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Nose clip for kids

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Here you will find a wide selection of nose clips for children that can help those who are particularly bothered by water in their nose. A nose clip for children will make it more comfortable to swim or bathe in water, and it can al...
Nose clip for kids
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Nose clip for kids

Here you will find a wide selection of nose clips for children that can help those who are particularly bothered by water in their nose. A nose clip for children will make it more comfortable to swim or bathe in water, and it can also assist them in their swimming training.

Therefore, a nose clip for swimming can be a good idea, especially if the water in the nose prevents your child from having fun in the water. So take a look around the site and find the nose clip for children that you need.

Why is a nose clip for kids a good idea?

It's almost inevitable that water will get into the nose when swimming. This is also true for children, and from time to time, you'll see children holding their noses when they jump into the water. These children will greatly benefit from a nose clip, so they have both hands free when they take the plunge.

Children who attend swimming lessons but often get irritated by water in their noses when swimming risk focusing more on that than on their swimming technique. This is especially true when they practice backstroke or butterfly, where water in the nose is virtually unavoidable. It certainly requires some technique and experience.

It's unfortunate when the problem can easily be solved with a nose clip for swimming. With it on, at least they won't have to worry about water in their nose but can instead focus on their swimming technique and training. Once they become more confident in their swimming technique, they might not need to use a nose clip for swimming.

However, a nose clip for children doesn't just have to be for swimming; it can also be used on a beach holiday. If your child often gets disturbed by water in their nose, it can ruin any fun in the water. It's particularly useful if you have a child who loves to jump in and out of the water incessantly, as they won't need to be stopped by water in their nose or have to hold it every time they dive in.

A nose clip for kids requires some getting used to

If you're not used to wearing a nose clip, it can feel like a peculiar experience the first few times. Some may even find it claustrophobic, as you can only breathe through your mouth. Therefore, it also takes some getting used to swimming with a nose clip, and this is true for children as well.

It's especially important to ensure that they remember to breathe normally through their mouth, as many tend to hold their breath when wearing a nose clip. This is because we humans most often breathe through our nose when we are not at a high pulse or are cold. Therefore, they need to maintain normal breathing through the mouth, especially if it is during swimming training or competition.

Furthermore, it's important to find the right size of a nose clip for children, as one that's too big will come off too easily, while one that's too small will pinch the nose and be uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, the size of the nose clip for the children you choose is not insignificant.

The right equipment at the right time

Even though a nose clip can solve many challenges in the water, it cannot solve them all. So if you have a child who goes to swimming lessons, there's quite a bit of other equipment that also needs to be in order.

Here, a pair of swimming goggles for kids will be indispensable as they both protect the eyes and allow them to orient themselves in the water. Similarly, a swimming cap for children will also be hard to avoid. It both protects the hair from chlorine and makes them faster in the water. So if they are chasing records, it's just a matter of putting on the cap.

However, that's not the only thing it's good for. It also has a protective function, as it prevents water from getting into the ears. This is particularly important for children who tend to get infections in the ear canal or have grommets in their ears. If that's the case, we would also recommend a pair of earplugs for children that completely block out the water, and which they can wear under a swimming cap. Thus providing double protection.

Find a nose clip for kids here on

A nose clip for kids can make it easier for children to be in the water when they are not bothered by the water in their nose. Not all children find it a major irritation, but for those who do, a nose clip is almost indispensable. Although most nose clips for children are similar to each other and serve the same function, you might well have some questions.

Therefore, our customer service team is ready with advice and guidance, so do not hesitate to contact us if you are in the slightest doubt. When you shop with us at, you also get:

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  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

So find the nose clip for children that you need right here with us at

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