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Wet/dry bag for wet swimwear

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In this category you can find different wet / dry bags, so you can separate your wet swim gear from everything that you would want to keep dry in your bag. We think it's super annoying to come home from swim practice and find that e...
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Wet/dry bag for wet swimwear

In this category you can find different wet / dry bags, so you can separate your wet swim gear from everything that you would want to keep dry in your bag. We think it's super annoying to come home from swim practice and find that everything in the bag is wet from our swim clothes. Therefore, on this page you can also find different wet / dry bags, each with their own properties.

Avoid getting everything in your bag wet

Here at, we know the problem - and have in fact ourselves made the mistake a few times. You toss your wet swimwear and wet towel into your bag, put on a fresh change of clothes and head on home. And then you discover that everything in the bag, including the bag itself, is soaking wet from the swimwear. An annoying situation that just requires even more cleaning and washing after a good workout.

Because of this, we're super happy to use wet / dry bags after we have been in the water! It is the easiest way to transport your wet swimwear, without risking that everything you don't want to get wet, in fact remains dry. As such, on this page you will also find different wet/dry bags that suit different needs, but basically all have the same function.

For instance you can find our own wet / dry bags that are super easy to use, and that you can be sure will close up completely. They come in different models, where the biggest difference between them is the size and their closing mechanism. The only think you have to do, is to decide for yourself whether you need the big one or the smaller ones the most, but why not just grab one of each just to be safe?

You can also be able to find wet / dry bags that are more like swimming nets. The great thing about them is that they allow for ventilation, which means your swim gear can dry up while you're on the go. They are particularly ideal for the smaller swimming gear, such as swimming goggles, swim caps and ear plugs.

Perfect for the field trip

A wet/dry bag is not just a practically indispensable supplement for swim practice, but is also absolutely perfect to take with you on a field trip. Perhaps the trip goes to the beach or the pool, and you change into your dry clothes when you go home again. When you put all the wet swimming clothes and gear in a wet / dry bag, you can be sure that everything else you have with you will stay dry during the trip home.

As such, many families with children will really enjoy having one or more wet / dry bags with them. This way, as a parent, you don't have to bother with separating the wet from the dry into bags and pouches. This way you can stuff everything in the same bag, separated by a wet / dry bag.

This also saves space when it comes to packing, as you don't need to have one bag for all your wet gear, and one for all your dry gear. It simply doesn't get any easier. If you need a wet/dry bag with more space, we recommend that you take a look at our drybags, which you can find right here.

Buy your wet / dry bag on, and make a great deal

We're pretty convinced that once you have tried the comfort of having a wet / dry bag with you to the beach or the pool, you'll find it difficult to understand how you could have ever lived without one. If you already use wet / dry bags, but are looking for a new one, then you have come to the right place.

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Now there shouldn't be any more excuses not to try one or several of our amazing wet / dry bags. We're convinced that you won't regret it.

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