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In this category, you will find all our best snorkels suitable for a wide range of water activities. Therefore, you will be able to find a snorkel for snorkelling and a snorkel for dive-snorkelling. There is not much difference in w...
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In this category, you will find all our best snorkels suitable for a wide range of water activities. Therefore, you will be able to find a snorkel for snorkelling and a snorkel for dive-snorkelling. There is not much difference in which snorkel you use for what, but on the other hand, there is a big difference between the models.

As such, we have also decided to have a wide selection, so there is a snorkel for every occasion. So take a look around the site and find exactly the snorkel you are looking for or check out our category of all our snorkelling equipment to make sure you get it all.

The right snorkel for snorkelling

There are some specific requirements for a snorkel before it can function properly for snorkelling. Many have probably tried to buy a cheap snorkel abroad, where water runs down the tube too soon, and it is difficult to blow it out. It can ruin the whole snorkelling experience as it becomes a disruptive element and interruptions do not give the full benefit from snorkelling.

As such, you will also have a much better experience while snorkelling if you use a snorkel that is meant to be out on the water for a long time. There are different options here, as many snorkelling enthusiasts would like to have the opportunity to dive under water, when they find something exciting, they would like to take a better look at.

Therefore, you should also consider whether you most need a full-dry snorkel or a semi-dry snorkel, as they each cover different needs.

With a full-dry snorkel, you can dive underwater and get back up to the surface without risking water entering the tube. However, it should be mentioned, that they can only withstand a certain amount of water pressure, so that at shallower depths you will still find that water can run in. However, this is no problem, as most full-dry snorkels you find on this page will have a valve at the bottom, so you can easily blow out the water as soon as you get to the water surface.

If, on the other hand, you are one of the people who snorkels best by just lying on the surface of the water, but do not want to be disturbed by waves that wash water down the pipe, then a semi-dry snorkel is exactly what you are looking for. Its valve system will block water rushing over your snorkel but will not withstand the pressure of water if you dive below the surface of the water. Despite of that, most semi-dry snorkels are equipped with the same bottom valve system, so you can easily remove the water from the pipe again.

A good snorkel allows you to snorkel for longer

One of the most frequent problems snorkelling enthusiasts experience is that they get tired in their jaw and mouth after some time on the water. It is solely due to the quality of the snorkel they use. The cheapest ones come with a uniform nozzle and a lack of flexibility of the tube, which means that you must use mouth forces to keep your snorkel in the right position.

Since these are movements and forces the muscles around the mouth and jaw are not used to, it will quickly feel as if you have been chewing on an oversize gum for several hours. For this very reason, it is also important to choose a snorkel that is flexible in the tube and that has a silicone nozzle that automatically adapts to different positions without leaking.

Therefore, on this page you will also be able to find several snorkels that have a flexible piece at the bottom of the snorkel just before the mouthpiece. Such a snorkel will be able to give, bend and move freely, so you don't have to use unnecessary muscle forces to hold it in place.

This flexibility from a snorkel allows you to stay on the water for longer periods of time, without having to go in and rest your jaw. It's always annoying if it's muscle fatigue that interrupts your snorkelling. We much prefer if it is the experiences that make it necessary to take a little break so you can just digest them.

A good collection makes it easier to practice snorkelling

One thing, of course, is that the nozzle and tube must be flexible. Another thing is that your snorkel should preferably be firmly attached to your diving goggles or your diving mask. In this way, you avoid that your snorkel will pull on the strap, so that the diving goggles or mask tear loose from the face, and water thus seeps in. In addition, it also has a huge impact on the mouth fatigue you can feel when snorkelling.

If your snorkel is locked in the strap and thus not very flexible, you will most likely need to use more effort to keep your snorkel in the right place. And there is only one muscle group that can do this - the muscles in the jaw.

However, there is no one system that is as such better than the other, as it depends a lot on head shape, movement in the water and the purpose of the snorkel you have chosen.

Some prefer a click system, where you attach the snorkel to the strap of the diving goggles or diving mask, with some kind of clip. This type of system guarantees a firm stable grip around the glasses but is still movable depending on the size of the strap.

Opposite this kind of attachment there are snorkels that are fastened with an elastic band. This is most often seen with a snorkel for children, but they are also available for adults. They are a bit looser, and you may therefore find that they can become too flexible, which is also why you often see them on a beginner's snorkel.

Handle the rest of the gear

A snorkel is obviously an essential part of snorkelling, but there is a lot of other gear that can make the experience even better. If you want to snorkel in water that is below 22 degrees, it may be a good idea to invest in a wetsuit. This allows you to keep warmer - but we would recommend making yourself visible in the water, which can be done with an ocean bag, swim buoy or a snorkelling vest.

In addition, a good pair of diving fins or flippers will make it easier to move in the water, and you will not have to use unnecessary effort to ensure good propulsion. In addition, they make it easier for you to dive underwater, where you will both get more speed down through the water and when you need to go back up to the water. This allows you to stay underwater for longer when there's something you want to study closely.

However, there’s no question that a snorkel needs a good pair of diving goggles or a good diving mask, but if you want a complete set for snorkelling of high quality, then we would recommend that you take a look at our snorkelling kit, which you will find here. Thus, it is rarely enough with a snorkel, but if you have everything else you need, you can find a good snorkel of high quality on this page.

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A snorkel is not just a snorkel, and as such, you will also be able to find various snorkels of high quality on this page. We know how badly a inferior snorkel can ruin the whole snorkelling experience. For that reason, we also only have snorkels that we would use ourselves for snorkelling, and therefore there should also be a snorkel that suits you.

If you still have questions or need advice and guidance, our snorkel strong customer service is ready to help you. And if you shop here with us, you also get:

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So you can find just the snorkel you are missing right here on the page. And then you can be ready with a high-quality snorkel, so you will have a better experience the next time you go snorkelling.