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If your kid hasn't learnt to swim yet, a pair of swim wings is the ideal buoyancy aid they need. With a pair of swim wings on, children of all ages can quickly learn how to naturally navigate the water until they can stay afloat on ...
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If your kid hasn't learnt to swim yet, a pair of swim wings is the ideal buoyancy aid they need. With a pair of swim wings on, children of all ages can quickly learn how to naturally navigate the water until they can stay afloat on their own - whether it's at home in the bathtub, at the swimming pool or at the beach. And that's great for any parent.

Why swim wings are great for kids

No matter when you first come into contact with water, no one can naturally swim from the start.

So no matter what, your kid needs to learn to swim in a safe and controlled way. Because if you just throw your kid into deep water, it's no surprise that they'll be heading for the bottom soon after.

And this is where swim wings, as you know them from the swimming pool, come into their own. It's an easy and natural way for your kid to stay afloat.

In addition, a pair of swim wings also ensures that the kid is standing upright in the water, so the head can't get under water, which is the most important thing.

Plus, with a pair of arm wings on, the kid can easily move around in the water and get to know it and feel comfortable with it. A very popular pair are these polyester swim/arm wings from Beco.

Easy to inflate and deflate

Arm wings are an ideal item to remember when taking small kids in the water.

Swim wings help both babies and kids to be more stable in the water and keep them on the surface. It can also be a good idea to have arm wings or a belt for kids who are learning to swim. This gives them a little help until they reach a level where they can swim without the use of wings or a belt.

Swim wings also ensure a more enjoyable trip in the water, as it frees the kid and allows adults to swim without having to carry the kids around. The kid also learns to move in the water instead of being carried around, which is a great advantage for the kid.

At you'll find swim wings in bright colours (blue, pink and orange) so you can easily find your child at the beach, pool or public swimming pool. This is a great advantage in the real world, as it prevents panic when you can quickly find your baby or child in a large crowd.

The swim wings are made of strong plastic, which means that the swim wings will last for more than one time on the beach or in the pool.

Speedo swim wings, as well as those from Beco, are easy to inflate and deflate. It takes about 2 minutes for an adult human to fill the wings with air.

Swim wings for kids and babies

We offer arm wings for both babies and kids. For kids between 0-30 kg, we have easy-to-recognise all-orange arm wings. They come from the Beco brand and are intended for babies and small kids. They are easy to inflate and take up no space when deflated. This makes them easy to carry back and forth. Beco is a functional brand that fulfils requirements and expectations.

The recognised brand, Speedo, also makes several types of swim wings for kids, which we sell here at Speedo has also made a pair in orange, which is intended for children between 0-12+ years. They also have a pair in blue and pink, which is suitable for kids aged 0-6 years. Speedo is a world-renowned brand that delivers high quality. Like the Beco brand, the arm wings are easily inflatable.

Also consider a swim belt or swim vest

Once your baby is familiar and comfortable in the water, consider putting a swim belt on them instead, as it will create a more horizontal position in the water.

Similarly, so will a swim vest.

A completely different alternative that creates the more horizontal position in the water from the start are these shark fins from Swimfinner.

So a good tip is to start with the swim wings, then the swim belt and finally either the swim vest or the shark fin and then the kid should hopefully be able to swim on their own.

Arm wings for all sizes and ages

Here at we simply have a pair of arm wings / swim wings for all sizes and ages, so whether your kid is 1 year old or 6 years old, we have a pair for him/her.

Just make sure you choose the right pair for him/her so that they are neither too big nor too small, so you don't risk them being too tight or too loose, which can quickly become dangerous if they fall off.

All our swim wings are self-inflating, so they can easily be taken on holiday or to the beach without taking up too much space..

Swim wings should be in bright colours

As you may have noticed, all our swim wings come in more vibrant colours like red and orange. This is definitely preferable as it makes it much easier to keep an eye on and find your little one when he/she is swimming around the edge of the water or pool.

Swim wings that fulfil safety requirements

We have prioritised that all our swim wings meet safety requirements, such as the size of arm wings within certain age groups. That's why we have also chosen two trusted brands that deliver quality and fulfil these requirements. It is important to us that our customers are satisfied with their products. We try to ensure this by having qualitative brands that pay attention to requirements, material and design..

Wide selection and price guarantee on

We have a wide selection of kids' wings at, consisting of different designs and many sizes (if you want other sizes, please write to us and we will find a solution). At we always have competitive prices, and if the item is cheaper at another supplier, we also have a price guarantee on ALL our products. Finally, there are three more good reasons to buy your swim wings at

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

If you want more equipment for a great trip to the beach, we here at recommend that you check out the following: Swim socks that protect your kid's feet from falling on slippery rocks. Sun hats to protect your kid or baby's head from the sun's rays. You can also find snorkelling sets, which are a nice idea if you like to explore the water and nature.

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