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On this page you'll find all the TYR swimming equipment you could possibly dream of. Everything from TYR swim bags, TYR swimsuits and TYR swimming trunks to TYR swim boards, TYR swimming goggles and TYR swim caps. We've specially se...
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  • TYR swim net - Big Mesh Mummy 40L - Black
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  • TYR swim bag - Alliance Team 45L - Black
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  • TYR swim bag - Alliance Team 45L - Black/white
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  • TYR swim board - Hydrofoil - Black
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  • TYR earplugs - Soft Moldable 4 pcs - Clear
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  • TYR hand paddles - Catalyst
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  • TYR center snorkel - Ultralite 2.0 - Black

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On this page you'll find all the TYR swimming equipment you could possibly dream of. Everything from TYR swim bags, TYR swimsuits and TYR swimming trunks to TYR swim boards, TYR swimming goggles and TYR swim caps. We've specially selected all the equipment on this page so that you're only offered the best of the best swimming equipment from TYR. Globally, TYR is also one of three of the world's biggest and best swimming brands, so you can feel free to browse through the bags and swim boards and everything else below. Have a great time!

TYR - One of the world's leading!

TYR is one of the world's largest and leading manufacturers and brands in the sport of swimming, and they have earned this position by excelling in logistics and production. Nothing is random about TYR. They deliver the very best quality available, and they do it at reasonable prices. The market is littered with lots of swimming and bathing equipment that is more or less useless and of such poor quality that it should be banned. Too many customers buy cheap knock-offs and poor toy models in the hope that they'll save a lot of money, and all they end up with is disappointment, annoyance and an empty wallet. When you choose products from TYR, you've paid good money for great quality that even experienced and professional athletes use on a daily basis and in competitions.

TYR swimwear and swimming equipment

TYR covers many categories of swimming and bathing equipment, including swimming goggles, snorkels, swim boards, swim caps, clothing, bags, towels and many accessories. We've selected the best products so you can be sure that everything is better than ok. We set very high standards for manufacturers on your behalf, and that means we don't have just anything in our range. It's carefully selected for quality and price.

Large selection of TYR swimwear

Here at we have one of Denmark's biggest selection of TYR swimwear and accessories. Whether you're looking for swimming trunks, swimsuits, bags, swimming goggles or wetsuits, you'll find it here. We also have snorkels, pull buoys and nose clips. You can actually put together your entire training kit just by clicking around on this site - it doesn't get any easier or faster.
If you're looking for the latest collections and styles, you can explore our wide range of products. Exciting new products are constantly being added, and if you've got your heart set on TYR, you won't want to miss them.
Every swimmer has their favorite brands, and we understand if TYR is yours. We're talking about high-quality swimwear and equipment that's also designed in the coolest way to make you feel great both in the water and on the edge.

Why should I choose TYR swimwear?

TYR is a brand that many swimmers love, and for good reason. TYR caters specifically to the sport of swimming, and you can always find lots of cool new designs in their range. You can get training suits, competition suits, swimming trunks and wetsuits. Common to all TYR products is that the quality is super high, so you can be sure that they will last as they should and that you won't be disappointed.

Most swimmers agree that a few brands dominate the swimming market, and there may be something to that. TYR is certainly one of those brands, and their long-standing expertise in competitive swimming means they've certainly earned their reputation. So there's no need to doubt that you won't go wrong when buying TYR swimwear. In fact, it's just a matter of finding what you specifically need, otherwise you could end up buying it all

Quality vs. price

The quality has to be top-notch, and here we look at safety and durability first and foremost. When you choose TYR swimwear and equipment, you probably expect it to be able to withstand what it's designed for. This means that a pair of swimming goggles, for example, must fit perfectly, have the right visibility, be easy to handle - to put on and take off - and they must be durable and be able to withstand both chlorine water and salt water, and the in-between, to be stored without damage. To produce a product that meets 100 percent of these requirements, it is important for the manufacturer to choose the right materials and compositions to create the world's best solution for the customer. And TYR can do that. And that applies to all their products. That's why they are one of our first choices. They keep their promises when it comes to quality.

Tried and tested swimming products

It costs a little more money to choose the right material, and it costs a little more to have a test center that ensures that the quality is top notch on all our Tyr swimwear and equipment. But these are choices that manufacturers make and that's what customers get. Durable materials and proven products at a reasonable price. You won't find a proven quality product - a snorkel, for example - in a toy store.

The same goes for all the other categories that TYR covers. Everything is made from the best materials, so customers can always count on it to last a long time, no matter the conditions. Bathing and swimming equipment needs to be in contact with water, and when it comes out of the water, it is also affected. The wet element, typically saltwater and chlorinated water, is hard on all equipment, and when the equipment comes out of the water, it is exposed to heat, light, grease and much more.

So it really needs to be made from materials that can withstand a lot. TYR has made sure that this is the case, and we have selected the best solutions on this page that we know will meet your expectations. The products are of course in several price ranges, but even the cheapest items on this site are something we can vouch for when it comes to the quality of our selection of swimwear and equipment.

Ordering products

When choosing and buying products on this site, there are several things to keep in mind. Some products are available in several sizes - remember to choose your size. Sometimes you can also choose a color and you should also remember to check that. It would be a real shame if you order the wrong item and then spend unnecessary time sending goods back and forth.

If you have ordered the wrong size, it will of course be exchanged. Ordering goods online is easy and convenient, but it also places high demands on, for example, getting everything checked off correctly when ordering the goods. Check everything before you send the order to make sure everything is ok on your end, and we'll make sure it's ok on our end too.

Before you ship your order

Just before you ship your order, it's a good idea to check our site to see if there's anything else you need for your next trip in or by the water. We have the largest selection and the best quality. Maybe there's something for someone else in the family or for a good friend as a gift that might tempt you, and that way you'll probably be able to save a little money on shipping, for example. Whether it's swimwear and swimming equipment from TYR or something completely different, you can be sure that every item on our site will live up to your expectations. In addition, you also get:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.