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Bathing suit with inlay

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If you need extra support around your bosom, a swimsuit with inlay or a swimsuit with a built in bra is a great idea. It will give you more support when swimming or walking on the beach or by the pool. Thus giving you the same comfo...
Bathing suit with inlay
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Bathing suit with inlay

If you need extra support around your bosom, a swimsuit with inlay or a swimsuit with a built in bra is a great idea. It will give you more support when swimming or walking on the beach or by the pool. Thus giving you the same comfort you would otherwise get with a bra.

A swimsuit that fits all shapes

It can be difficult to find the perfect bathing suit, that just fits precisely like it should. And if you have a big bosom, it can be extra challenging to find one, that gives you the support you need. This by itself can be a problem, but can also give you neck and back pains, if you always have to compensate your body without the proper support, while swimming.

Many of these worries you can leave behind, if you find a bathing suit with inlay, or a bathing suit with push up. With this you don't have to worry about whether "everything" stays within the bathing suit while swimming. Or maybe you just want to lift up your bosom a bit, so you get the same look as if you are wearing a regular bra.

A bathing suit with inlay can also benefit women who prefer that the bosom is held in place while swimming. No matter if you have a small or large one. This can give you the sensation that everything sits as closely to the body as possible, and you are more streamlined. This can be an advantage if you swim a lot.

A bathing suit with inlay for all styles

Even if you have some extra requirements for your bathing suit, you should never compromise the style and look. Because of this, we also have swimsuits with inlays in many colours, shapes and for every purpose.

No matter if you need it for the vacation, that needs to look just as well on land as in the water. Or if you exercise a lot, or is a competitive elite swimmer in need of a bathing suit to live up to your demands, we have something for you too.

As such there is also a lot to choose from, when it comes to how it should fit on the rest of your body. This could be in regards of the neck cut, high or low leg cut, or whether it should have a U-back. It all depends on your personal style, but also what you feel the most comfortable in. Because of this, it's important to think about what you need it for in advance.

Depending on your body type, perhaps you need a bathing suit with different types of stretch. This also affects how the bathing suit sits on your body, and how it feels to wear. Precisely because of this you don't have to feel obstructed by it in the water or on land.

Always something that fits your shape

Not all body shapes are the same, and not everyone feels as comfortable in a bathing suit. Because of this there is also a lot of options, when it comes to find something that fits your shape. This is not least due to the fact that many of the different bathing suits has different features to increase the comfort. This also goes, if you need a plus size bathing suit, or perhaps a slimming bathing suit

One thing is of course a bathing suit with a built-in bra, or a bathing suit with underwire, but another thing is alle the things you can adjust yourself. Of course it's important that a bathing suit with push up properly lifts up your bosom, and keeps it in place. But here you can consider if you need a bathing suit with replaceable cups, so you can continuously adjust them, which makes it easier to adapt it to your body shape.

Apart from this, there are many other things you can consider:

  • Adjustable straps that will make it possible to adjust the bathing suit, so it fits precisely to your body shape.
  • Cut on the front and back gives you the option to express your very own style. Obviously while it's covering everything you think is important to cover up.
  • If the swimsuit has a panel on the stomach, that naturally tightens and gives a more slimming look
  • Different bathing suits can also be lined in multiple layers. This ensures that they aren't see-through, or that the material doesn't stretch too much, which can make it seem like the bathing suit is too small.

After these - and probably many more considerations - you can definitely find a bathing suit that fits you perfectly. Og perhaps you are looking for a tankini, which also comes with removable inlays.

Buy your bathing suit with inlay at

We're certain that we have a bathing suit with inlays, that also fits you. In our wide selection you are bound to find something that fits both your taste, style and shape. And when you shop with us, of course you also get a lot of other benefits on top:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

    So hurry up and order your bathing suit with inlay here with us, and get ready for the next trip to the pool or the beach.

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