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Here you'll find the original and incredibly popular TriggerPoint Foam Rollers (+ hand-helds and massage balls), widely used by swimmers of all levels (especially top athletes like Viktor Bromer, Pernille Blume, and others) both in ...
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Here you'll find the original and incredibly popular TriggerPoint Foam Rollers (+ hand-helds and massage balls), widely used by swimmers of all levels (especially top athletes like Viktor Bromer, Pernille Blume, and others) both in Ireland and globally. These Foam Rollers from TriggerPoint are a unique tool to elevate your training by rolling with them. Available in various vibrant colours, lengths, and sizes, you can find one that perfectly suits your needs. Explore our extensive selection of original TriggerPoint Foam Rollers and take your training to an unprecedented level.

The Story of TriggerPoint

TriggerPoint has been around for nearly 25 years, starting with a vision and goal to enhance athletes' training worldwide. The first product developed by the experienced team at TriggerPoint was their original Foam Rollers, which remain their most popular product globally. These quickly gained popularity in the USA and have maintained their appeal. In the last five years, Danish athletes have also started to appreciate the effectiveness of these Foam Rollers.

Following the Foam Roller's success, TriggerPoint has also developed a range of complementary products with the same function and material. These include the new handhelds, designed for hand-held rolling, and high-quality massage balls made of the same durable material.

Why You Should Consider a Foam Roller for Your Training

Honestly, a Foam Roller is quite bulky and awkwardly shaped, making it difficult to carry around (hence the development of smaller versions perfect for bags). Nonetheless, serious athletes, whether swimmers, runners, triathletes, or handball players, should genuinely consider investing in a TriggerPoint Foam Roller.


Because it makes your training more rewarding and effective by rolling before or after your regular workout. This process helps to loosen muscles, aiding better recovery for the next session. Essentially, the muscle fibers, which tighten during exercise, are loosened when rolled with a Foam Roller, preparing you better for your next training session or competition. Using a Foam Roller helps in relaxation and faster muscle recovery.

With one of the original Foam Rollers from TriggerPoint, you can roll out your legs, thighs, hamstrings, inner thighs, back, neck, triceps, and more effectively and thoroughly, ensuring they are ready.

It might feel a bit odd initially to roll, depending on the intensity, as the muscles are being separated, but once you get used to it, it’s quite similar to standard stretching, only more effective.

What Makes TriggerPoint Foam Rollers Unique

A TriggerPoint Foam Roller is not just another copycat on the market. As the original roller, continuously improved and developed over 25+ years, none can match TriggerPoint's effectiveness, comfort, quality, or innovation. This is due to:

  • Its unique structure with a network of varying hardness and width, allowing you to adjust the firmness during use.
  • Its ability to withstand use by individuals up to 250 kg, demonstrates remarkable durability.
  • The three-dimensional surface ensures all muscles and tendons are engaged during use, leaving no area untouched.
  • Manufactured from durable EVA material.

Additionally, these TriggerPoint Foam Rollers come in an extra-hard version (marked with a red X) for athletes desiring an even firmer, and thus more effective, workout.

New Hand Helds and Massage Balls

Besides the popular Foam Rollers, TriggerPoint has also developed supplementary products, notably Hand Helds and massage balls.

These handhelds complement the Foam Roller, designed for controlled rolling over the thighs, feet, ankles, hips, and more. They're also easier for targeting smaller muscles and tendons that Foam Rollers can't reach.

Moreover, the newly developed Massage Balls are great for rolling out muscles. For example, you can place a massage ball behind your back while lying down and press it upwards by moving side to side. They can be used on shoulders, thighs, abdomen, and other body areas for more focused treatment.

Need to Gear Up?

Anyone serious about their exercise or training should own a Foam Roller. But it's not the only equipment that can improve your performance in the water. You also need good swimming goggles and a quality swim cap.

To develop muscle, coordination, and breathing, we recommend checking out our centre snorkels, swim fins, zoomers, and hand paddles. With these, you're set to become a superb swimmer.

Purchase Your TriggerPoint Foam Roller at

Along with having one of Irelands largest selections of TriggerPoint products, we offer numerous other advantages for our customers, including:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

So, take action now and elevate your training with a TriggerPoint product. Remember, though: if you don't use it after buying, it won't have any effect ;-)

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