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Snorkel equipment

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In this category you'll find all our snorkelling equipment. We have a large selection of different items you need when you go snorkelling. Whether you're an experienced snorkeller or a beginner, you'll find the right equipment for e...
Snorkel equipment

Diving mask


Diving fins

Snorkeling set

Accessories for snorkeling

Diving mask


Diving fins

Snorkeling set

Accessories for snorkeling

Diving mask


Diving fins

Snorkeling set

Accessories for snorkeling

Snorkel equipment

In this category you'll find all our snorkelling equipment. We have a large selection of different items you need when you go snorkelling. Whether you're an experienced snorkeller or a beginner, you'll find the right equipment for exploring the world that lies beneath the surface of the sea.

You can use it on exotic holidays or at home in good old Denmark, which may not have rare South Sea fish, but is rich in crabs and small animals. We have many different colours, so you're sure to find something that suits your style.

With the right snorkelling equipment, you'll have many unforgettable experiences. We also have a lot of equipment for kids, so there's plenty of opportunity to create the basis for great shared experiences where you can learn new things about life underwater together.

It's always a good idea to make use of the many different types of snorkelling equipment available for water sports and activities. If any of it can enhance your experience, it's just a matter of finding the right model and investing in it.

How to choose the right snorkelling equipment

When choosing the right snorkelling equipment, it's important to prioritise quality. It's crucial that everything fits properly and that no water gets into the equipment. It can quickly ruin the experience if you have to keep stopping and emptying your snorkel or mask. We sell products from some of the best brands in underwater accessories. So you can rest assured that everything is in order when you buy from us.

When it comes to what equipment to choose, there are some sure winners that are indispensable on your snorkelling trip. First and foremost, of course, you need a snorkel that you can breathe through when you dive down. Next, you need a good, tight snorkelling mask that fits snugly on your face. Finally, you'll need a pair of swim fins so you can move around easily and effortlessly while watching the sea life.

Luckily, we've gathered it all in our snorkelling sets category, which you'll find right here. In addition, we also have a whole category of snorkelling sets on sale and a whole category for snorkelling accessories.

What is a good snorkel?

A good snorkel should first and foremost have stable and sufficient airflow so that you can breathe at all times. Of course, it should also be able to keep water out so you don't end up swallowing it instead of air. Many of the snorkels in our range are designed to minimise the amount of water that enters the tube, and the tubes are large and strong, making breathing easier and more effortless.

It's important that your snorkel is comfortable to hold in your mouth so you don't want to stop because it cuts and hurts. Fortunately, many snorkels today have mouthpieces that don't cause discomfort and can be customised to the individual user. This ensures a pleasant experience without annoying distractions.

It's also smart to be able to empty the snorkel of water, so it makes sense to buy a snorkel with a bottom valve that makes emptying the snorkel effortless.

Because it's in your mouth, it's important that your snorkel is made from hypoallergenic materials without hazardous chemicals. In addition, our range of snorkels for kids is specially adapted for small lungs, as they require more airflow. This means you can use the snorkels you find here with confidence.

What's special about a snorkelling mask

When snorkelling, there's no point in using your regular swimming goggles. You'll need snorkelling equipment that covers your nose. It's very difficult to breathe through your mouth without also breathing through your nose, so it's important that your nose is shielded. Among our selection of diving masks, you'll find many masks that have a high degree of comfort, so you won't feel like you're being squashed when you put them on.

Being able to see everything that's going on in the water is also a big part of the experience. Our snorkelling masks all have good visibility and are easy to empty if you do happen to get a little water in, which is sometimes hard to avoid. To prevent fogging in your mask, you can either choose to buy one with anti-fog built in, or you can buy anti-fog spray and spray it before you use it. Alternatively, the two can be combined for optimal effect.

The snorkelling masks in our range are extremely comfortable to wear and fit snugly on your face. As they are somewhat larger than a pair of swimming goggles, a stronger strap is required to keep them in place, but luckily we have high-quality designs that ensure the strap doesn't break your hair and doesn't become loose while snorkelling.

Why you need fins as part of your snorkelling equipment

Although it might not seem obvious, fins are actually a key item to include in your standard snorkelling equipment. When you're going to swim below the surface, fins can really help you move forwards.

At the same time, the whole point of snorkelling is typically to observe the animals and plant life that's down there. Therefore, there's no point in spending all your energy trying to get there. You need some good snorkelling equipment to help your progress. With fins, you get a light and gliding feel and you don't have to strain at all to get around.

Many of the fins in our range of snorkelling equipment are designed to go directly onto your bare foot, although they can also be used with a thin neoprene sock. They generate a powerful kick that makes them easy and fun to use in the water without feeling unnatural. They're also designed with ergonomic comfort in mind, so they're comfortable to wear while avoiding blisters and sore toes. We have a wide selection of many different sizes, so no matter what you use, it's possible to find the right fin.

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Whether you're going on holiday or just want to explore the waters of Ireland, snorkelling is a fun and educational hobby that offers both adventure and immersion. When you shop here at, you get a wide range of benefits in addition to the best snorkelling equipment on the market.

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