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Speedo is the brand that EVERYONE knows - even the average Dane. They are the ones behind the so-called triangles/Speedos, just as it was in Speedo swimwear that Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals at the same Olympics back in 2008.Thi...
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Speedo is the brand that EVERYONE knows - even the average Dane. They are the ones behind the so-called triangles/Speedos, just as it was in Speedo swimwear that Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals at the same Olympics back in 2008.
This should also be reflected in the fact that Speedo has many years on the water - a lot of years. More specifically, 102 years, as they celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2014. In other words, an incredibly traditional swimming brand that has been in the game for many years and is still one of the world's three leading swimming brands today. However, not as dominant as it was ten years ago.

Speedo's history - In short.

Speedo was started back in 1914 by a young Scottish man named Alexander MacRae. A few decades later in 1927, he invented the "racerback swimsuit", which was the first open-back bathing suit. This bathing suit inspired one of the employees to come up with the slogan "Speed on in your Speedos" and this led to the company's new name.
In 1932, their swimwear was used for the first time in an Olympic context and in 1936 they introduced the first pair of topless swimming trunks for men.

In the decades that followed, Speedo developed more and more into a brand that the best swimmers in the world swam in at the Olympics and World Championships. As a result, 22 out of 23 world records in 1968 were set by swimmers wearing Speedo swimwear. This culminated in 2008, when an incredible 92% of all medals at the Olympic swimming competitions were won by swimmers wearing Speedo LZR. This in the very popular LZR racer, which today has been replaced by The Fastskin3 racing system

Missy Franklin, Ryan Lochte, Katie Ledecky…

Speedo is still very popular today and is used by the best swimmers in the world. The entire US and Australian national swim teams wear it at the Olympics, World Championships and in training. These include the 3-time Olympic champion Missy Franklin, the Olympic champion in the 400 IM Ryan Lochte, the dominant Katie Ledecky, who at the recent World Championships became the first woman in the world ever to become a 5-time world champion in the 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 4*200 freestyle - all in Speedo competition swimming trunks and Speedo racing suits. In addition, the Chinese long-distance swimmer and double Olympic champion, Sun Yan, also swims in Speedo's great competition swimming trunks

Speedo has everything for your swim bag

If you're going to swim fast at your next competition, you're sure to find something on this page. For example, their new LZR elite 2 competition suits/pants, which are available in many great colours: Blue, green, pink, red, black. Or how about the brand new Fastskin3 Elite Goggles, which are among the most popular swimming goggles ever - with these you can even get a matching shower cap. You can find all the other Speedo swimming goggles here.

If it's Speedo swimming equipment you're looking for, Speedo also has it here at For example, it could be their extremely durable and spacious swim bags or the very popular Biofuse finger paddles. In addition, it's hard to miss their highly effective flippers. Furthermore, you can also get Speedo bikinis for the upcoming Danish summer, a trip to the swimming pool or a trip to the warm countries. There are many different Speedo bikinis, so there might be a Speedo bikini or a piece of Speedo swimwear or equipment that suits you and your needs.

Why should I buy Speedo?

There are many good reasons to choose Speedo. Firstly, Speedo is a brand that has been on the market for many years and has always focused on making the best possible swimwear for competitive swimmers. That's why you get a very special expertise that has emerged from many years of intense work aimed at becoming the very best.

Speedo also sells their swimwear and accessories all over the world, so they are thoroughly tested in many different situations and contexts. There is simply one reason why many swimmers choose Speedo, whether it's for bathing suits or swimming trunks: you know you're getting a world-class product.

Speedo has always focussed on making swimming equipment work optimally. They deliver innovative solutions that are reforming the market. And there's even a design focus that makes many fashion-conscious swimmers choose to go that route to spice up their swimwear. When you buy Speedo, you get a complete package - and its content is hard to compete with.

Speedo on sale

You can often find Speedo on offer here with us. This can be, for example, if we run special offers or if certain items are about to be discontinued. It's therefore a good idea to check our site frequently if you want to make sure you're always up to date with the latest Speedo offers.

It pays to keep an eye out, because the price of Speedo is often a little higher than other more leisure-orientated swimwear brands. On the other hand, you get great products that are perfect for competitive swimming, but can also be used by those who want to practice recreational swimming with the best possible swimming equipment.

Price and functionality often go hand in hand, and that's certainly the case with Speedo. But if you keep an eye out, you can often find Speedo products at lower prices than usual here with us, and then you win in all areas.

Why you should buy Speedo at

One thing is that we have gathered everything Speedo sells here at, and thus have Denmark's largest selection of Speedo swimming equipment/swimwear. Another thing is that as a customer at you get a number of very favourable services on top:

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