes.
However, if there are exceptions, you will find all publicly available discount codes for below - all our discount codes are always time-limited and you will NOT be able to find other discount codes on other sites. We do NOT cooperate with any discount sites.

See all active discount codes for Watery here:


Get a €3 discount on orders over €100,-


Get a free Watery swimming cap (add to cart and use the code)

- Valid for purchases over 79€.

How do I get a discount code for Watery?

There are two ways to get a discount code for


A unique discount code is issued to a single customer. Such a discount code can only be used once.


Select customers, such as newsletter recipients or Facebook followers, will be sent a discount code. This discount code is valid for a limited period and is used in the discount code box on

What is a discount code and how does it work?

A discount code is a special piece of text that can be obtained in the two ways above. You enter it in the shopping cart, which then tells our system that you are entitled to a discount on your order.

This discount is often a percentage, such as 10% or 50%, but it can also be a specific amount, such as 7€ or 25€. These are deducted from your total order value. Multiple discount codes cannot be combined on the same order.

You can redeem your discount code once you have found your item and added it to your shopping cart. At the bottom of this shopping cart, you will find a box where you can enter the discount code. When you click "redeem", your discount is automatically deducted. Your discount code is now loaded and you've received your discount and can proceed to checkout.

Watch out for the scammers!

Today, there are many websites that advertise discount codes for various webshops - including These discount codes do not usually work. These websites do this to make money from you as a visitor because you click on their links - even if there are no valid discount codes. Therefore, you should never use these websites that advertise wild discount codes for webshops. You will definitely NOT find unique discount codes for on these sites. We'd rather give you a personalised discount code, if that's the case.

How to use discount codes on

Once you've selected your item and added it to your basket, you'll find a large box just below the products in the shopping cart where you can enter your discount code. Once you have redeemed the discount code, you will see it in the shopping cart immediately afterwards.

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