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Float jacket

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A float jacket is essentially the same as a swim vest, as they have the same function. On this page you can find a wide range of float jackets for both kids and adults, each with their own advantages. Therefore, there are also diffe...
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Float jacket

A float jacket is essentially the same as a swim vest, as they have the same function. On this page you can find a wide range of float jackets for both kids and adults, each with their own advantages. Therefore, there are also differences in the function a float jacket should fulfil, depending on which model you choose.

What is a float jacket?

A float jacket gives you buoyancy to help you stay afloat. Therefore, they can also be labelled as a buoyancy aid, but there is still a big difference in which float jacket you choose in terms of the buoyancy aid it provides.

This is especially true when separating float jackets for kids from float jackets for water sports. A float jacket for kids should be seen more as an alternative to swim wings and swim belts, where their main function is to keep them afloat even without developed swimming skills..

A float jacket for smaller kids, on the other hand, is great for those who are learning to swim as it keeps them in a natural position in the water combined with a high degree of freedom of movement. As a result, kids will also be much more mobile in the water compared to if they were wearing swim wings, as they will often limit their strokes. This is also why a float jacket can be referred to as a swim vest, as it is designed for swimming.

There are different models of float jackets for kids that come with different features. Some have a strap for between the legs, some have removable buoyancy aids and some cover as little of the body as possible. None of them are inherently better than the others, but it's more about what it will be used for based on the kid's own swimming skills.

Is there a difference regarding float jackets for adults?

When it comes to float jackets for adults, there are a wide variety of options. Some of the ones you'll find on this page fulfil the same function as float jackets for kids - to provide buoyancy. This is a great advantage for adults who are learning to swim or for those who need help staying afloat if they're doing water aerobics, for example..

At the other end of the spectrum, we find float jackets from Baltic that are suitable for water sports activities such as SUP and kayaking. They provide good buoyancy and a high degree of flexibility, making it easier to swim in them and get back on your paddleboard. Of course, they are also available for older kids.

Another float jacket is a bit of a stroke of genius and is designed for those who love snorkelling. Also known as a snorkelling vest, they help to make you visible in the water and allow you to inflate it if you need buoyancy. This is especially useful if you have an accident in the water, as it gives you the confidence to stay afloat.

How to choose the right size of float jacket?

The most important thing is to choose a float jacket that has a weight range that covers your weight. This is your guarantee that it will also provide the buoyancy you need in the water. The buoyancy itself is dependent on it being able to support your weight.

Another important thing is, of course, that it fits. It should fit tightly, but without being uncomfortable to wear. If it's too big, you risk it falling off if you fall into the water.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to test if the flat jacket is too big. When you or your kid is wearing the float jacket, you can pull up on it and if it slides up more than 6 cm, it's too big. If this is the case, it will either need to be tightened or you will need to find a smaller model.

Is a float jacket the same as a life jacket?

It can't be emphasised enough: A float jacket is not the same as a life jacket, as they cover very different needs. While a float jacket or a swim vest typically has a buoyancy of around 50N, a life jacket has a buoyancy of 100N and up to 250N.

A life jacket is often much bulkier and more bulky, as its function is to keep you afloat even if you are unconscious. The buoyancy of a float jacket is still dependent on you being able to move in the water.

Therefore, it is also recommended to only use a float jacket or a swim vest close to shore so that you have the ability to swim ashore yourself. For the same reason, a kid in a float jacket should never be left unattended, even if they are practically floating freely in the water on their own. This is because a float jacket does not automatically turn the kid over on their back if they get their head under water.

Take good care of your float jacket

Common to all the float jackets you find on this site - with the exception of snorkelling vests - is that they get their buoyancy from buoyancy aids such as foam embedded in the vest. Since a lifejacket's buoyancy depends on these being intact, you should never sit, stand or step on your lifejacket. If parts of the float jacket are compressed, it will not provide the same buoyancy, rendering it useless.

It's also important to remember to rinse your float jacket well in fresh water after each use. Salt and chlorine water are generally hard on the materials that float jackets are made of and will eventually soften them, causing the fabric to crack. After a thorough wash, simply air dry and store in a dry, dark place. It's important not to air dry in sunlight, as it has the same effect as chlorine and salt water.

Finally, it should be mentioned that most float jackets lose their buoyancy over time, especially if they are used a lot. Therefore, it is also recommended that you replace them every 10 years.

Buy your float jacket here at

On this page you'll find float jackets to suit every need. The wide selection of different models makes it easier for you to find exactly the float jacket you need.

If you have any questions about any of the models or brands, our customer service is ready to help you with advice and guidance. When you order your float jacket here at, you will of course receive a number of customer benefits:

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So take a look around the site and find the float jacket you need.

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