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Diving mask adults (+16 years)

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Here at we love snorkelling and swimming in open water, as it provides a unique opportunity to study wildlife underwater. And there's plenty to look at, even if it's just in little Denmark. In fact, UV hunting has become i...
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Diving mask adults (+16 years)

Here at we love snorkelling and swimming in open water, as it provides a unique opportunity to study wildlife underwater. And there's plenty to look at, even if it's just in little Denmark. In fact, UV hunting has become increasingly popular, but what all these sports activities have in common is that they require a good adult diving mask.

With a good adult diving mask, you can experience all the wonders that lie beneath the surface of the water, and it will allow you to study underwater life for as long as you want without being bothered or disturbed by, for example, incoming water.

That's why we've selected the best adult diving masks on the market so you don't have to worry about quality. Simply consider which one of the diving masks is best suited for what you need it for.

What is the difference between diving masks?

The function of an adult diving mask is basically the same as a diving mask for kids:

  • It should provide a good and natural view
  • Must be tight-fitting to the face to prevent water from leaking in.
  • Easy to adjust in its strap
  • Have a nose that prevents you from taking in water when snorkelling, for example

From there, there are models that suit some better than others. Therefore, you also need to consider which diving mask will benefit you the most. Often it's a case of trial and error, but we'll describe the differences so that you can hopefully make the right choice.

The first consideration should be the colour of the skirt of the diving mask - the part that attaches to the face and surrounds the lens itself. A completely transparent skirt will let in as much light as possible and will therefore give you the best visibility. On the other hand, a completely dark skirt will help you focus on certain things through the glass.

An diving mask for adults with a dark skirt will therefore work really well in well-lit conditions where there is a lot to look at. A transparent skirt, on the other hand, will have a large amount of light penetration, making them suitable for lighting conditions where there is limited light - for example, if it's cloudy.

Keeping track of the glass

The second consideration is the design of the glass in the diving mask. Almost all diving masks have a flat glass surface that makes them look bulky compared to diving goggles/swim masks. The difference between the models is therefore in their design. Some have large square glasses that make them look like house windows, and that's the whole point of them. The idea is to give you the widest view possible, so you can almost only see the frame.

This gives you a large panoramic view that allows you to see as much as possible, but also makes it harder to focus on specific things. On the other hand, smaller and more sharply shaped glass will give you a smaller view, but you'll be able to focus your vision easier underwater.

In addition, some of the lenses in adult diving masks come out as one piece, while others have a two-piece frame. Again, it's all about visibility, with some people preferring the two-piece lens that "splits" the view. Others prefer the glass to be one-piece, so you can see less of the frame itself.

There is no right and wrong or one is better than the other. It's all about personal preference in what to use an adult diving mask for.

A diving mask with a good strap is essential

It's important to find an adult diving mask that has a good and comfortable strap. A good strap is easy to adjust and stays firmly attached to the head without the closing mechanism moving. If the closing mechanism can move even 5mm, you run the risk of water leaking into the diving mask more easily.

Another thing to consider is whether you prefer silicone or fabric. The advantage of silicone is that they fit super tightly to the head, which is important to prevent water ingress. However, you may find that silicone tends to pull your hair more, which can be very irritating when snorkelling, for example. On the other hand, they are often very wide in relation to the part that sits on the back of the head, which makes them stable and it takes a lot more for them to fall off - for example, during sudden movements or waves.

In contrast, a fabric strap won't pull your hair and may even be easier to adjust. On the other hand, there's a slightly higher risk that they won't fit as tightly as diving masks with a silicone strap. For this reason, you will also find that diving masks with a fabric strap are smaller in design than diving masks with a silicone strap. They therefore offer less visibility.

Is your diving mask equipment organised?

A diving mask for adults can be used for many different activities, but it's often more fun when used with other equipment. As an adult diving mask is not very suitable for swimming competitions, it will be used mostly for snorkelling, diving and free diving.

That's why a pair of adult swim fins or diving fins can make the different experiences much easier. In addition, you'll need a good snorkel for adults, and you'll need to consider whether it should be a semi-dry or full-dry. You can also buy it all together with an snorkelling set for adults.

In addition, there is nothing more annoying than when the diving mask fogs up, rendering them more or less useless. The diving masks you find on this site will be anti-fog treated by the manufacturer, but this effect will gradually wear off and it is therefore necessary to treat the glasses yourself with an anti-fog spray from time to time. It is just as important to take good care of your diving mask when it is not in use or when you transport them, which is why we also recommend that you have a good case to store them in.

Buy your adult diving masks for adults at

Here at we love snorkelling and diving, and we know how much a bad diving mask can ruin the whole experience. That's why we only carry the best quality diving masks from recognised brands at the best price.

When you shop with us here at you also get:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

Find the diving mask you're looking for on this page and get ready for your next underwater adventure.

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