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swimsuit with long sleeves

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A swimsuit with long sleeves can have many different use cases, and here on this page you'll fin the best selection of long sleeved swimsuits. You might not think about it, but most people would benefit from a long sleeved swimsuit ...
swimsuit with long sleeves
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swimsuit with long sleeves

A swimsuit with long sleeves can have many different use cases, and here on this page you'll fin the best selection of long sleeved swimsuits. You might not think about it, but most people would benefit from a long sleeved swimsuit when they're doing watersports.

Protect yourself when doing watersports

Most water sports activities take place on open water, for instance SUP, kayaking, kitesurfing and much more. As such, you will also be exposed to wind and weather, which can cause various irritations or minor damage to the skin.

This is particularly the case if you are out on a SUP or surfing, where you will be extra exposed to the sun's rays. This is because the sun's rays are reflected by the water, and you are thus exposed to double the UV radiation. You may not be thinking about it, but if you want to avoid getting sunburned or having to apply sunscreen every 20 minutes, then it's a really good idea to wear a long-sleeved bathing suit.

Not only does it protect the most exposed areas of the skin from the sun's harmful rays, a long-sleeved swimsuit will also let you keep warm while you're out on the open water. Paddleboarding is a fantastic water sports activity, and often you are out on the water for extended periods of time.

That's why it can suddenly become a long way to the shore, if you get cold. With a long-sleeved swimsuit, you have the option of rolling the sleeves up or down, and regulating heat that way. In addition to this, it is an advantage that it functions like a normal bathing suit, so that everything sits firmly on the body. This way you avoid having to pull the upper part in place every time you have moved a little, or have been in the water.

In addition, a long-sleeved bathing suit will also protect you from small rocks and other things in the water. It can be a great advantage for instance if you are surfing, where it is pretty unavoidable to get in the water a couple of times. In these cases your body will typically brace with the hands an arms, which can cause cuts if you hit the sandy bottom. You get rid of those worries with a long-sleeved bathing suit, which will be able to protect your skin from the various scratches and cuts.

This is why a swimsuit with long sleeves is a great idea

As mentioned, a long-sleeved swimsuit will be able to protect you a bit from various scratches and injuries when you do water sports. But it will also be able to protect you from the sun's rays when you are on land. Perhaps your skin needed a break from the sun for a day or two on the beach holiday.

In this case it will shield you from the worst rays, but still give you the opportunity to jump in the water. Furthermore, it will also help to retain the heat if you are sitting in the shade. Especially on windy days, it can get cold staying in the shade.

If you would like the top and bottom to be separate, but still want UV protection, we would recommend taking a look at our UV shirts for adults.

There may of course also be various other reasons why you would like to be a little more covered up. In this case a swimsuit with long sleeves will surely be advantageous, as it is a one-piece, which means that it stays together all the time. With a 2-piece, you will find that you have to pull the top in place from time to time, which can be annoying after a while.

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There can be many good and personal reasons why you would prefer or need a swimsuit with long sleeves. You can, however, be certain that you will find the best long sleeved swimsuits on the market, at the best price, right here on our site.

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