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Here we have gathered Denmark's largest and only selection of swimwear, swim goggles, and swim gear from the affordable brand Beco, which is headquartered in Germany today. BECO is known for its affordable range, which is still made...
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  • Beco swim vest for kids (1-6) - Sealife - Light blue/green
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  • Beco swim vest for kids (1-6) - Sealife - Light blue/pink
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  • Beco swim wings - (0-60 kg) - Orange
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  • Beco pool noodle
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  • Beco swim belt for kids - Mono (18-30 kg) - Medium (Purple)



  • Beco snorkel set for kids (4-8) - Ari - Dark blue



  • Beco short swim fins - Dark blue

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  • Beco snorkel set for kids (4-8) - Ari - Pink





Here we have gathered Denmark's largest and only selection of swimwear, swim goggles, and swim gear from the affordable brand Beco, which is headquartered in Germany today. BECO is known for its affordable range, which is still made of very high quality. You'll find everything from swim goggles for kids and adults, arm floats for babies, swimwear for adults and kids, as well as swim gear for the little ones. There will certainly be something for you - always at affordable prices compared to the more well-known swimwear brands. So, feel free to explore the extensive range from Beco here on this page. It's definitely worth a look (and a purchase).

The History of Beco

Beco is fundamentally a relatively unknown swimwear brand here in Denmark (yet), but it's huge in places like Germany, where the brand is based.

Beco was founded back in 1950 in Bavaria, Germany, where the first swimsuits and swim trunks were designed. Even then, the focus was on producing quality swimwear and gear at affordable prices, but they probably didn't expect the rapid success they achieved among swimmers. Especially among swimmers who swim once or twice a week or baby swimmers, Beco was incredibly well-received - not least because of the high quality at a low price.

Today, you can find Beco all over the world - from South America to Asia. However, it is still largest in Germany, where it is almost as big as Speedo and TYR. On the other hand, it is less known here in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia.

The Swimwear Brand for Recreational Swimmers (and Babies)

Beco primarily caters to recreational swimmers with swimwear, swim goggles, and gear that just need something that works, lasts, and is relatively inexpensive. And that's exactly what Beco's equipment and swimwear are. The products are made of virtually the same materials as the well-known brands like Speedo and TYR, but the prices are kept at the lower end in return.

In the Beco range here at, you'll find everything from swimsuits, many different swim goggles, sun hats for young children, an affordable pull buoy, colorful baby swim diapers, arm floats, and diving sets for holidays. The range is quite wide, so there's probably something for you too.

The hallmark of all Beco equipment is that it is made of very high quality with long durability and a good fit, all at affordable prices. You simply won't find swim goggles at a lower price, or a sun hat for your young child at a lower price elsewhere.

The Unknown (and Therefore Affordable) Swimwear Brand

As described earlier, Beco is not particularly well-known among the general Danish population yet, but that's your gain. Despite its lesser popularity, the products are made of very durable materials, and the lower popularity means that they are sold about 30-40% cheaper than similar products from well-known brands. That's a saving that every recreational swimmer can feel.

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You'll hardly find Beco products anywhere else in Denmark, and besides, we've pushed the prices down to the absolute minimum for this brand so that you can get your gear and swimwear as cheaply as possible. In addition, you'll get our regular benefits:

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