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Returns & Exchange - Here’s how you do it

Do you want to exchange, refund, or have you gotten the wrong shipment or complaint? This is all to be handled with An Post through the return system below or click here.

We have made it quick and cheap for you to return a parcel to Watery in just a few simple steps. Below you can download the appropriate return label or return code (or here). We handle all returns within 24 hours, but An Post often takes 6-12 weekdays to return your parcel to us, so expect 6-12 weekdays from dispatch.

365 days return policy

0-30 days: Ordinary refund

0-365 days: Exchange or voucher

Free exchange

We exchange for free for other sizes and colours

Easy and environmentally friendly

With An Post's return code, there is no need for a printer

24 hours processing time

Returns are processed within 24 hours after being received (not during weekends)

Return process: Start your return, follow these 3 steps

Create An Post return label -> Click underneath

Click here, write your information and get a code (no printer) or return label (needs printer). This is free during exchange, wrong deliveries or complaints - costs 5€. For regular refund.

Drop off parcel with An Post

In the parcel you add a note or something similar with your order number, and write your An Post code either outside the parcel, or stick on a label.

Get refund / exchange

It takes An Post 3-5 weekdays to deliver the parcel to us. After this we always process your return parcel within 24 hours.

Money back - Regretted purchase You want your money back - costs 5€.

You wish to have your money refunded for one or more items, and therefore it costs 5€. To use the An Post return-code above. This amount is deducted when refunding (if this is desired for the entire order, the original shipping costs will not be refunded).

When returning as a canceled purchase, the Free Gift must be returned together with the product. If you wish to keep the product, we will deduct the value of the "Free Gift".

Exchange You wish to exchange to a different colour/size - Free return label

If you wish to exchange to a different colour or size in the same product (NOTE: Goes not apply for a different product!), then you can use the An Post returncode above completely free. You just have to order your new product on a new order (and add the order number above) before your return, and then we refund the money for the products you return on the original order (+ any original shipping costs) when we receive it. This makes it completely free.

If the product you're exchanging was purchased on offer and is no longer so, you'll receive the difference sent as a gift card.

(NOTE: Applies only to exact same product/model!)

Wrong product delivered You have received the wrong product - Free return label

Create the An Post-returncode above and return the wrong product. When we receive it, we send you the right product the same day = it takes at most 72 hours during weekdays before you have the correct product. Use of An Post-returncode is of course free if you received the wrong product.

Complaint Your product has broken due to a defect - Free return label

Your product broke / became defective during or before use. So it must be returned within a reasonable time (1 week) from the defect that has arisen. Return shipping with the An Post-returncode is free with accepted complaints. Damages on products due to mishandling / use from you is not covered by the right of complaint, and will be rejected. By accepting the complaint we ship the same product again.

General information for returns Must return yourself, packaging, wear, refused reception etc.

Returns are only accepted in their original packaging, and without any smells or tests in water. The An Post-return above must be used in all cases of returns to Watery.

If the product being returned was purchased as part of a package, the entire package solution must be returned.

How do I return or exchange a product?

Our return procedure is easy and quick for you - because we (also) think there are many other things in life that are far more fun to spend your time on :) Especially when it comes to looking for a printer (who even has that themselves anymore?), so we have of course made sure that you don’t need one.

Our return procedure is easy and quick for you - because we (also) think there are many other things in life that are far more fun to spend your time on :)

Especially when it comes to looking for a printer (who even has that themselves anymore?), so we have of course made sure that you don’t need one.

The process consists of 3 steps:

  1. Fill out our online form
  2. Return the parcel
  3. Our warehouse handles your return

Step 1 - Fill out the return form

  • Go to
  • Fill out your order number (is in your order confirmation e-mail) and the e-mail address (the one you used during your order) and click “Select Items”´
  • Pick the products you wish to return
  • Pick the cause for returning the product(s)
  • Click “Return items”

Step 2 - Send the parcel back to us

  • Carefully pack the products you wish to return. You can use tha packaging bag we sent the products in originally, since it has double adhesive. It’s easy and environmentally friendly.
  • Make sure that all the product has the original packaging as when you received them. This is required for a successful return 

Step 3 - Handling on our warehouse

  • After this we handle all returns withing 24 hours - also during the weekends.

All in all, a process from when you create the return case until it’s completed, in less than 2-4 weekdays. And apart from this it’s also easy.

