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Winter wetsuit

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If you want to do water sports for most of the year in Denmark, you need a really good winter wetsuit. Although the term is very broad, it basically covers a wetsuit that helps you stay warm. So instead of only doing water sports fo...
Winter wetsuit
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Winter wetsuit

If you want to do water sports for most of the year in Denmark, you need a really good winter wetsuit. Although the term is very broad, it basically covers a wetsuit that helps you stay warm. So instead of only doing water sports for 2 months of the year in Denmark, with the right thickness of wetsuit, you can extend the season by up to 10 months..

Find the right wetsuit for winter and cooler months

Often wetsuits for water sports are based on personal preference, but there are some general guidelines. Generally speaking, water temperatures above 22 celsius rarely require the use of a wetsuit unless you are on the water for a long period of time.

From here, it is recommended that water temperatures from 20-15 degrees may require a 1-3mm neoprene wetsuit. However, pay special attention to the buckle, as you will clearly notice the difference between 20 and 15 degrees centigrade water. Below 15 and down to 10 degrees, you'll need a 3-5mm wetsuit - and even lower, a 7mm wetsuit.

However, these are only general guidelines as temperature tolerance varies greatly from person to person, but it also depends on what water sport you're doing. If it's an activity that gets your heart rate up - such as open water swimming - your body will generate a lot of heat on its own. Therefore, swimming with a 7mm wetsuit, even in 10 celsius water, can be very uncomfortable as you simply risk overheating.

The opposite is true for diving and snorkelling, where the movements are often very slow and steady. Here you will quickly freeze without good thermal insulation from a neoprene wetsuit of the right thickness. The same goes for water sports activities where you don't get your heart rate up and thus have a high body heat.

The right mobility in a winter wetsuit

If you're heading out on the SUP board in the spring and autumn months, we would definitely recommend a Hedgehog wetsuit/SUP wetsuit. It provides adequate protection against lower temperatures and offers great flexibility. If, on the other hand, you need great thermal insulation and flexibility, then you're in the right category. With a good winter wetsuit, you won't struggle to keep warm and you won't feel restricted in your movements.

This gives you much more freedom, but also many more applications. This means you don't need to have 4 different wetsuits for the different water sports seasons, but will largely be able to get by with 2.

However, we recommend that you also protect your hands and feet with neoprene gloves or socks during the cold months. In addition, you should also consider a neoprene hood, as most of your body heat dissipates through your scalp. Of course, it all depends on what you'll be using your winter wetsuit for, but the more you're in the water, the more it's about thermal protection.

Take good care of your winter wetsuit

It is important that you rinse your wetsuit thoroughly in cold fresh water after each use. Salt and chlorine water will eventually soften the materials, which will cause holes to appear in the neoprene. Similarly, you may find that any seams and glued folds will crack. In case of an accident, you can buy neoprene glue.

If you use your wetsuit in the sea, it is just as important to rinse it off well in cold fresh water, otherwise you risk the build-up of algae deposits that can cause allergies if they come into contact with your skin.

After you've rinsed your wetsuit well, it's a good idea to let it air dry, but make sure it's completely dry before you put it in storage. Otherwise, it can change the fit and you also risk mould forming on the wetsuit.

Buy your winter wetsuit at

We may not have the biggest selection, but we do have a winter wetsuit that fits most things. You will therefore also be able to get a winter wetsuit that is generally more all-round than specialised for one specific water sport activity. This gives you a much greater opportunity to use your winter wetsuit for much more.

If you have any questions or need advice and guidance, our customer service team is ready to help you. Together, we'll find what you need. When you buy your winter wetsuit here at, you also get:

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So take a look around and find your winter wetsuit and all the accessories you need.

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