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UV shirt for adults

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UV clothing for adults will give you great protection from the sun's harmful rays. Also without compromising on comfort, as they are quick-drying, airy and fit all earlier. As the upper body is often the most exposed, a UV shirt for...
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UV shirt for adults

UV clothing for adults will give you great protection from the sun's harmful rays. Also without compromising on comfort, as they are quick-drying, airy and fit all earlier. As the upper body is often the most exposed, a UV shirt for adults would be a good idea, as an extra layer of protection. With a UPF +50, it provides better protection than sunscreen. You therefore avoid having to regularly put on more sunscreen.

Although most people enjoy the sun's rays and works very hard during the summer, on getting a nice tan, UV rays are also harmful for adults. Most cases of skin cancer come as a result of the sun's harmful rays. Not all skin types are the same, and if you have lighter skin, you are more exposed.

As such, a UV shirt for adults can be a very good idea, when you want to achieve extra good protection. If you are someone who wants to have a nice suit, but also wants to protect yourself - if a sunburn is on the way - then UV clothing for adults is a really good idea.

Find the right balance

Many people don't think about a sunburn before it is too late. It is only when the skin hurts, is red and stings that you think about you have had a sunburn - and unfortunately it is already too late. Although a single sunburn is not dangerous, but more of a nuisance. But if you get too many of them can develop into skin cancer. And if you have moles, you are extra vulnerable.

As such, there are many great reasons to consider using UV clothing for adults. We have just what you need when it comes to this, with UV shirts that adults can also benefit greatly from. The most important thing, of course, is that the fit does not bother you, both when you are in the water, but also when you are on land.

It's a great idea to switch between bare skin and using a UV shirt for adults when sunbathing. Especially when it applies to the period from noon to 3 PM, when the sun's rays are the most severe. You can therefore sunbathe until noon, and then put on the UV shirt until 3 PM, and then continue sunbathing.

You will still get tanned, but you will eliminate the risk of being exposed to the sun's most harmful rays with UV clothing for adults.


Consider UV clothing for adults on open water

One thing is, of course, when you tan on the beach and maybe have a little fun building sandcastles with the children. Another matter entirely, is if you are on the open sea for a long time. As the water surface reflects the sun's rays, you are exposed to a double dose of harmful rays.

This particularly applies to surfers, paddle boarders and others who are on the surface of the water. In these cases, UV clothing and especially a UV shirt for adults would be a really good idea to wear. Surfers often wait a long time for the perfect wave, while paddle boarders occasionally need to sit down to take a break.

During all that waiting, you are extra exposed to the harmful rays, and as such, you really have to think about protection. Since these are activities where you are in the water for a very long time, even the best waterproof sunscreen will be washed off. After 20 minutes in the water, it is estimated that 50% of the sunscreen's protection is washed off. As such, you can not be on the water for quite a long time before the sun's harmful rays become a threat again.

Because of this, a UV shirt for adults is a great idea if you love SUP or snorkeling, where you are in the surface of the water a lot.

Everybody should be able to enjoy the sun

Everybody could benefit from the proper UV clothing, but there are some who unfortunately have to avoid the sun's rays entirely. And that's a shame. This goes for instance for people with vitiligo, which is an autoimmune disease that "eats" the skin's pigment. Because of this you are much more exposed to the sun's harmful rays. Are you one of those, or do you know someone who suffers from this disease? Then UV clothing for adults will be the way to go. If you feel better being covered up more, than with just a swim shirt, perhaps it could be a good idea to use a burkini or a long-sleeved swimsuit.

You can still enjoy the sun at the beach or by the pool, as long as you are properly protected. Even though the highest factor of sunscreen is not enough, you will be able to find the protection you need with UV clothing. This way, you will be able to stay in the sun without worrying, as UV clothing removes 98% of the sun's most harmful rays.

This way, you will be able to stay in the sun and build sandcastles, swim in the pool or sit at the pool bar without constantly having to fear the dangerous UV rays. And since the comfort in UV shirts is often very high, you will quickly get used to wearing them. Especially since they are quick-drying and feel comfortable to wear.


Maintaining a UV shirt for adults

When you have been in chlorine- or saltwater, it's important to rinse the UV clothing thoroughly in cold fresh water. Salt- and chlorine water puts a lot of extra wear on the materials, and eventually it can damage the fabric enough, for the UV shirt to gradually lose it's protective capability. Furthermore we recommend that you dry it in the shade.

To make it a bit more simple, we have a list with a couple of good advice, that goes for most UV clothing for adults:

  • It's best to wash UV swimwear by hand - preferably without detergent, and in cold water.
  • If it's very dirty, and needs a proper wash, we recommend a maximum of 30 degrees, and preferably without centrifugation. this way you avoid stretching the fiber, making the clothes lose it's protective capability
  • Never tumble dry! It's a very rough way to dry UV swimwear. Let it air dry instead.
  • You can experience yellowish dots on the UV clothing after sunscreen, but it doesn't hurt the protection - just the look.

Buy a UV shirt for adults at

We definitely have a UV shirt that will fit your needs and your style. It's important that the protection is great, and because of this we only sell UV shirts of the highest quality. When it comes to harmful UV rays and comfort, you should never compromise. So if you need UV swimwear for the kids, you can also find it here on our site.

We have the best prices and 100% price match, so you can be certain that you get the best quality at the best price on the market.

And if you shop with us, of course you also get a load of other benefits:

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    Our skilled customer service is ready to answer all of your questions, so if you need guidance, then don't hesitate to call us or write us. Together we will figure out precisely what you need.

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