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Water aerobics

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In this category you will find everything you need, when you need to do water aerobics as great as possible. Water aerobics is a great way to do watersports, since you float more freely in the water, and can carry a much heavier loa...
Water aerobics
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Water aerobics

In this category you will find everything you need, when you need to do water aerobics as great as possible. Water aerobics is a great way to do watersports, since you float more freely in the water, and can carry a much heavier load.

As such, water aerobics or water gymnastics is a great way to practice your coordination, strength and balance. And because of the free mobility, it's a watersport for all ages. It's also a great and different way to work out, and get your body pumping.

This is why water aerobics is healthy

Water aerobics or water gymnastics is a very healthy activity, since it gives you the possibility to train larger muscle groups at once, while also train their coordination. As such, this type of training also gives you the possibility of training with more things at the same time.

Since you both run, kick and jump in the water, you get a natural resistance that doesn't strain the muscle groups. You will still get your heart pumping as well as with many other sports activities, but avoid injuries that you could otherwise endure, if you for instance is running on a hard surface.

This way, the water works as both a protection and your resistance, since your workout difficulty depends on how fast you move in the water. This also makes it possible to find water aerobics in several difficulties, making it easy for everyone to join.

Water aerobics and water gymnastics is because of this also viewed as a mild form of exercise, since the buoyancy in the water will protect your back and joints for conditions like arthritis.

At what depth do you do water aerobics?

Most water aerobic is done at depths where you can reach the bottom. It's an essential part of the training, since you need to be able to push off the bottom, when you're doing the different exercises at water aerobic. As such, people who can't swim or feels unsafe around water, can also join in.

There are some aids that can help you, if you feel insecure in the water. With a swimming belt or a swimvest you can get extra buoyancy, so you don't have to spend any extra energy keeping yourself in the surface of the water. They both give a lot of comfort, while maintaining your mobility, so you're not obstructed from doing various exercises.

Find the gear you need to water aerobic

There is a lot of gear that can make it easier for you to do water aerobic. As such you can also find out that a noodle aquaorm and kickboards will be a big part of the training. They are often used to isolate different muscle groups, while you train more intensively on others. You can for instance see this with kickboards, where the arms are locked more in place, while you work out your legs during certain exercises.

Since all water aerobic exercises takes place in the water (obviously), it can be a good idea to protect yourself. Particularly because the chlorine water can be rough on eyes and hair. It can be a great idea to wear a pair of swimming goggles, so you don't have to worry about irritated eyes. You can get them with a few types of glass, but you will probably be fine with clear or blue glass. As long as they don't obstruct your vision, like for instance mirror glass will.

When it comes to protecting your hair, it would be a great idea with a swimming cap. You can get these in all kinds of shapes, colours and patterns. And on this site you will definitely find one that fits you as well. When you have this sorted out, it can also be the case that you will get your head below water, and if you don't like getting water into your ears, we will recommend that you wear earplugs as well.

When it comes to which swimwear is the best for water aerobics, it all comes down to what you feel the most comfortable in. A swimsuit for women can be preferable, since it fits snugly to the body, so you don't risk your swimwear falling off during the different exercies.

A pair of swimshorts for men or swimming trunks can easily be used for water aerobics. You should just be aware that the looser fabric from a pair of shorts, will give you a bit more water resistance, than fabric that sits closer to the body.

Apart from this, we would also recommend that you use a pair of swimming shoes or water shoes, when you are doing water aerobics. They give you a firm gripping to the bottom, as well as make sure you don't slip on the wet tiles along the pool.

If you are doing water aerobic at sea, we will definitely recommend wearing a pair of swimming shoes or water shoes. Otherwise you might risk stepping on sharp objects, which can quickly ruin your day.

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We love to do water aerobics ourselves, since it's a great and healthy way to exercise. The best thing about this type of sports activity, is that everybody can be a part of it, no matter your age. With the right gear you don't even need to be able to swim, to do the different water aerobic exercises.

So find everything you need right here on our site, so you can get ready to do water aerobic. As part of your deal you also get:

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    It doesn't get easier to get started with water aerobics.

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