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Nappy bathing trunks

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Things can quickly go wrong for any baby on the beach or in the swimming pool, so why not secure yourself with a pair of nappy bathing trunks for your baby - BEFORE it goes wrong and you end up in "deep shit"? Find a pair of swimmin...
Nappy bathing trunks
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Nappy bathing trunks

Things can quickly go wrong for any baby on the beach or in the swimming pool, so why not secure yourself with a pair of nappy bathing trunks for your baby - BEFORE it goes wrong and you end up in "deep shit"? Find a pair of swimming trunks for baby, and the trip to the swimming pool is guaranteed.

The whole idea of nappy bathing trunks and baby swim trunks is quite simply that they are 100% tight in the event of an accident, as described earlier. Everything that naturally needs to come out, but which cannot get into the water (obviously this does not apply to urine). This way, both you and your baby are guaranteed a great trip in the swimming pool or to the beach without any unpleasant surprises.

Here at you will find one of Ireland's biggest selections of neoprene nappy bathing trunks and baby swimming trunks, which can be used both on the beach, at home in the bathtub and not least in the swimming pool - perhaps  for baby swimming? These, which are also called a baby swim diaper, baby swim trunks, or swim nappy, has all been approved to be used by babies between 6 and 36 months in the water (ask your local swimming pool if there are special rules regarding the brand). Thus, they are a very specialized type of swimwear for children.

Nappy bathing trunks, so you (and your baby) can be sure

Accidents happen - and they can happen quickly, and your baby suddenly cannot "hold it in" while in the water. This is completely natural behavior for babies, as they simply haven't learned to go to the loo like the rest of us yet, but as parents you have to protect yourself against that. And in this case, the best solution is simply just a pair of nappy swimming trunks or a swim nappy.

They cover 100% so that it doesn't get into the water - regardless of whether it is at the beach, at home in the bath or worst of all in the swimming pool. Because there just aren't any swimmers out there, who just wants to swim past a small, dark lump in the middle of the water. Because the consequence is that everything and everyone has to get out of the water, because the bacterias can be quite harmful and, in the worst case, cause diarrhea to other swimmers in the water.

So for your own sake, but at just as much for the sake of others, it is a good idea to have your baby swim with a pair of nappy bathing trunks - this way you and the baby are 100% protected against the big accident.

The unique part of a pair of nappy bathing trunks

The reason why a pair of nappy bathing trunks is much more preferable to a pair of ordinary swim trunks or swim shorts is, that these are equipped - as the name also suggests -with an integrated nappy. Yes, an ordinary nappy as you know it from everyday life.

However, the swim nappy itself is seamless and of course waterproof, so that it does not break or lose its effect when it gets into water. In addition, nappy bathing trunks are made from absorbent polyester, so that nothing from the accident seeps into the water and makes it dirty (we definitely don't want that).

And as an additional, but actually very important, feature, the nappy is made with one-way moisture control, so that the accident cannot be smelled from the outside. That's just genius, and actually makes life as a parent just that much easier. In addition to this, the nappy bathing trunks also make sure that your child doesn't get sunburned. Neoprene bathing trunks protects your child when the sun can be a little hard on the baby's skin.

Happy Nappy from Splash About are by far our most popular nappy pants on our shop. They perfectly fulfills all the functions above, and is also made in a cool design, so that both boys and girls can use these.

This is what bathing trunks for babies should do

When we talk about bathing trunks for your child, it is obviously important that they are comfortable. They must fit well without becoming a nuisance. Kids can spend many hours splashing about at the beach, and with our swimming trunks undisturbed and safe play is guaranteed.

It is also essential that they are tight - just like a regular nappy. The whole point of the built-in nappy is removed if the bathing trunks do not meet the usual nappy standards. Our models close tightly, so you can quickly sort things out if the accident happens. This way, you are protected against sudden disturbances, which can otherwise quickly put an end to a fun day at the beach.

Our nappy pants from Beco are perfect for beach use. They are made from UV-protective materials, which is a big advantage when the sun is shining. This means that you, as a parent, can take it easy, reassured that the harmful rays don't penetrate the delicate skin. In this case, we would however also recommend that the little ones are also properly dressed in UV swimwear for children, to ensure thay they do not get sunburned.

Apart from this, the materials are hypoallergenic, and the bathing trunks dry quickly after use, making them ideal for playing at the beach, where children typically switch between splashing in the water and playing around in the sand

The pool's requirements for baby swim nappies

If you are going for a trip to the swimming pool or maybe have taken up baby swimming, there are slightly different requirements for swimwear than if you are going to the beach. Many swimming pools have adopted rules when it comes to what children between the ages of 0 and 4 must wear.

This is due to the fact thay many halls have experienced repeated stoppages because swimming trunks for smaller children haven't been tight.

As such, many places has decided that the young ones must wear tight-fitting bathing suits for babies, which fit tightly around the thighs and around the waist. In some cases it is enough to use a normal diaper under the regular swimming trunks, but there are also a number of pools where neoprene swimming trunks are required.

Our nappy bathing trunks for babies from Splash About fully lives up to the requirements of swimming pools. They are 100 percent tight and can therefore be used without diapers, although it is still recommended.

Neoprene bathing trunks your baby will love to wear


Many of the baby bathing trunks you find on this site are made from 1 millimeter thin neoprene, which is a type of synthetic rubber filled with air bubbles. This property makes them very flexible and comfortable for your child to wear. The advantage of a pair of neoprene swimming trunks is that they retain more heat, and at the same time give your child a small amount of buoyancy. This makes it easier for the little ones to move and be in the water.

Apart from this, they have no elastics that can tighten, and they are "Oekotex-certified", which means they are completely free from harmful chemicals. Finally, they are incredibly quick to put on and take off, so the neoprene trunks from Splash About are the obvious choice for swimmers.

Of course, these swimming trunks can also be used with no problems at the beach, so you don't need to invest in several pairs at the same time.

Nappy bathing trunks for babies at 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months

Yes, babies often wear nappy bathing trunks until they are 36 months (so 3 years old). It's not until this age, that most babies have become good enough to say when it's time, and the toilet is calling. But until then, a swim nappy is often necessary.

As such, here at you can also find a large selection of nappy bathing trunks for babies aged 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months and 36 months. That way, you can be sure to be able to find a pair of nappy bathing trunks or a swim nappy that also fits your child. This of course, also applies to the various neoprene swimming trunks.

Buy your swim nappy trunks at, and get a lot of benefits

As you have probably already realised, we have a large and wide selection of baby swimwear, which can be used both for baby swimming in the swimming pool, on the beach / on holiday or at home in the bathtub. And this pretty much applies to everything from literal swim nappies to bathing trunks with nappies.

If the child needs some extra security, it can be a great idea to buy a swim vest, which of course you can also find here at

But apart from the fact that we would love to help you choose the right thing for your baby, you actually also get many other benefits when you shop here with us. This applies, among other things, to

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So what are you really waiting for? Buy your new nappy bathing trunks for your baby already today!

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