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Dive into our amazing products and get inspired for your next trip to, on or by the water.

Mantis swimming goggles

Get the water play started with our popular swimming goggles for kids. Perfect for the young ones!

Kawaii swim shoes

Lightweight, quick-drying, breathable and, most importantly, stylish swim shoes for any waterside experience.

Calypso wetsuit

A variety of colours and designs to protect your child and keep them warm. Make the experience more lively!

Cliff snorkelling kit

Your next snorkelling experience is bound to be better! Explore our vast snorkelling universe.

Watery swimsuits

Check out our amazing colours and designs. Get inspired and learn more about all our swimsuits.

Paddleboard Global 10'6

Our Global SUP board is an all-around paddleboard with a length, width and weight to suit the whole family.

Hedgehog wetsuit

All in one: Design, warmth and performance. Experience the ultimate meeting of style and performance with t...

Nebraska towel

Sand-repellent, Quick-drying and Sustainable Luxury for Sports and Beach.

Raven swimming goggles

Raven Mirror & Active, great swimming goggles in beautiful Nordic colours for adults.

Full face diving mask

Watery's Full Face Mask makes snorkelling a breeze

Swim poncho

Our ponchos come in 2 variants, Cotton and Microfibre. Available for children, juniors and adults.

Swim vests

Your Child's Path to Fun, Safety and Confidence in the Water

Fisher flippers

Lightweight, powerful and customised for your dive. Discover the perfect balance of strength.

Neoprene kit

Explore Open Water in a unique way with top quality equipment, choose between Calder Pro and Thermal Reptile.

Watery Swim Bags

The most popular swim bags with improved comfort, functionality and, most importantly, elegant design.

Watery Hero Ice bath

Immerse yourself in well-being with the Hero ice bath. Our award-winning ice bath combines CE-marked nylon ...

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Free wet/dry bag for swimwear

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Free Anti-Fog Spray

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Free waterproof mobile case

[FREE GIFT 3] Watery waterproof mobile case - Storm - Black

Free waterproof bum bag

[FREE GIFT 4] Watery waterproof bum bag - Talia - Blue

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