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Slimming swimsuit

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On this page you will find all our slimming swimsuits in one location. It can be a bit overwhelming to get in a piece of swimwear, if you feel like you don't want to show off your body. Most people can probably feel a bit vulnerable...
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Slimming swimsuit

On this page you will find all our slimming swimsuits in one location. It can be a bit overwhelming to get in a piece of swimwear, if you feel like you don't want to show off your body. Most people can probably feel a bit vulnerable, walking around in public while wearing tight-fitting swimwear for women, because it reveals all the details. With our slimming swimsuits, the help has arrived, however, because these can accentuate the shapes you're proud of, and hide the ones that annoy you.

We have a wide selection of great swimsuits that hide your belly in many different designs. What they all have in common, is that they can make you feel great - also when you're going to the pool or the beach.

The difference between a slimming swimsuit and a regular swimsuit

Regular swimsuits can have the disadvantage that they don't really suit women with curves very well. They tighten in the wrong places, which can ruin the silhouette and at the same time be super uncomfortable. The quality can also be questionable, so even though a swimsuit may fit nicely at first, it quickly loses its shape and then becomes dull and floppy.

Fortunately, with our slimming swimsuits you get to avoid these problems completely. The quality is great, as they are made in such a way that they hold the shapes in place in exactly the right way, so that it has a slim and flat appearance, without affecting the comfort when you move.

Where ordinary suits can typically drape rather unflattering over the stomach, these special swimsuits that hide the stomach keep it nicely inside. They are made of fabric that evens out and removes unwanted bulges, so you get the hourglass figure that many dream of. And as if that wasn't enough, the quality is top notch, so if you take good care of it, your suit can last for many years.

How to pick the right one

When it comes to picking a slimming swimsuit, you have to take into consideration both your body type and personal taste. It's a good idea to think about which parts of the body you would like to accentuate, and which ones you'd like to tone down a bit. There is no reason to hide it all away, just because you want to show a slightly more toned figure, than when you're wearing regular clothes.

Our suits come with different cuts around the bosom, and with different levels of support. Likewise, you can get belly- and waist control, so these areas are kept elegantly and naturally in place, without being too much of a focal point. It's possible to pick swimsuits that slims with either high or low leg cut, depending on which you prefer.

A high leg cut accentuate the area around the hips more than a low one will. Apart from this, it's possible to pick a swimsuit with a U-back, which is both a great detail, but also makes it easy to get it off and on without problems.

It is a well-known saying that black swimsuits are slimming, and therefore you will of course find many black swimsuits in our selection. But if you're more into prints and slightly stronger colors, this is definitely an option. You don't have to compromise on the slimming effect, because it is more about the performance of the suit rather than the color choice. Therefore, you can safely order one in green, pink or with a psychedelic print without losing the benefits of a swimsuit that keeps the stomach in.

There are also those who believe that striped swimsuits have a slimming effect, which they can easily have.

A slimming swimsuit for all shapes

One thing is to pick a swimsuit that hides the belly, or has a slimming effect. Another thing entirely, is to pick a swimsuit that fits comfortably, supports and accentuate the shapes you wish. Because of this we also have a great selection of plus size swimsuits, that will all have a flattering look.

It could also very much be the case, that the bosom follows the volume of the rest of the body, which often leads to it needing more support. Otherwise you can experience back pains, and problems that could easily have been avoided. In this case it makes sense to pick a swimsuit with underwire, that will naturally lift up the bosom, and spare the muscles in the back. What they all have in common is that they lift the bosom, while being a swimsuit that hides the belly.

If you're still not sure about the leg cut, and want to cover and lift the hip region a bit more, a swimsuit with legs is just the thing for you.

If you're still unsure about what to pick, you can read our guide to picking the type of swimsuit that will fit you the best.

How do you look after your swimsuit?

Obviously you want your new, beautiful swimsuit to last as long as possible, and luckily there are several things you can do to take good care of it. Firstly, it makes sense to rinse the suit in clean, cold water after use. In this way, you rinse away the chlorine or salt water, and the fibers in the fabric contract so that the shape holds. After this, you should hang it to dry as soon as possible so that it does not start to mold, which of course shortens its shelf life.

>> You can read more about looking after your new swimwear here.

Another detail to keep in mind, is that soap and shampoo is really bad for your swimsuit. It gets into the fabric, and is difficult to rinse out, which over time can ruin the swimsuit.

It's a good idea to pay attention to your nails when you put on your suit. It may sound obvious, but a pointy nail can quickly tear holes, and unfortunately they are not so easy to patch up again. Finally, it is best that you store your swimsuit with the rest of your wardrobe. It often seems easiest to leave it hanging in the bathroom or in your bag, but to keep it completely dry and away from soap or chlorine residues, it is optimal to treat it as you would one of your dresses or shirts.

Buy your new slimming swimsuit at

With a slimming swimsuit, you can easily let your guard down, and look forward to the next time you're going to the water. There is certainly nothing wrong with picking the most flattering alternative when shopping for swimwear. Many people does this, no matter their weight and body type, and the satisfaction of our slimming swimsuit is tremendous. Often many find a great amount of comfort, in picking a swimsuit that covers the belly, lifts up the bosom and the areas you would think were too voluminous.

But you don't just get the best figure at the beach when you're shopping here at - we also give you a lot of advantages on top of your new swimsuit.

Our pricematch ensures that you always get the best price on your slimming swimsuit, and apart from this you get:

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    So hurry up and order your new slimming swimsuit, while we still have your favourite in stock!

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