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Swim shorts

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Swim shorts for men and boys - and even women. That's what you will find here at! We know what you need, and we have collected all of these products here on this page. And it has turned into quite a lot of different pairs,...
Swim shorts
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Swim shorts

Swim shorts for men and boys - and even women. That's what you will find here at! We know what you need, and we have collected all of these products here on this page. And it has turned into quite a lot of different pairs, so you can find the exact pair you prefer. There should be something for everyone, whether you're into short or long swim shorts, and whether your favourite colour is yellow or green, or you're big or skinny.

Large selection of swim shorts

When it comes to swimwear for men, the options are virtually endless. Whether you fancy the clean look, the more colourful, or is solely thinking about practicality, there are swimshorts for men that matches every need.

The same goes for swim trunks for men, even though they have a bit of a different expression than swim shorts. This is not least due to the difference in functionality and the look. Unlike a lot of other swimwear for men, men's swim shorts has a more relaxed look than for instance swim trunks for men.

As such, the main difference between swim trunks for men and swim shorts for men, is also that they don't fit closely to the legs, but are much looser in their fit. This also gives them a different functionality, since there's room for pockets - making them more versatile for other activities than just swimming.

This is one of the reasons why many people choose swimshorts for the hike and the beach, since they pretty much works like normal shorts - apart from the fact that you can also swim in them.

Comfortable swimshorts for men

When it comes to swimshorts for men, it is vital that they are comfortable to wear - dry or wet. This is due to their loose-fitting design, which should preferably not become stiff, so that it chafes the skin. Especially if you're alternating between being wet and dry - and even in salt water, which is notorious for making the materials stiff - it is important that they retain their softness.

That is why many of the pairs you will find on this page are also made from recycled polyester, which provides both a strong and soft thread. The strength helps to make sure that the fabric is not dried out by salt or chlorine water, and that they do not chafe because of this, and thus retain their softness. It might sound too good to be true, but you can read a lot more about it on our sustainability page.

To ensure that the various swim shorts retain this softness, they are also made with 8% elastane or spandex. This helps to give the fabric a natural stretch, so that they are flexible, and in this way are not rigid and do not chafe. Because of this, you can use them all day, and still avoid them getting uncomfortable after the 8th trip in the water.

Great looking swim shorts in different colours and designs

We ourselves have chosen that our own brand of Watery swim shorts should have a timeless and simple design. As such you can find them in a medium length with a solid colour expression or in stylish patterns with stripes or dots. This way you can be certain that they are ready for all future summer seasons - regardless of what the fashion currently dictates. Due to this look and their function of being looser, they are suitable for sports on land and in water - perfect for the trip to the beach.

In the same way, brands like Zagano have also chosen the simpler approach, whereas brands like Molo have chosen a completely different direction. Their men's swim shorts are often a little shorter in length and with a lot more "pow". That's why their men's swim shorts are often filled with creative and colourful designs that give them a special kind of personality.

Short or long swim shorts?

Often this is very individual, but there are some general guidelines you can follow. Typically swim shorts are split into 2 categories:

The short swimshorts

This type is rarely longer than trunks for men, meaning that they cover the upper part of the thigh. This has some very particular advantages:

  • The short length avoids them flopping around, and sticking to the thighs after having been to the water.
  • They provide more flexibility around the thigh and hip region, making them seem unrestrictive at beach sports - for instance during beach volley and football
  • The shorter design also makes them more hydrodynamic, meaning that they don't give you as much water resistance whilst swimming.
  • Since there is less fabric than the longer shorts, they also dry a bit quicker“

See our selection of short swim shorts here

The long swimshorts

This type can - in some models - cover all the way to slightly below the knee. This gives them some slightly other benefits than the short models:

  • Since they cover more of the legs they can be used as regular shorts - with the added benefit that you can swim in tham.
  • Their length keeps you warmer both in the water and on land - a benefit if the water is significantly cooler than the air
  • Are the most obvious ones, if you want a more casual look, and doesn't want to show too much skin.

See our selection here

Which swimshorts should I buy?

What you choose and which men's swimming shorts fit best is very individual. If you are someone who is used to swimming trunks, but would like something a little looser, then the short swimming shorts will probably be the closest thing to what you know. This makes them particularly suitable for beach holidays, water sports or beach sports.

If you instead want a slightly more casual look and with the same functions as regular shorts, then you should definitely go for long ones. This also makes them extremely suitable for hiking around water, canoeing or places where the temperature is just slightly cooler.

However, it is not always possible to distinguish so crudely between the two, and if you are in doubt as to which ones fit best, it can be an advantage to choose a pair of medium-length swim shorts for men. They combine the best of the two types, but without being quite equally good in the different areas.

They are more flexible around the hip region than the long ones, but not as much as the short ones. On the other hand, they retain the heat better, but not as well as the long ones.

Swim shorts for men on sale

We always have a lot of great deals on swimwear for men, and this obviously also goes for swim shorts for men. So if you have spotted the perfect pair (or pairs), it's worth to check out selection of swimwear and swim shorts on sale here.

Here you can also be inspired by all the other swimwear - and at a great price perhaps you need something else as well - perhaps a pair of swim trunks?

Buy swim shorts online at

If you're looking for a pair of cheap swim trunks before the sun and the holiday comes around, or a pair of swim shorts that will make the girl's jaws drop? You'll find both above here.

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