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SUP bundle deal

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On this page you'll find all our SUP board bundle deals where you can make big savings. With a SUP bundle deal, you have the opportunity to buy several SUP boards so you can share your SUP experience with others. You can go paddlebo...
SUP bundle deal
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SUP bundle deal

On this page you'll find all our SUP board bundle deals where you can make big savings. With a SUP bundle deal, you have the opportunity to buy several SUP boards so you can share your SUP experience with others. You can go paddleboarding on your own, but it's more fun when you're in a group.

That's why we've put together our award-winning SUP boards in a SUP bundle deal, where you can save a lot of money. We want as many people as possible to get on the SUP wave and with a SUP bundle deal, it's easier to invite friends and family to join you on the blue wave.

Create a community with a SUP bundle deal

As the SUP wave has washed over Denmark, many different ways of practicing paddleboarding have emerged. Some use their SUP board to practice yoga on open water. Others meet in paddleboarding fitness clubs - similar to running clubs.

This has made it one of the most popular open water sports activities in Denmark, not least because it's a sport for virtually all ages. And it is also fun!

It can be a little difficult to get started with SUPing. Depending on your ability to balance, you will find that you will initially find yourself in the water as much as on the water. It takes a little time and practice to become balanced enough on a paddleboard to avoid being in the water all the time.

That's why a SUP package deal is a great idea. This way, several of you can help and support each other to improve your balance. After all, it's more fun to be with others who are at the same level than to practice standing, balancing and paddling on the board alone.

There are many good times and experiences to be had together, and the learning curve is even better when you can mirror yourself in others. So if you know someone who is as passionate about SUP as you are - or ready to start - then the most sensible thing to do is to buy a SUP bundle deal.

Why it's a good idea to buy a SUP board bundle deal at

When you're practicing or starting a hobby, it's always nice to have everything you need right from the start. That's why it's a great idea to buy a SUP bundle deal here at

You get everything you need in one bundle, and even a bag that's easy to carry on your back and store your SUP board in. So you get everything you need to get ready to hit the water and go paddleboarding.

Our different SUP board bundles come in different colours, but the features and equipment included are the same. Therefore, you - or you - just need to decide what you want in terms of colours. Of course, it all depends on your own preferences.

The good thing about buying multiple SUP boards is that you can invite friends and family to try paddleboarding. They don't need to have a SUP board themselves, but you can easily introduce them to this great water sport activity.

The great thing about a SUP board bundle deal is that you'll save a lot more than if you just bought one at a time. This way, you'll always have an extra SUP board so you can take others out on the water with you, whether they're beginners or advanced.

You can also make it even more fun to take others on the water with SUP accessories. For example, a seat for a SUP board, so you can bring others who can't paddleboard themselves, but where they can still sit comfortably and stably.

Buy your SUP board bundle deal here at

Here at we love paddleboarding, and the more people we can get out on the water, the better it gets. Paddleboarding is generally a very sociable activity, as you can take it at your own pace and see it as a "walk" on the water with good friends.

You can do paddleboarding at a leisurely pace where you can chat while you paddleboard, or you can make it a form of exercise to get your heart rate up. It all depends on how you enjoy your time on the water together.

Not only do you get the best SUP board bundle deal here at, but you also get some customer benefits:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

So, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to start paddleboarding together.

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