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Life jacket

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In this category you'll find our selection of life jackets. A life jacket is indispensable when you're out sailing or on the open sea. It provides you with the necessary safety and, in extreme cases, can save your life. That's why i...
Life jacket
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Life jacket

In this category you'll find our selection of life jackets. A life jacket is indispensable when you're out sailing or on the open sea. It provides you with the necessary safety and, in extreme cases, can save your life. That's why it's important not to compromise on quality when buying one.

We have a wide range of different life jackets for both kids and adults, so you're sure to find what you need. Once you're safe, you can dedicate yourself to enjoying many great trips on the water.

The difference between a life jacket and a swim vest

There's a big difference between a life jacket and a swim west, although it's hard to tell. A lifejacket has a much lower buoyancy, which means it can only keep you afloat in the water if you are moving. This is obviously problematic if you're on the open sea and start to lose consciousness after falling into the water. That's why you need a life jacket if you find yourself in potentially life-threatening water depths.

A swim vest is thinner than a life jacket, so there's naturally more room for movement when you're wearing it. If you're a competent swimmer, it can be useful in some situations. You can find swim vests for ages 1-6 years right here.

This can be the case, for example, if you're close to a coast and you're with other people who can step in when you need help. We also have a number of swim vests for kids, and these can be a great substitute for a swim belt. However, it's important that you don't confuse them with life jackets if you take your daughter or son sailing.

A life jacket is the safest choice that just works as it should. It's big and can be heavy, but it also saves many lives every year. That's why it's definitely the one to invest in if you're heading out into dangerous waters. Most serious boating enthusiasts will always recommend this solution, and so do we, even though the swim vest is fine for other purposes.

This is the type of life jacket you should choose

All our life jackets are tested and approved for use when sailing. You can therefore feel completely safe when wearing one of them. However, you will need to decide whether you want a fixed vest or an inflatable vest. All types of life jackets have been tested, so you're sure to get high quality, as safety is undoubtedly the number one priority.

A fixed life jacket, such as these from Konfidence, is recommended for kids and those who are not particularly good swimmers. It typically has a large collar, crotch harness and high buoyancy. It's the classic life jacket you often see in films and pictures. It's a safe choice, but it takes up a lot more space than the inflatable one. You should choose this one if you're not entirely confident in your own swimming abilities and if you feel unsafe sailing in deep waters. It will definitely protect you if something goes wrong, so you can rest easy with it.

An inflatable life jacket automatically inflates itself when you fall into the water. This means it's a lot easier to walk around with and you have more mobility with it on. It's also a much softer material, so you won't feel as wrapped up in it as you would with a fixed one. In fact, you barely notice you're wearing it. You should choose it if you're comfortable with the situation and the idea of falling into the water, and you're comfortable with swimming. Of course, it's still very safe, so it's not like it won't keep you above the surface in case of an accident.

This is how the buoyancy works

Not only do you need to consider the type of life jacket you need, but also how much buoyancy is required. This is measured in newtons, and the amount you need varies depending on the adventure you're about to embark on. In short, here's how:

  • 50 newtons is not a lot of buoyancy and is typically that of a life jacket. Therefore, you should only choose 50 newtons if you're in safe and calm water near the shore with other people around, as it won't hold you up if you're unconscious.
  • 100 newtons are available in both fixed and inflatable vests. It is recommended if you are a good swimmer who does not sail in truly dangerous water. If you weigh 90 kilos or more, 100 newtons is not safe if you become unconscious.
  • 150 newtons is the buoyancy we see in most life jackets and can keep all people afloat. Therefore, vests with 150 newtons can be used in both calm and dangerous water. Thus, this amount is recommended in most situations.
  • 275 newtons is the highest newton rating available for life jackets. It is safe for everyone regardless of the type of waterway, but is not recommended for women and kids because the vest becomes very heavy at such high buoyancy.

So it's relatively straightforward to choose newton. We typically recommend 150 newtons for most people, but if you're a really good swimmer, you can easily go down to 100 instead. If your weight is on the heavy side, 250 newtons might be a good idea.

What the law says about life jackets

Life jackets are not only important because they can save lives. In fact, they are also required by law. In 1992, a law was passed that states that everyone who sails on the water in Denmark must either wear a life jacket or at least have one nearby. If you own a boat, it is also your responsibility to make sure there is a life jacket for everyone on board.

If not, you will be fined 100€ per missing vest. If you look at it from a financial point of view, it's not worth it at all, because a new one typically costs far less than that, which makes it a stupid amount of money to spend.

It's both mandatory and sensible, so there's little doubt: you need a lifejacket. Here with us, you can be sure that the quality is in order, so you can safely tick the "full safety" box when you order it from us.

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There's no mistaking the feeling of freedom as you glide along the waves. And it's not diminished by taking the right safety precautions. Once you've found the right life jacket for your needs here at, you'll get a whole host of benefits on top.

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Order your life jacket now and get a grip on basic safety. It's worth it, and you know it.

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