Find quick answers to your return questions

If you have questions about what your return costs, you can read more about it here on our return page

If you have received the wrong product, you can read more in our FAQ answers under “I have received the wrong item”.

Have you received a broken product / a broken parcel, you can read more about it in our FAQ answers under “I have received a broken product / my parcel is broken” 

Do you still have questions about the return process?

You are always more than welcome to contact our customer service - they are looking forward to helping you :)

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Should I return the parcel with your return system and label/code?

We have made our return system to make it easy and quick for you - but also for us.

As such, we only accept returns sent through this return system with An Post. We hope that you will respect this. In this way the parcel is insured, and we can track it along the way.

The alternative is that we don’t have any tracking on your return, if you ship the parcel back without using the system, and by this the responsibility for the parcel rests on your shoulders.

Apart from this, we don’t know what you want to happen with the return, if you haven’t filled out our procedure.

So it is a win-win when you use the return system

We don’t receive / accept returned parcels sent per C.O.D / to parcel shop.

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How long is my period of return?

To keep something you didn’t need / want is annoying and bad for the environment.

So to make stress during returns a thing of the past, we have extended the statutory 14 days period of return to 30 days full period of return, and an entire 365 days, if you want to exchange within the same product category, or a voucher. 

This goes from the day you receive the product, until the day we receive it here. However we won’t make a scene if it takes a day or two extra.

The product must, however, still be new and unused.

You can click here to read more about how to return a product

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Do you have a warranty/right of complaint on your products?

Of course there is!

All of our products has 2 years warranty.

Basically this means that all malfunctions on the product that isn’t directly caused from your use, is covered.

If it was to happen, that your product should break within the warranty / the 2 years, you are requested to send us an e-mail with a picture of the broken product (one of the entire product, and one close-up of the malfunction). If the malfunction is better illustrated with a video, you are also very welcome to attach that instead of a picture.

After this one of our employees will assist you with your problem within 2 hours during opening hours, and at the latest after 24 hours.

If your return is approved on e-mail, you will be informed whether you should ship the product back through our return system for it to be repaired or replaced, or if we just send you a new one right away (depends on the value of the product).

In this process you should also make sure to file a complaint of the malfunction as soon as possible after discovering the malfunction. If you send the complaint within 10 days after discovering the malfunction, the complaint will always be timely.

If you receive a defect product from the beginning, you must inform us right away. Read about the process under “I have received a broken product / my parcel is broken”

If your complaint is approved and justified, we will obviously pay for all shipping costs when using our return portal. Remember to ship the parcel back to us in a correct packaging.

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Have you received my return parcel?

Sometimes it’s difficult to stay patient.

But when it comes to your return, we can’t do anything until we receive it from An Post

And you will automatically receive an e-mail the second we do. You can count on that.

When we receive it from An Post, we handle all return parcels within 24 hours from receiving them. 

We have not yet experienced a single return parcel that has been sent through our return system, that has been lost or not arrived. So all you have to wait - sadly we can’t do anything other than wait until we get the parcel back.

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Your return-portal can’t find my order?

If our return-portal can’t find your order, we recommend that you check if your information is correct.

It must be the original order number, and the original e-mail you write.

Apart from this you must remember that the order confirmation number must be written exactly like in your confirmation email - so with # in front and without space to the number.

Apart from this it can be because the right of return can be expired, in which case the return portal will automatically reject your return. So if your order has been placed more than 2 years ago, this will be the reason. 

If it still doesn’t work after checking this, please reach out to us, so we can help you solve the problem.

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Can I have a refund for a different card than the order was paid with?

We know - gifts that has to be returned can become quite the shenanigans.

And sadly, this is also the case for us when it comes to refunding money to someone elses card - or even a card in your name which is not the same as the one you originally used.

We can’t refund money on a different card than the one that was used originally, due to safety precautions. So it isn’t our own choice - this is just the way it is.

But obviously we have a few other options

  1. You can get the refund on the card used originally, and then coordinate between yourselves, or you can contact the card issuer for help receiving a refund - even if you no longer have the card.
  2. You can get a voucher on the amount instead. In this case you will also save the return fees.
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Where can I find my order number?

The classic question - but don’t worry, it’s super easy and dead simple!

All orders is followed up by an order confirmation, which will be sent on e-mail. You can see what it looks like below.

Here it’s the 6-digit number that starts with “#” (this # is a part of the order number). Your order number could for instance be #123456.

If you can’t find your order confirmation, check the SPAM folder where it could also be.

