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Diving fins adults (35-51)

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Diving feet are also called diving fins, but their function is the same. They are designed to give you a much higher propulsion with the least amount of effort. That's why diving fins for adults are also perfect for those who love s...
Diving fins adults (35-51)
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Diving fins adults (35-51)

Diving feet are also called diving fins, but their function is the same. They are designed to give you a much higher propulsion with the least amount of effort. That's why diving fins for adults are also perfect for those who love snorkelling and diving. On this page, you'll find the best adult diving fins so you can get the most out of your next trip to the open water.

What is the difference between adult diving fins?

There are several different models of diving fins, each with their own benefits. To make it easy, we will list the different types you can find on this page:

  • The short: These are great for snorkelling and diving in shallow water as they provide the greatest form of manoeuvrability. This means you'll be able to change direction quickly, making your diving and snorkelling more flexible. On the other hand, they give you a minimum of propulsion, so they're not suitable for everything in open water.
  • The medium-length: The medium-length diving fins are a good mix between the short and full-length ones. This makes them much more all-round, as they can do a little bit of everything. For this reason, they are also not specialised for one specific use, which means that on long open water dives you will benefit most from a pair of long diving fins. Conversely, a pair of short diving fins will be best in shallow water.
  • The long: The very long diving fins can seem a bit clumsy to wear and swim with. But that's only until you get out into the open and deep water. Here - with very calm and prolonged kicks - you will experience unique propulsion. This applies both above and below water.

Choose the right stiffness

When you're faced with different types of adult diving fins, you'll notice that there's a big difference in their stiffness and how they attach to the foot.

To put it simply, the more rigid the blade, the more propulsion. But also harder to use. That's why it's important to use long, smooth movements when using a pair of high stiffness diving fins. Otherwise, you risk simply overheating and cramping up. The opposite is of course true with adult diving fins in softer materials. They provide less propulsion but are easier to use.

In addition, you'll also find that more diving fins have a mix of stiff and soft parts, making them more versatile for specific diving activities.

You'll also find that some diving fins have a heel strap, while others have a fixed foot. A heel strap makes it easier to customise the dive fins to your foot, while a fixed foot will give you much more stability. You will therefore experience a loss of momentum with heel strap dive fins, but it is easier to customise them to best fit your foot. Conversely, a fixed foot will give you much more propulsion, but they will be more difficult to get on your foot.

Take care of your diving fins for adults

Like so much other swimming equipment, it's important to rinse them thoroughly in fresh water after use. Salt and chlorine water will tenderise the materials if not washed off. Seawater can create a build-up of algae, which also damages the materials.

In addition, it's important that they are completely dry before you put them in storage. If you want a good solution for storing your diving fins and all your other diving equipment, we recommend using a snorkelling bag.

Buy your diving fins for adults here at

With a good pair of diving fins for adults, snorkelling and diving becomes a much greater experience. You can swim great distances and explore more with very little effort than if you didn't use diving fins. Of course, you'll need a good pair of diving goggles or diving mask and a good snorkel for adults. And at you can find both regular snorkels and semi-dry and full-dry snorkels.

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Take a look around this category and get inspired for your next diving or snorkelling trip.

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