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Swim shorts for kids

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As soon as the kids have shed the nappy swim trunks and UV wetsuits, they also begin to be a bit more self-aware. And as such, their expression at the pool or the beach must also be cooler than the others. This applies both when it ...
Swim shorts for kids
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Swim shorts for kids

As soon as the kids have shed the nappy swim trunks and UV wetsuits, they also begin to be a bit more self-aware. And as such, their expression at the pool or the beach must also be cooler than the others. This applies both when it comes to motifs, pop culture and appearing more mature than just the age predicts.

Because of this, it can be a great idea to invest in a pair of swim shorts for kids, as it gives them the right confidence by the water.

Swim trunks or swim shorts?

The two things each have their advantages and disadvantages. With a pair of swim trunks, it gets easier to jump in and out of the water, without risking the trunks falling off. Particularly since they sit very close to the body, and can often be laced in, so the fit is completely tight. In these situations, swim shorts are somewhat looser, but not around the waist.

The fit is the same - the difference is instead in the looser fabric that covers the legs. It seems a bit cooler with a pair of swimming shorts, as older children and younger people often swim in swim trunks. Because of this, you shouldn't underestimate the body awareness kids can have. They often look up and are inspired by those who are a little older than themselves.

Here's why swim shorts for kids are comfortable

The great thing about swim shorts is the looser fabric on the legs, which creates a good air flow around the thighs as soon as you get out of the water. That's why they also dry nearly instantly, while they also provide great ventilation, so that the heat from the searing sun doesn't become uncomfortable. And this is precisely where swim shorts shorts for kids differ from swim trunks, that doesn't provide the same level of comfort.

As such, swim shorts are also very ideal if the games take place just as much on land as in water. As they are quick-drying and are very light lightness, they resemble a pair of normal sports shorts on land. In addition to this, you also get rid of seams that can chafe. It's only the waistline that you need to adjust, depending on the fit.

Swim shorts for kids are just cooler

You should never scuff at a great pair of swim trunks, and although they also come in many colours and designs, there is a whole other coolness about swim shorts. And on this page you will also be able to find several swim shorts with many different patterns. So there is definitely something to suit your child's style.

As they age, children also become much more self-conscious about their appearance and their expression. So why not turn them into a real little beach hunk with a cool pair of swim shorts? At the same time, you don't compromise the comfort. Because - obviously it should also be comfortable to look cool.

Remember to still protect your child from the sun

Although most swim shorts offer some protection against the sun, it's still important to protect the rest of the body. The most obvious choice is obviously sunscreen, but there is also UV clothing, protection for the feet and head. They may no longer be toddlers, but that doesn't mean they don't still have delicate skin against UV rays.

And since swim shorts invite to equal parts play on land and in water, the sunscreen is also quickly washed off. You can avoid that problem with UV swimwear.

Proper maintenance of swim shorts

Like most other swimwear, swimming shorts should be rinsed in cold fresh water after use. In the same way, it is best to air-dry them after washing, so you should avoid the dryer as much as possible. This also applies to sunlight, so if you want to extend the longevity of a pair of swim shorts, they are best dried in the shade.

Swim shorts for children are often made from
different materials than those for adults, and as such, the material also requires a different treatment than swim shorts for adults. In particular if you want them to last longer. If a pair of swim shorts for kids really need to be washed thoroughly, we recommend washing them at maximum 30 degrees in the washing machine.

For example it can be necessary if they have been used for 14 days in a row on a holiday, of if you just can't wash out the chlorine smell. They won't break after a single trip in the washing machine, but each wash will wear on the fabric. So the more often you machine wash them, the shorter they last.

Buy a pair of cool new swim shorts for kids at

We definitely have a pair that will perfectly fit your child's style. It may also be the first time he/she has to wear a pair of swim shorts, but we are guaranteed to have something that will suit their taste. And if nothing else, it might also inspire the child towards a completely new expression. And if you buy them here at, you get some of Ireland's best benefits with:

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    So hurry up and order a pair of cool swim shorts for kids, so you can get ready for the next trip to the water - regardless if it's for the pool, beach or holiday.

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