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Triangular swim trunks

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In this category you will find a wide collection of the classic triangular swim trunks for boys and men.In the beginning, the triangular swim trunks were Speedo's trademark. And to this day, the model is still often associated with ...
Triangular swim trunks
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Triangular swim trunks

In this category you will find a wide collection of the classic triangular swim trunks for boys and men.

In the beginning, the triangular swim trunks were Speedo's trademark. And to this day, the model is still often associated with the brand. As the model's popularity has increased, however, the market has changed. The popularity of triangular swim trunks has resulted in several manufacturers jumping on the trend. As a customer, you therefore have an endlessly wide range of choices when it comes to this type of swimwear.

We strive to collect the best products for you. This is why you will in our assortment find a varied selection of designs and brands. We have carefully selected recognized swimming brands that make products of the highest quality.

With us you will find swimming trunks from TYR, Speedo, Funky Trunks, Arena and our own brand Watery. Here you can choose between daring and colourful swim trunks, or a more classic and timeless design. No matter which style you prefer, you'll find what you are look for here with us.

Benefits of triangular swim trunks

There are many excellent reasons why you as a man should pick this model.

You expose a large part of your body when you wear swimwear. Whether you are comfortable with this or not, it is always advantageous to pick triangular swimming trunks that fit properly and feel comfortable. This can make you feel more comfortable and thereby result in a boost in self-confidence.

Triangular swim trunks are shaped according to the body's anatomy, and therefore sit comfortably around the waist and thighs.

By buying this model, you also get a pair of comfortable and good swimming trunks with high comfort. This is, among other things, down to the size and material of the trousers. They're designed to give you complete freedom of mobility. This also means that you can move faster in the water than if you had chosen a pair of long swim shorts.

Size and materials are two factors that also play a role in relation to the swimwear's drying time. Another difference between long swim shorts and triangular swim trunks is that the trunks dry faster. This way you don't have to get cold when you get out of the water. This makes the model extra favorable for a trip to the beach or the swimming pool.

For the well-trained man, however, they also have certain other advantages. This model is a pair of swim trunks that compliment the body. The trousers can be used by everyone, but they are especially great on a trained body. The cut emphasizes the musculature on both the stomach and thighs.

This is why you should buy your swim trunks at

If you're buying triangular swim trunks, there are many great reasons as to why you should buy them from First and foremost, we're a team with a lot of experience in swimming - so we know exactly what we're talking about, when we're recommending swimwear. As such, we can also only recommend checking out our categories with square swim trunks, long swim shorts, and all our deals on swim shorts. Of course we also have swim shorts for kids.

At the same time we value great service. By purchasing your gear from us, we guarantee you benefits such as

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
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It's difficult to come up with a good reason as to why you shouldn't buy your swimwear from us. So what are you waiting for? Buy your swimwear at, and get ready for a trip in the water.

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