Alternatively you can find your order number on the shipping label attached to the parcel.

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Do I need to create a new order to exchange products?

Yes you do - an entirely different order.

Because we actually caught ourselves thinking: “I can’t fit this size, so I need it in a different size.

But it takes 3, 4, 5, 6 or maybe 7 days until I receive it, because the one I have need to reach the destination first.. And then what, if they don’t have that size available that I need?”.

We didn’t want to put our customers through that hassle.

So we have made our return system easy - also when it comes to exchanging. We designed it so you simply just place a new order on the website, that we send the same way as we would do with any other order.

Immediately after your new order, you fill out our return portal, where you “log in” with the original order number, select “Exchange”, write your NEW order number in the text field, and ship your original order back to us with the parcel label.

And in the meantime, without us even receiving your return parcel yet, we have shipped you the new order, so you can have it within a day, and when we receive your return parcel after 1-4 weekdays, we will refund all the money for your original order, meaning you of course only pay for one order.

With an exchange, as we explained above, we pay the return shipping fees, so you can avoid paying the 5€. for using the return label, which you would if you were doing a normal return.

Your return as an exchange is only accepted if it actually is an exchange - so from one or more product(s) to one or others within the same product category. So from one swimsuit for girls, to another swimsuit for girls, and NOT from a pair or swimming goggles, to a pair of swimming trunks. In this case it’s just a regular refund. We check this when we receive the returned shipment, where we see if the original order is similar to the new one.

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My return parcel has come back to me?

We’re sorry about that.

Sometimes this happens if you have sent the parcel back in the same packaging, but haven’t removed the original label, or clearly crossed it out.

You have to pick it up again, and make a return code / return label here, and then send it back to us. Just remember to remove any other labels / crossing them out this time.

Of course you won’t pay for this extra shipment - we can all make mistakes.

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Do I pay for the return myself?

Whether or not you have to pay for the return, depends on why you wish to return, and what you want to happen.

No matter why you wish to return, it always happen through our return portal, where all the causes are listed.

But let’s try to list the reasons below, and see the costs that comes along with them:

  1. Regular return / refund.
    You have received one or more products you don’t wish to keep. That can happen to all of us. In this case we subtract 5€ from your refund, for using our return label, when the return parcel is received and handled. Your original freight won’t be refunded either, if the entire order has been returned. 
  2. An exchange

If you wish to exchange one or more products, the use of the exchange and our return label is perfectly free and without any cost to you. We will refund your entire original order without subtracting the 5€. 

  1. Get a voucher
    We can offer you that instead of receiving a regular refund, you can get a voucher for, who will then be sent to you by mail. If you pick this option, it’s free to use our return label, and we won’t subtract the 5€. 
  2. Wrong item delivered.

This is obviously our mistake, and therefore the return labels won’t cost you anything - neither back to us, or back home to you. 

  1. Complaint
    In this case you must contact us before returning the item. If you are asked to return the product, we will of course pay for the label from you to us, and also to send you a new/repaired product. 
  2. A missing item in the shipment
    In this case you just have to contact us, where we will send you the missing item - on the house.

So to summarize returns:
- Exchange is free
- Regular refund is 5€
- Returning is free when choosing a voucher.

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Can I exchange / return items in your physical showroom?

If you have bought a product online or physically, that you won’t need or wish to exchange, 

sadly you can’t do this in our physical showroom. You can’t leave returns with us physically.

We have had to realize that this creates too many challenges and errors, when it circumvents our normal return system.

That’s why we have chosen to focus on what we do best - which is helping all you lovely customers exclusively online.

Hence, you must handle your return through our online return system.

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Can I return by not picking up my order?

If you have regretted your order after it has been sent, but not yet picked up in the parcel shop, this is sadly not considered a valid return, and you cannot just let it sit in it’s parcel shop and await that it is sent back

This is because we in this case won’t have any order information on your return, and what you wish to happen with it.

So, to avoid delays we recommend that you pick up the parcel, fill out our return system, and then send it back to us. This will ensure that you will get your money back or exchanged your item safely and quickly.

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My product is broken, what do I do?

We’re very sorry to hear that! Broken products aren’t nearly as fun, so we will do our best to get everything back in order.

Please send us an e-mail with a picture of the broken product to our e-mail. One of our support employees will contact you to fix the situation.

As long as you are within the 2-year warranty period, and you didn’t run it over with a monstertruck of course ;-)

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