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Swimming goggles for kids

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As a parent of an older kid, you probably want to do everything you can to protect them as much as possible. This is true in all situations, and also when it comes to bathing and swimming, either at the swimming pool or at the beach...
Swimming goggles for kids
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Swimming goggles for kids

As a parent of an older kid, you probably want to do everything you can to protect them as much as possible. This is true in all situations, and also when it comes to bathing and swimming, either at the swimming pool or at the beach.

What you as a parent need to think about is that your kid is protected in every way, and this applies to cold and heat, against the sun's rays, and in relation to the water in which your kid is going to play or swim.

And last but not least, take care of your kid's eyes. Far too few parents realise that their kids' eyes are incredibly vulnerable when they are in the water. The salty water of the beach and the sun's rays are hard on your kid's eyes, and the same goes for both brackish water and chlorinated water.

Speedo, TYR, Arena and Aqua Sphere have specialised in developing kids' swimming goggles so that you as a parent can safely take your kid to both the beach and the swimming pool without your kid experiencing serious discomfort in the water.

The best selection of kids' swimming goggles

We have selected the best Speedo swimming goggles, TYR swimming goggles and Aqua Sphere swimming goggles on this page, so you can simply choose the type you think is best suited for your kid.

We've sorted through the large selection available on the market to make it even easier for you. You avoid all the frivolous, poor and unsuitable models that many others have, and you get a guarantee from us that all our models fully meet the high demands that should be placed on swimming goggles for kids.

This is because several factors must be in order for the kid to be protected in the best possible way.

In addition to swimming goggles for kids, at you can get swimming goggles for all levels. So if you are also looking for swimming goggles for yourself, you can buy goggles for both of you or for the whole family from us.

Customisation of swimming goggles

Firstly, you need to choose a size that fits your kid. We have very small models and then we have models that fit until the kid becomes a teenager. The size should fit the kid, which means that the glasses should fit the size of the eyes and face.

Then you need to look at whether the goggles are lined with either foam or soft rubber around the lens, so that the goggles do not bother the kid's skin when they fit tightly. Because they need to fit tightly. Next, make sure that the straps are ok, i.e. that they can be extended and tightened easily and without problems.

Many cheap models are so stiff in the straps that they are very difficult to adjust and cause a lot of hassle.

If the kid is not that old and is brand new, this phase of putting on the swimming goggles should go as smoothly as possible. Speedo, TYR, Arena and Aqua Sphere have manufactured their goggles to the best quality available, which means that their models have a sublime fit and their straps are very easy to handle..

No pressure - play your way through

When you as a parent are introducing a pair of swimming goggles for your kid to wear, it is important that it is done easily and smoothly, and this means that the kid must first and foremost be confident and comfortable putting on the swimming goggles, so if you don't succeed the first time, leave the swimming goggles on the table and then put on your own goggles.

In a short time, your kid will surely get curious and try to put the goggles on themselves, or just grab them and run around with them. This may be the time to try putting the glasses back on. Don't stress about it at all, so it's better to try again after a few days. But leave the glasses out in the open.

It's a partnership between the parent and kid when it comes to adjusting the glasses, and you'll succeed. If you're going on holiday, make sure you get the goggles in good time so that it doesn't get too late in relation to your holiday. This also applies if you need a diving mask and swim fins, or perhaps a complete snorkelling set.

Get it right the first time

Swimming goggles should fit tightly, but not too tight. Speedo, TYR, Arena and Aqua Sphere have chosen materials that can fit tightly while still feeling comfortable and secure.

The soft edges and rubber lining make it perfect. Cheap models are too sharp around the edges, which is not good for kids. If it's the first model you present and it's a mess, it can be difficult to get the kid to try on a different pair of goggles. So you need to choose the right pair from the start.

Does your kid have poor eyesight so that they can't do without their glasses? Then don't worry, because at you can buy swimming goggles with prescription for kids.

Cleaning and maintenance

Remember that swimming goggles should be cleaned in clean water after each use to make them last longer. Most goggles also have a UV filter to provide extra protection for your kid's eyes. Even if you choose a set of goggles with anti-fog lenses, remember to treat them with anti-fog spray from time to time. The view through the goggles is perhaps even more important for kids than for adults.

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