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In this category, you will find only the large and soft towels that we swimmers love to dry off with more than anything else. These are towels that one looks forward to wrapping up in. Moreover, all our towels come from well-known b...
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In this category, you will find only the large and soft towels that we swimmers love to dry off with more than anything else. These are towels that one looks forward to wrapping up in. Moreover, all our towels come from well-known brands like Arena, TYR, Speedo, Funkita, and Funky Trunks. So, you can be certain that here you will find your future favourite towel. That's for sure!

Better too many towels

Towels are almost a swimmer's dearest possession. We use them EVERY time we go to practice, and we carry them everywhere. The towel is a staple in our otherwise filled swim bag, and there is always room for an extra one. Better one too many than one too few. Do you feel the same way? We're betting on it…

A towel is not just a towel!

No, quite simply: It's NOT. There's much more to it than that. When we use a towel, it needs to meet the following "requirements":

  1. Incredibly soft. A rough towel with fringes as stiff as the body’s hair when coming out of the cold water won't do. The towel must be so soft that you want to hug it again and again. PS: the softest towels are always made of 100% cotton.

  2. Enormously large. The bigger, the better, almost. A towel should be able to cover the body from head to toe - and then some. With such a large bath towel, you can use it over and over again for, for example, competitions without it being soaked after the first use.

  3. Retain its drying effect. Many towels gradually become worse at "holding onto the water", and thus, they get soaked more quickly. This simply will not do.

  4. A variety of colours. We, swimmers, love colours. The more, the merrier. That's why a pitch-black towel won't do. It needs to have colours, especially when heading to the beach. All these requirements are met by our towels on

Here at, we are aware of the above requirements for towels.

Therefore, we have personally ensured and tested that all the towels in our extensive selection from Funkita, Funky Trunks, Arena, Speedo, and our own brand Watery, meet these. So you can calmly purchase your (or your child's) future favourite towel here. But one thing you should promise us! Don't be upset if it's laundry day, and you can't take it to practice/competition - you might as well buy two of them today!

There are also other types of towels… Microfiber towels

You may have already heard about them or seen professionals use them, but you should get a quick-drying towel for yourself. There are no fringes here, but just a thin sort of "blanket" that you can lay over your wet skin, after which it "absorbs" all the water (and there can be a lot of water in such a microfiber towel, we'll tell you!). Once the towel is full of water, you just find a solid rod or something similar, wrap it around, and wring all the water out. Then the towel can dry again.

A microfiber towel is especially advantageous for competitions, where you might have to get into the water multiple times in one day. In such cases, you can quickly dry off with a microfiber towel, then wring it out so all the water runs off, and keep using it. Bloody brilliant!

Bath poncho - a good alternative to towels

Instead of packing the bag with towels, a good solution could be a bath poncho. Not only does it dry the skin effectively, but it also allows for easy changing. Especially when it comes to the little ones, there are many advantages of a bath poncho for children. It keeps them warmer and more efficient and has multiple uses.

However, it's not just for the little ones since a junior bath poncho or an adult bath poncho offers the same benefits, albeit under slightly different circumstances. For example, many prefer a bath poncho for winter swimming because it keeps the body warm, leaves your hands free, and dries the skin.

It must be mentioned, though, that the absorbency cannot quite match that of many of the quality towels that you find on this page.

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