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Swimsuit with legs

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Here you find the best swimsuits with legs. And sure - they might not be filled with colours and shenanigans - but they are comfortable. Very comfortable! And they are durable. And this is the reason why many women today swim around...
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Swimsuit with legs

Here you find the best swimsuits with legs. And sure - they might not be filled with colours and shenanigans - but they are comfortable. Very comfortable! And they are durable.

And this is the reason why many women today swim around in these swimsuits with legs, which makes them some of the most popular, when it comes to swimwear for women.

You will find a very special selection of different swimsuits with legs - swimsuits that go down to the thigh, or in some cases all the way down to over the knees.

A suit like this is preferred by many - particularly older women - who for several reasons wish to show off a bit less of their body, when they're going to the pool or the beach. In these cases these swimsuits with legs are perfect.

Why choose a swimsuit with legs?

As we just explained, many people - maybe you're one of them - choose a swimsuit according to the different considerations they with to make, when the trip goes to the beach or the pool.

Because in these situations these swimsuits are perfect, since they cover up slightly more of the body, including especially the cut and the skin around the hips, so if you don't want to showcase this, a swimsuit with legs is the way to go.

They are also perfect if you want to hide away your butt or thighs a bit, since these will be covered by the extra fabric. Something that won't get covered at all, with a regular swimsuit. If you want a swimsuit to cover a bit more of the body, a swimsuit with a skirt is also a great option.

Speedo swimsuits with legs

At we have many of these swimsuits with legs, mainly from Speedo, who has built the most durable and supportive swimsuits for women for several decades.

Among these you will find this Speedo Essential Endurance with legs, which is definitely our bestseller when it comes to swimsuits, and who has helped several women through the years, getting a great experience in the water - no matter if it's at the beach or by the pool.

Common sight with these swimsuits

For these reasons, it is also perfectly normal to see women wear these swimsuits with legs at the pool, and by the beach.

We here at experience a lot of demand for these swimsuits in particular, which just makes it even more common and natural to choose one of these swimsuits, instead of the more regular ones. If you consider a swimsuit with legs that covers and tightens in a flattering way, but are unsure of the sizes, a swimsuit in plus size with a low leg cut could be an alternative.

Swimsuits with legs is particularly popular among pregnant women, since it gives you a bit of extra support. If that's the purpose of a new swimsuit, we would recommend that you take a look at a swimsuit for pregnant women, before you make up your mind.

Swimsuits with short and long legs

Apart from a swimsuit with long legs, you can also still get the regular ones with the leg cut around the hip. By the way, we have the largest selection in Denmark when it comes to these.

But the difference is, as previously explained, mainly and almost exclusively in where the cut is laid.

Because where these swimsuits with legs end roughly at the middle of the thigh, the regular ones have a cut around the hips that resembles a Y shape.

But since many particularly older and women with curves don't prefer this, these swimsuits with legs are probably the best alternative.

Extra support in these swimsuits with legs

Apart from the longer legs, these swimsuits also has additional support around the breasts and the butt, to also benefit these areas.

This is not something you will find in regular swimsuits, but something extra that has been built into these. Another great reason to pick a swimsuit with legs, instead of the common ones.

Swimsuit with legs can be used for different types of activities

This type of swimsuit can be used for everything in the water, which means that it can be used for many different activities such as:

  • The pool / swim practice
  • Spa resorts
  • On the beach
  • At the waterpark
  • Winter swimming
  • ... And much more

When you're out with the rest of the swimteam, a great swimsuit with legs for women is great and extra comfortable, so you can perform optimally and swim unhindered.

For the spa resort this type is also optimal, since it gives you a more pleasant and flexible feeling, since you're covered at all the places you might want to hold on to a bit more.

A swimsuit with legs or a swimsuit with legs and sleeves could be an optimal pick for the situations, where you want a bit of extra "control with things", so you can focus on just relaxing in the moment.

In some cases it can also be a great idea to look at a swimming suit, which can both give you more bang with more colours, and at the same time make the swim lessons extra fun.

Swimsuits with legs for kids

Is your child learning to swim? A swimsuit with legs can be ideal for kids who are starting swim practice, or want to benefit more from the swim practice. As such, you also find these swimsuits in children's sizes.

If your child cares about swimming, it's important to get the right gear. With the right swimsuit with legs, your child will feel more comfortable and will be able to perform better.

Buy your new swimsuit with legs at and get a load of benefits

We sell a lot of these swimsuits with legs. this is partly due to our carefully curated selection, and partly due to the fact that we're the cheapest on the market, which is further demonstrated with our pricematch. If you're looking for a great deal - and perhaps even the swimsuit you're looking for at a great price - we can only recommend that you check out our swimsuit outlet!

Apart from this you get:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

So hurry up and take a look at our meticulously selected swimsuits with legs here on the site.

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