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Neoprene swim trunks

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Here you will find the best neoprene swim shorts on the market. You'll be able to find precisely the swim shorts that suit you and your taste. Choose from several well-known brands such as Speedo, Arena, Tyr and many others. You can...
Neoprene swim trunks
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  • Watery neoprene swim trunks - Pelican 3/5mm
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Neoprene swim trunks

Here you will find the best neoprene swim shorts on the market. You'll be able to find precisely the swim shorts that suit you and your taste. Choose from several well-known brands such as Speedo, Arena, Tyr and many others. You can get neoprene swim shorts in all sorts of different varieties, each with their own unique characteristics and sizes.

Neoprene swim shorts are built to give you more buoyancy, so they're for those who want to perform their best without having to use unnecessary effort. Our neoprene swim shorts are most likely of a completely different and better quality than what you are normally used to.

What are neoprene swim shorts?

Neoprene swim shorts are made from the material neoprene. This material is also used in wetsuits, the fabric is made of synthetic rubber. The unique thing about neoprene is that the fabric is full of small air bubbles, which have a wide range of benefits.

Neoprene swim shorts, for example, offer these benefits:

  • Increased buoyancy.
  • Improved insulation
  • The close fitting fabric improves blood circulation.
  • Apart from this, the tight fitting neoprene swim shorts are also streamlined

The air bubbles in the material turn the swim shorts into swim shorts trunks with buoyancy. This buoyancy means that the swimmer does not have to worry about staying aloft. The swimmer can therefore focus his/her strokes on propulsion, which will make him/her get a better position in the water, which will give you a faster time. Among other things, you can see it as having a built-in pullboy in your swim shorts, and if you buy long neoprene swim shorts, they will naturally also provide greater buoyancy.

In addition to these, you can also consider supplementing with neoprene gloves, socks, suits, caps and boots.


Using neoprene jammers for competitions

Apart from buoyancy, one of the great advantages of neoprene is that they fit close to the body. This in itself has a lot of advantages. The first advantage is that the fabric is more streamlined, making it ideal to use neoprene jammers for competitions and professional use. If you use tight-fitting swim shorts, it will also have the advantage that very little water will enter. This is again an advantage because the shorts retain a more streamlined shape.

A major advantage of neoprene swim shorts is also that their tight-fitting material provides better blood circulation and a shorter recovery period. This will increase your performance in the water, as well as give you shorter periods when you need rest.

Which differences are there on the different neoprene swim shorts?

It's important to know what kind of quality you're looking for when buying new gear, especially with something as vital as swim shorts. If you are looking for swim shorts with buoyancy to help you stay in the surface of the water, try looking for long neoprene swim shorts, or thick neoprene swim shorts.

But on the other hand, if you want more propulsion in the water, then you should look for tight-fitting neoprene jammers. These shorts make you more streamlined in the water, which makes you glide further.

If you care about high quality, it's also a great idea to look for water-resistant neoprene swim shorts. The water-repellent quality makes it easier for you to glide through the water. As the material does not allow water to weigh down your swim shorts, this way you will gain even more momentum on your strokes.

Here's how you can find the right product for you

It's always important to find the right equipment for yourself. We offer many different sizes, colours and brands to choose from. So it's about knowing which sizes suit you best.

The different brands such as Tyr, Arena, Speedo etc. also each have different products to choose from, all in different colors or with unique properties that make all the different neoprene swim shorts unique and different.

One of these features you can benefit from, if you choose tight-fitting neoprene jammers, in addition to the features mentioned before. These swim shorts also give you better blood circulation in your legs. This helps your body to last for longer periods without needing a break.

Apart from this, thight-fitting jammers will also aid your recovery. Your rest period will be shortened because of this, and you will be able to train more times a week than you normally do.

It can also be an advantage to buy two types of neoprene swim shorts, a comfortable pair and a tight-fitting pair. With these two, you will be able to switch from wearing the tight swim shorts on days when you have to perform more, and using the more comfortable swim shorts for normal training days.

Your choice must of course also depend on what type of swimmer you are and how dedicated you are - whether you regard it as a hobby, or whether you are a competitive swimmer or an actual elite swimmer.

Buy your new neoprene swim shorts at Watery.ie

Do you want the best neoprene swim shorts on the market? Then buy them from us, since we both appreciate high quality and customer satisfaction.

Apart from products with great quality, we also offer a long range of other benefits.

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    So buy your neoprene swim shorts from us, and get the best quality at the best price.

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