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Duukies swim socks

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On this page you will find all our swimming socks from Duukies. We have lots of great designs for water-loving girls and boys in sizes from 21 to 35. The socks protect your child's feet when you're at the beach, so you don't have to...
Duukies swim socks
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Duukies swim socks

On this page you will find all our swimming socks from Duukies. We have lots of great designs for water-loving girls and boys in sizes from 21 to 35. The socks protect your child's feet when you're at the beach, so you don't have to fear the sharp sun, sharp rocks or hot sand. They are easy to put on, and smart because they neither tighten nor give blisters, which bathing sandals in some cases can.

With the swim socks from Duukies, your child can enjoy hours of fun at the edge of the water, while you as a parent can enjoy the beach with a clear conscience.

This is what a swim sock from Duukies can do

Duukies has won the Baby Innovation Award 2015, and there is a perfectly good reason for that. The purpose of the socks is the same as the classic bathing sandals, but they work much better and also have extra qualities that make them a brilliant product. They not only protect against pebbles and hot sand, but also provide full protection against the sun's rays with UV 50+.

The fact that the bathing shoe from Duukies is designed like a sock, makes it easy for your child to get it on and off. You also don't have to worry about annoying straps and edges that feels too tight. Once the child is in the water, the design ensures that the bathing sock is firmly in place when he or she splashes or swims around.

Simultaneously, they are incredibly comfortable to wear, and it almost feels like wearing nothing at all. This means you are guaranteed full movement in the water, when you put your child in a pair of duukies swimming socks.

They dry quickly, even though the material is slightly thicker than normal swimwear. That's why you don't have to be nervous about cold toes after a trip in the water. In addition, each set of socks comes with a little wristband you can write your name and phone number on, as extra security.

This is what Duukies swim socks are made of

The socks are made from lycra, also called elastane, which is where you get the sun-protective effect. It also makes them very elastic, which makes them easy to pull both over and off the foot. They have a non-slip neoprene sole, which is a clever material used a lot in the swimming world. It is an imitation rubber type with a lot of small bubbles embedded, which is why it is light and insulating. At the same time, it creates great buoyancy, so your child will have the feeling that her or his steps or leg kicks give them great speed in the water.

Bathing socks from Duukies are completely free from harmful chemicals and dangerous substances. You can use them safely, even for the very youngest, because they have been developed with great focus on giving all children a safe and not least good experience in the water.

Compared to the classic bathing shoe, Duukies socks are also far safer when it comes to blisters and small wounds. The soft and flexible material is very gentle on the feet compared to plastic or normal rubber, and therefore it is just as unlikely to cause blisters as a normal fabric sock.

Buy your new swim socks at

The swim socks from Duukies are a guaranteed hit when you are going to the beach or splashing around in the garden. They are comfortable, protective and super smart for the hot summer days! But they can actually also be used in the swimming pool to avoid foot warts. When you buy your Duukies swim socks here at, you get a lot of other benefits.

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