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Swimwear plus size

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Here you can explore our selection in plus size swimsuits. With more than 10 carefully selected swimsuits in plus sizes, the chances of you finding your new swimsuit is great. For instance, we have swimsuits for larger women from th...
Swimwear plus size
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Swimwear plus size

Here you can explore our selection in plus size swimsuits. With more than 10 carefully selected swimsuits in plus sizes, the chances of you finding your new swimsuit is great.

For instance, we have swimsuits for larger women from the brand Mirou, where you can get them in sizes all the way up to XXX-Large. These swimsuits are made for larger women - so you can feel as comfortable as possible in your new swimsuit.

No matter if you're looking for swimsuits in large sizes, slimming swimsuits or a swimsuit for curvy women, you can find it here with us.


Why choose swimsuits in larger sizes?

We believe that it should be comfortable for you to go to the beach and dip your toes, or take a swim in the summertime. We also believe that it should be fun, if you want to get some exercise, or have a great trip with the friends or family in the waterpark.

A swimsuit for curvy women makes sure that you feel comfortable, no matter what you want to use your new swimsuit for. The fit of our swimsuits in large sizes are perfect for the beautiful curves. At the same times the cuts are both modern and stylish.

Swimsuits for larger women doesn't have to be boring and anonymous to look at.

Swimsuits in large sizes for all purposes

When selecting swimsuits in larger sizes, you are most likely also selecting them for different purposes. By this we mean that the swimsuit you use in the pool, doesn't have to be the one you use at the beach.

Some people may often go to morning swim practice, and they need a proper swimsuit. But if you're one of those who just dip in their toes from the edge, then maybe a swimming dress could be an option?

A swimming dress is also a great choice at the beach. Here a bathing suit can be a bit overwhelming for many.

Regardless your purpose for getting a swimsuit for larger women, you can find it here at our shop.

Swimsuits in large sizes from known brands

We primarily have swimsuits in large sizes from the known brand Mirou. Mirou sells both swimsuits, swim dresses and a tankini. This gives you a wide selection of swimwear from Mirou.

For instance, you kan pick a swimsuit with legs, a swim dress with a long skirt, a classic swimsuit or a swimsuit with ties. There are countless options!

Pros and Cons of a swimsuit

A swimsuit will give you and your body the most amount of protection from the sun. This can also be good if you're pregnant. They are great, because they also cover the entire stomach.

Many women are shy when it comes to either their large or pregnant body. It shouldn't be like that, because all bodies are perfect, just the way they are. Despite of this you can help yourself when you're at the beach, with one of our pregnancy swimsuits, that also covers the entire stomach.

Here you can see some pros and cons with a plus size swimsuit.


  • It protects you and your body from the sun's rays
  • It covers your stomach if it makes you shy
  • You can for instance use it during your pregnancy
  • A swimsuit is ideal for sports


  • Sunbathing isn't particularly easy in a swimsuit, because it covers your whole stomach
  • A swimsuit can be warm to wear in the summer

Which plus size swimsuit should you pick?

Do you have soft and voloptuous shapes? Is it challenging to get into your swimsuit? Many women can relate to this, because the traditional swimwear is actually very tight fitting.

This can be relatively revealing, and is generally not something a lot of women like. Luckily this problem has been adressed in swimsuits in plus sizes.

The cuts here has been designed so the swimsuit both highlights and conceals details on the body. If you want to hide your belly, wrinkles on the front of the swimsuit can easily avert the attention from the softer belly.

A swimming dress almost resembles a real dress. It can be ideal if your wish is to hide your hips a little. With a swimming dress you can accentuate your waist. It's also possible to get swimming dresses in slightly longer models, that can also cover up some of the thighs if you want this.

Plus size swimwear doesn't have to be sporty. You can easily get a lot of fashionable swimsuits with great colours and patterns, that beautifully suits curved women.

The stitchings in our plus size swimsuits has been strategically places, so they give the expression and feeling of a slim waist. Thus, they draw the attention away from what you may want to hide.

Buy plus size swimsuits at

We understand that swimsuits must come in many different variations. Because of this we have also combined this category, with swimsuits in plus sizes.

With us you get a lot of benefits when purchasing your plus size swimsuit. We give you the best price with our price match. Apart from this you also get this when you shop with us:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

    Don't hesitate to order your plus size swimsuit. You can buy it easily and cheaply right here at our shop.

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