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Waterproof bag for SUP

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If you love paddleboarding, a waterproof bag/drybag for SUP is pretty much indispensable. It allows you to carry items that can't get wet on the board itself. This could be your phone, keys, wallet or even a dry towel to wipe the sw...
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Waterproof bag for SUP

If you love paddleboarding, a waterproof bag/drybag for SUP is pretty much indispensable. It allows you to carry items that can't get wet on the board itself. This could be your phone, keys, wallet or even a dry towel to wipe the sweat off your forehead. They're easy to use and the best way to keep your items dry.

Why a waterproof bag for SUP is a great idea

There are many ways to do SUP, and one of them is to turn paddleboarding into an excursion. Especially if it's in calm water, you can go a long way and enjoy a lot of beautiful scenery. That's why it's also nice to have your most important belongings with you, so you can buy an ice cream on the way or capture your trip with your phone camera. If you choose to take your phone out on the water, we recommend that you also store it in a waterproof phone holder.

However, it doesn't have to be just valuables that you bring in your drybag for SUP. As they are very spacious, there is also room for a packed lunch, a thermo pot, a beach poncho or dry clothes. Super smart as it allows you to make small stops along the way.

Plus, they're easy to attach to the SUP board itself - either with straps attached to the D-rings or by tying it to the wire net. If you need a SUP board bag that can be attached to the board itself, you can find our selection right here. They are not waterproof, but are great to store a water bottle, for example.

Turn paddleboarding into an excursion

If you like to SUP without having to come back to where you started, then a waterproof SUP bag is a must-have. Especially if you have an inflatable SUP board that packs up into a SUP bag.

Here you can pack all your clothes, shoes and towel or beach poncho, close the drybag tightly and take it all with you on your paddleboarding trip. You're then free to go ashore at different locations and change into your normal clothes.

We recommend that you also get a changing mat to make it easier to change without getting sand and dirt on your clothes or in your socks and shoes.

A waterproof bag suitable for all water sports activities

A drybag is a great choice for paddleboarders, but can also be used for other water sports activities such as kayaking. Otherwise, they're also great for bringing along on holidays or trips to the beach. This way you can easily store all your most important items that can't withstand water or sand.

Although they are waterproof, we don't recommend submerging them in water. Therefore, they are not an obvious choice for open water swimming. Instead, we recommend using a swim bag or a swim buoy.

If you want to check if your waterproof drybag is still waterproof, you can put paper towels in it, close it and slowly lower it into the water so it's covered. A few seconds later, when you pick it up and open it again, the paper towels should still be dry.

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In this category you can find all our best waterproof bags for SUP. Although their function is the same, there are differences between them to suit different occasions.

If you have any questions about any of the models or are looking for something specific, our customer service team is ready to help you. And of course, if you shop with us here at, you'll also get a number of customer benefits:

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So you can confidently order your drybag for SUP without worrying about whether the quality is as it should be.

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