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Nose clip for swimming

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Some require nose clips - but others do not. Regardless, in this category, you will discover an extensive assortment of various nose clips that are specifically tailored for use in water. They are suitable for competitive swimmers, ...


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Nose clip for swimming

Some require nose clips - but others do not. Regardless, in this category, you will discover an extensive assortment of various nose clips that are specifically tailored for use in water. They are suitable for competitive swimmers, leisure swimmers, and young children as well. Additionally, the swimming nose clips are available in an array of different colours, so undoubtedly, there's one that suits you too.

As an elaboration on the best nose clip, we have compiled this top-5 list of the best - see the list here.

Many kinds of nose clips - but no difference

You might think that a nose clip is just a nose clip. And yes, you are quite right. It is "just" such a clip (which could just as well be a clothespin) that you put on your nose. Hence the name.

Yet, there are far too many different kinds of these nose clips. Too many for such a basic product, of which there should not be more than one kind. But apparently, it wasn't meant to be - unfortunately. Because then it's us, the consumers, who are left with the problem and have to decide which nose clip is best.

After trying five different kinds of nose clips from various brands, we can tell you one very important thing: There is really no difference between them, so you don't need to decide. Just choose a nose clip. Then you can move on.

Why use a nose clip

But why even swim with a nose clip? It's just an annoying little thing that has to pinch one's nose for hours. Does it have a purpose or what??

And we can tell you that yes - it does have a purpose. A particularly important one - at least for us swimmers. And you'll understand if you're a swimmer yourself.

The fact is, when you swim, water automatically gets into your nose. That's just the way it is. It is when swimming underwater that the pressure in the nose becomes great, especially if you swim streamline on your back underwater for an extended period, that the pressure becomes intense. And for some, this can feel strange and uncomfortable - others don't notice it at all.

And based on this, some swimmers choose to swim with a nose clip - some wear them all the time, while others just wear a nose clip in certain sets. They are easy to put on and take off, so it is doable.

However, we have found that they can easily get lost. With the pulse racing, it's not always one can keep too good track of theirs. And then it's good that you can buy a new one relatively cheaply here on

Nose clip for children

Here at, we have nose clips for children, adults, small, large, etc. Simply everyone. Whether you need a nose clip for training, diving, free diving, or just want to wear one every day (there should also be room for that)

But especially nose clips for children, we have many of them. In all sorts of different colours. From pink to green. So no matter what your child's favourite colour is, there's a nose clip for him/her. Just take one off the shelf.

Getting water in the nose is one thing, but many children are also plagued by water in the ears and irritated eyes when they jump into the water. All this can be avoided with a good pair of swimming goggles and earplugs for swimming. A swim cap works along with earplugs and will therefore provide an extra layer of protection.

Buy your new nose clip at

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Besides ensuring the best price on the individual clips with our price match, you also get:


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So, place your order for new nose clips now - before someone else claims your colour right before your very eyes.

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