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Inflatable kayak

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Do you want to be able to take your kayak everywhere and store it wherever you want? Then an inflatable kayak is for you, as it's a kayak made of soft materials that inflates before you enter the water. In addition, the inflatable k...
Inflatable kayak
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Inflatable kayak

Do you want to be able to take your kayak everywhere and store it wherever you want? Then an inflatable kayak is for you, as it's a kayak made of soft materials that inflates before you enter the water. In addition, the inflatable kayak is also easy to fold up and transport around.

Here at Watery, we can definitely see that kayaks are almost as popular as paddleboards - and especially inflatable kayaks - as they allow you to explore nature in a completely different way, without too much hassle.

If you're also looking for a paddleboard, you can find our large selection of inflatable paddleboards here.

The main advantage of an inflatable kayak is that they don't require much space. That's why an inflatable kayak fits in everywhere. Whether you live in an apartment, far away from the water or just don't have enough space at home, an inflatable kayak is a great alternative. So you don't have to rely on a large garage or rent a storage unit to store your kayak.

What is an inflatable kayak?

With an inflatable kayak, it needs to be inflated before use. This is because the kayak will not take up as much space when not in use.

Some people think that an inflatable kayak is the same as an inflatable boat, which is far from the case. An inflatable boat is soft, unstable, poorly buoyant and slow. Whereas an inflatable kayak is the opposite, as they are stable and made of high quality, while also being made of a material that is soft to sit in.

An inflatable kayak often consists of 2-4 air chambers, in addition, most kayaks are produced with a PVC bottom and a very durable top.

The benefits of an inflatable kayak

  • The kayak is easy to transport as it can be folded
  • Take it with you on holidays and trips
  • It's easy to carry as it weighs between 12-18kg
  • Easy to store as it takes up no more space than a large sports bag
  • Smaller holes can be repaired on site
  • The kayak is comfortable to sit in due to the material of the kayak
  • Easy to use, so it can be used by beginners, intermediates and kids alike
  • It's quick to prepare, takes no more than 15 minutes

Questions and answers about inflatable kayaks

If you have any questions about inflatable kayaks, read here and see if we can answer the question you're wondering about. If this question is not answered, please contact us so we can answer it for you.

Is an inflatable kayak stable?

Our inflatable kayak is very stable. This kayak is a little wider than a hard shell kayak and a little flatter at the bottom, which helps to make the inflatable kayak stable. So if it's your first time in a kayak, this inflatable kayak will keep you safe..

Is an inflatable kayak safe and durable?

Yes, our inflatable kayak is safe and durable to use. But of course, you have to be careful and think carefully. But you can definitely go out on the water with our inflatable kayak with peace of mind.

Is an inflatable kayak difficult to care for?

No they're not, these inflatable kayaks are very easy to maintain. If your kayak has been in salt water, remember to rinse it with fresh water, as salt is hard on almost all materials. If you've been in fresh water, you don't need to rinse it unless the kayak is dirty. It's important not to pack the kayak completely while wet. Of course, you can transport the kayak home in your bag, but remember to hang it up to dry in the shed or outside overnight. You can also dry the kayak with a towel and it will only take a couple of hours to dry off completely.

It's important that you don't leave your kayak wrapped up when it's wet, as this can lead to moisture damage such as mould. A little trick you can do is to pump a little air into the kayak, which makes it easy to rinse and clean it of sand, dirt and possibly salt water when you get home. You can wash and rinse with soapy water if you want to be extra gentle on your kayak.

You can rest assured that this inflatable kayak can withstand a lot of wind and weather, so if you just make sure you don't store your kayak in too exposed a place, you'll have this kayak for years to come.

Can your inflatable kayak be repaired if it breaks?

Yes, you can repair our inflatable kayak. In fact, you can do it yourself, as a repair kit is included with the kayak. If you are unfortunate enough to have an air chamber that cannot be repaired, you can get a new air chamber cheaply. These air chambers help to prevent the inflatable kayak from sinking, but don't worry, these inflatable kayaks have several air chambers with a lot of buoyancy, which is often enough to get back to shore so you can get it patched before you continue your trip on the water..

Can kids sail inflatable kayaks?

Yes, most kids can handle our inflatable kayak. Of course, the kayak is not an optimal size for kids, but they can easily handle them.

Can you use your inflatable kayak in winter?

Yes you can, because this inflatable kayak can easily withstand high heat and low freezing temperatures.

Can you use your inflatable kayak for training and exercise?

Well, with our inflatable kayak you certainly can. Of course, you can't compare an inflatable kayak to a fibreglass kayak. But an inflatable kayak is a great alternative if you're travelling and don't have the space or money for a fibreglass kayak.

In addition, a fibreglass kayak requires a bit of practice, so not everyone jumps into this type of kayak. When it comes to exercise, it's not so much about how fast you are, but just about getting moving. Therefore, it's all about the quality of rowing you want to do. If you're a serious rower, you can easily use our inflatable kayak for your training if you don't have your hard shell kayak with you.

Remember the right equipment for your inflatable kayak

It's important to mention here that carrying a life jacket is both a legal requirement and a safety precaution. Therefore, we can only recommend that you take a look at our selection of kayak life jackets to help you feel safer.

There's also a lot of other equipment that can both extend the kayaking season and make paddling out in your kayak more enjoyable. Because while paddling in your kayak can be tough and warm, it can quickly become a cold pleasure out on the water - especially since there's no shelter from the elements. This is where a kayak wetsuit and a pair of kayak shoes are a good idea, as both will keep you warm and protect you from the temperature and wind.

Then comes the next consideration, what to do with your belongings and the things that can't withstand water? It's very simple, our inflatable kayak has two storage compartments at each end, but with a drybag you can easily keep your various belongings dry.

As for your phone, a waterproof phone holder is the obvious choice - and you can still use your phone even when it's in the case. Then you can easily take some scenic photos while you're paddling and enjoying nature

Why choose an inflatable kayak at

You should choose an inflatable kayak from us as they are easy to store, transport and don't require a large car, trailer or roof rack. This means you can take an inflatable kayak everywhere, whether it's to the beach, the local lake or travelling. The kayak only takes up the space of a large sports bag and is incredibly lightweight, so it's a kayak that anyone can carry.

Another reason why you should choose an inflatable kayak is that they are made of high quality, which means they are made to be used year after year in all kinds of weather. This means that with an inflatable kayak, it only takes 15 minutes to unfold and inflate it. So, in just 15 minutes, you're ready to hit the water.

What's more, we only sell and make products that we would use ourselves. That's why our kayaks are perfect for those who want to spend the summer on the water alone or with others. Whether you're a beginner or not, this inflatable kayak is perfect for you..

Buy an inflatable kayak at

At you are guaranteed to get an inflatable kayak that is made of high quality and is super cool. You can get a kayak that you can easily take to beaches, rivers and you can actually take it all over the world for amazing experiences as it does not take up much more space than a large sports bag.

In addition to being able to get a cool inflatable kayak, you also get the following services with your purchase:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your new inflatable kayak before they sell out.

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