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Payment and Security - FAQ

Which Payment options do you offer?

At, we accept payment through the following payment methods: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, iDeal, Trustly.

If you are unsure whether we can accept your payment method, you can easily check when ordering if it is accepted.

See the section “Can I pay by invoice, EAN or bank transfer” for information on these payment methods

We hope you are able to pay with one of these payment solutions - and if not, please contact us, if you use another so we can add it in the future.

In 2021, card payments became even more secure due to a new EU directive. This means that when using card payments (Visa or Mastercard) you will be asked to verify your payment through "3D Secure". This process only goes through your bank, but if you experience problems verifying your payment, please contact us so we can see if we can help you through it in another way.

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Can I pay by Invoice, EAN, or Bank Transfer?

We are very sorry, but unfortunately we do not offer the option to pay by invoice, EAN or bank transfer as a private person.

However, we offer companies / municipalities to pay by invoice / EAN for orders over 270€ upon agreement with us. Contact us here by email. However, we require payment in advance before shipping the goods.

Please see "What payment options do you offer" for a full overview of possible payment methods.

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My payment didn't go through, failed or was declined?

If the payment fails, is declined or otherwise causes problems, please follow these 4 steps:

  1. Go back from payment/checkout and try again. In most cases, this is a one-off technical error.
  2. If it still doesn't work, please try another payment option / card.
  3. Please note the error message or issue you are experiencing and the payment method you have chosen. Please take a screenshot of your issue if possible.
  4. Please contact us with the information above and add any other relevant information, such as which device and browser you are using.
  5. We will contact you within hours, maybe even minutes, and get your problem solved!

If the error is due to the new 3D-secure, where you need to authorise with Nem-id / Mit-id, then this process goes through your bank, but should you experience problems verifying your payment, please contact us so we can see if we can help you through it in another way.

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Do you charge payment fees?

We always pay all your payment fees regardless of payment method.

We hate the idea of having to worry about fees when shopping online, so we've made sure you don't have to when you shop at Watery.

You only pay the price of the goods at Watery. No hidden fees.

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When will the money be withdrawn?

We only withdraw your money once your order has been dispatched. 

This happens automatically when your order is marked as dispatched in our system and you receive a tracking link. 

Please note that for certain credit cards, the amount will be reserved immediately. This does not mean that the money has been withdrawn, but that it is ready to be withdrawn.

As soon as you have received the email "Your parcel from has started its swim to you!" it means that your parcel has been dispatched from our warehouse and then we will withdraw the money.

In rare cases, it may be necessary to withdraw the money earlier in the case of a long pre-order where the reservation would otherwise expire. This will be clearly stated on the product page before purchase in the header and in the description if this is the case. This is not the case for any products on at this time.

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How is my security when I shop with you?

Nothing is more important to us than your security. 

This applies to your card details, your personal information and your behaviour on

We cannot see or access your card details. This is done through our partner Clearhaus, which we do not have access to. Read more in our section "Is my payment information secure?"

Your personal information such as name, address, phone number and email can be seen by our employees, but will not be used for anything other than dispatching your order or contacting you in case of problems with your order. Read more in our section "We care about your personal information"

You can also read more in our privacy policy.

Watery guarantees

  • We will NEVER see any of your personal information that you use for payment, such as your card details. See more in our section "Is my payment information secure?"
  • We take your personal data very seriously and will never pass it on to a third party. Read more about personal data in our section "We care about your personal information"
  • We never withdraw the money from your order until we have packed and dispatched your order from our warehouse. That way, you don't end up paying for something you don't get.
  • We have a 365-day money-back guarantee. Read more in our section "How long do I have a right of return?"
  • You will receive an invoice with your products and an order confirmation as soon as you have ordered goods from our site

Apart from that, we are just an ordinary Danish company, Watery ApS with our danske CVR nr. 39718626, located at Langmarksvej 34 C2, 8700 Horsens, where our 35 Danish colleagues work from and where both office and warehouse are located.

If you're still in doubt, you can read more than 6.000 Danish reviews of us on our Trustpilot - over the years since the start-up in 2016, we have had more than 300,000 Danish customers through the shop.

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Is my payment information secure?

All payments are processed through the Danish company Clearhaus and securely encrypted with SSL, ensuring your complete safety and security when shopping with us. Neither Watery nor anyone else will have access to your personal information.

Clearhaus is certified with the highest PCI standard, which requires the use of more than 200 security controls.

Together with Clearhaus, we ensure that Watery is one of the safest places you can shop online.

Watery SSL certificate

At Watery, we keep our site very secure, whether it's our server or platform. We always make sure to use the latest available security updates.

This also applies to the SSL certificate that has. 

Furthermore, all our pages run through a secure HTTPS connection using secure 256 bit encryption. HTTPS encryption is a pairing between you and our servers to ensure that no one can see your personal information.

You can always check if a website uses a secure HTTPS connection by looking for a small padlock icon and a clear message with "HTTPS" in the address bar. We would advise you to only shop on sites with a secure HTTPS connection. That way you can always feel safe and secure when shopping online.

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We care about your personal information

All personal data you provide to us is 105% secure. We have a secure server with a secure encrypted HTTPS connection. You can read much more about this in our section "Is my payment information secure?".

To shop at Watery, you need to provide your name, email and address. We only use this to send your order to the right place, send you an order confirmation email and an email update when your order has been dispatched.

  • We will never pass on your information to a third party and never share your data elsewhere.
  • We will never send you unsolicited emails. You will only receive emails from us if you sign up to our newsletter.
  • We only store your name, email and address in our system for accounting purposes in accordance with the Danish Bookkeeping Act.

If you have any questions regarding payment security, please read our section "Is my payment information secure?". Otherwise, you are also welcome to contact us with further questions.

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Practical information about Watery as a company

Our headquarters, office and warehouse are located in Horsens, Denmark.

It's pretty cool, even if the weather can be fickle

Here's what you're probably looking for:

Watery ApS

CVR: DK39718626

Langmarksvej 34, C2

8700 Horsens



Telefon: +353 818 882 475

If you want to read more about us, our history and meet the people behind the screen, feel free to click through to this section.

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I would like to have my data deleted from the site?

It's only fair. And we'd love to help with that.

Simply contact us and we will make sure all your information is deleted from our database.

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