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Mermaid tail kids (Set)

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For children who love to swim and splash around, they will probably at one point have a dream of becoming a mermaid or merman. Therefore, mermaid tails for kids can be a great idea, as they give a realistic feeling of life as a merm...
Mermaid tail kids (Set)
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Mermaid tail kids (Set)

For children who love to swim and splash around, they will probably at one point have a dream of becoming a mermaid or merman. Therefore, mermaid tails for kids can be a great idea, as they give a realistic feeling of life as a mermaid - or merman.

In fact, a mermaid's tail is a monofin that acts as a double swim fin, coated with a substance that looks like fish scales. It is therefore a great advantage if the child has experience of swimming with swim fins or a monofin.

What does it take to swim with a mermaid tail?

Since a mermaid tail is a type of swim gear that holds the legs together, it of course also requires children to be able to swim with their legs together. Their technique in the water must because of this, not be hampered by the fact that they need full movement of their legs in the water to stay afloat. It requires a lot of self-control and not least swimming technique.

A good indicator of whether the skills are there, to begin swimming with a mermaid tail can be tested by the child swimming butterfly. As it is a swimming technique that also requires you to keep your legs together, it would make sense to learn this technique before you try on a mermaid tail. Due to the safety and the different movement in a mermaid tail, it is important that the child is a good swimmer and feels comfortable in water.

For this reason, it is also recommended that children should be at least 6 years old before they start swimming with a mermaid tail, but it all depends on technique and the child's swimming skills. To make it a little easier to figure out, we've listed the criteria we recommend children should be able to do before they get started with a mermaid tail:

  • They should be able to swim butterfly - both on their stomach and their back - and feel confident in this technique. This way you avoid the urge to kick separately with the legs, and avoiding the panic that can come from the limited mobility. The legs should function as one unit.
  • They should be able to swim at least 25 meters without help or flotation devices
  • They should be able to float in the surface for at least 30 seconds. This way the child can rest in the surface of the water, if they experience fatigue in their legs or arms.
  • They should be able to flip around in the water without losing control over their body. This way you can better maneuver, and avoid accidents.

We would also recommend that you never let a child swim with a mermaid tail without supervision. If the child gets a cramp or gets fatigued, it can quickly lead to accidents. But if you just look out, swimming with a mermaid tail is both fun and safe.

How to put on a mermaid's tail correctly

There are a couple of simple steps to getting putting on your mermaid tail. This is one of the reasons why mermaid tails from Fin Fun are so popular, as they are incredibly easy to put on. However, you must be sure that your feet are secured in the monofin. Our monofins are without straps and zips, so you can quickly take them off in the event of an accident while the child is swimming. That is why they are also incredibly easy to put on, if you just do it right:

  1. Pull the monofin's fabric up over your feet, so it fits snugly around the ankles - just like with normal swim fins
  2. Then pull the fabric - which makes the tail - well up above your bum and hips, so it fits snugly. If the edge is too low, the tail will slide off as soon as the water starts to swim.
  3. Always put on the tail at the edge of the pool, so the child is ready to jump into the water straight away. This way they avoid having to walk with the tail on, which can ruin the fabric and the monofin.

It is a great idea if the child practices being able to kick off the mermaid's tail while they are in the water. Since there are no straps or zips, children with the right technique will be able to free themselves from the tail while they are in the water. This allows them to act quickly if they were to have an accident that requires them to be able to use both legs separately.

Swim correctly with a mermaid tail

Since the mermaid tail locks the legs together as one unit, thanks to the material the tail is made of, it is important that you use the correct swimming technique. And if children have mastered their swimming skills, they will quickly find that they gain a very unique (and powerful) momentum in the water. It will give them a feeling of being a real mermaid - or merman.

The best way to swim with a mermaid tail is by using a so called a butterfly kick - or more appropriately - a mermaid kick. Basically, it's about kicking with both legs at the same time and in the same direction. This technique can be practiced before putting on the mermaid tail.

The best way is to keep the legs together while making a wave motion that goes from the fingertips, through the body and ends in the feet. Once this is learned, you are ready to try with the mermaid tail on.

It can be a good idea to start by just wearing the monofin in the water, without the rest of the tail. In this way, the child can quickly become comfortable with this way of swimming.

After this, you can try with the whole set, where the child tests it in a water depth where he or she can still reach the bottom. Before they throw themselves into the deep end, it is important that they can take off or kick off the entire suit without help from others.

We also recommend that you only use a mermaid tail for children in the swimming pool, because it can quickly become dangerous to use it in the sea. Here you can encounter waves or unpredictable undercurrents that can make it difficult for children to stay afloat. If they do throw themselves into the sea with it on, it must be in completely calm water, somewhere they can reach the bottom, and with a watchful eye on them all the time.

Make swim practice extra fun

Although a mermaid tail for children can fulfill any child's dream of becoming a real mermaid- or man, it is also a great and fun way to improve swimming technique. Since you swim with the whole body in one movement, it strengthens the core muscles, which helps to strengthen many different muscle groups.

In the end, this will improve their balance in the water and they will therefore swim much more streamlined, even if they are not wearing a mermaid tail. And then a mermaid tail for children just makes it even more fun to swim lanes, which can break the monotony of the swim practice.

Have the right gear

On this page you will find mermaid tails for kids that all come in a set, but that doesn't mean it's complete. Even if you have a mermaid tail in a certain colour or pattern, your child can always put his or her own style on the outfit, for instance with a mermaid bikini top or bikini set in matching colours.

Since much of the swim time with a mermaid tail takes place as much below as above the surface of the water, it would obviously be a very good idea to have a pair of swimming or diving goggles. Both to protect the eyes, but at least because a mermaid or man can of course also see underwater. This way you can make the whole experience complete.

Look after your mermaid tail

Even though mermaid tails for kids are generally very durable, they can be fragile in some areas. The monofin itself is made from carbon fiber, and lined with neoprene. This makes it very flexible, while being comfortable to wear. But even though the fin can seem robust, it also has a limit to how much pressure it can take. So if you want to prolong your mermaid tail's lifespan, we would definitely recommend following these advice:

  1. Never stand on the monofin upright! If you need to put your feet at the bottom of the pool, it's important to stand with the monofin parallel with your feet. Otherwise you risk that it breaks, making the monofin a useless duo fin
  2. Avoid sharp and rough edges. Since the fabric of a mermaid's tail isn't that thick, it can quickly get torn, if you rub it over rough surfaces. The same thing applies if you jump around in it - for instance around the edge of the pool.
  3. The fabric is made to be in both chlorine- and saltwater, but that doesn't mean that it won't see it's degree of wear. As such, it's important to rinse it out thoroughly in cold fresh water after use, and let it air dry.
  4. If the cotton is mostly made from cotton, you could wash it in the washing machine at maximum 30 degrees. However, it can't handle the dryer, or ironing at too high heat.

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For kids who both love water, but that has also seen The Little Mermaid, they can quickly dream about becoming a mermaid or a man. With a mermaid tail for children, they will be able to live out the dream, while it is good for their swimming technique. Therefore, it is an amazingly fun way to combine play and swimming training. And if you shop here with us at, you get a number of advantages with:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
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    So find a mermaid tail that fits for precisely your child, so he or she can get ready to live out the dream as a real mermaid or merman.

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