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Bathing shorts women

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In this category you will find a good selection of swimming shorts for women. If you belong to one of the many women who prefer to bathe or swim in shorts rather than in a bathing suit or bikini, then there are certainly many awesom...
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Bathing shorts women

In this category you will find a good selection of swimming shorts for women. If you belong to one of the many women who prefer to bathe or swim in shorts rather than in a bathing suit or bikini, then there are certainly many awesome models to choose from for you.

Whether you like the very feminine models best, or go for the very sporty models, you will be able to find a wide and versatile selection of women's swimming shorts here.

There can be many reasons to get a pair of bathing shorts. It can both be regarding design and comfort. In our selection you'll be introduced for many different bathing shorts for women in a very high quality.


What are the advantages of bathing shorts for women?

When many women prefer to use bathing shorts instead of other types of swimwear, it can be due to several reasons.

Many bikinis and bathing suits sits really close on the body. Not all women like this. Especially not if you have a rear that is slightly larger than average. In this case it's not a great feeling that the swimwear is so uncomfortably tight and far too revealing. Many women like the thighs to be behind a piece of clothing. You will be able to get the same effect with a swimsuit with a skirt that is more like a mini dress.

Even if you are of normal weight, it can be uncomfortable to wear very tight-fitting swimwear. In this case a pair of swim shorts for women would be much more comfortable.

This applies both if you are on the beach or in a swimming pool, that a pair of women's swimming shorts can be more comfortable.

In addition, there is much greater freedom of movement in a pair of shorts than in a tight-fitting bathing suit or bikini. This applies both when you walk and when you swim.

Not all women like very tight swimwear.

How are bathing shorts for women designed?

Such a pair of swimming shorts can be designed as versatile as any other clothing. Some swimming shorts for women are best suited for a trip to the beach, and others are more specifically swimming shorts.

Some come in very feminine designs and are perhaps made from a floral or patterned fabric. Others come in a look that is more unisex in it's style. They could also easily be for men, except that the fit is of course aimed at women.

The length of women's bathing shorts varies greatly. Some go to just below the thigh, others go down to the middle of the thigh. There may also be more or less movement in the legs. Some fit tighter than others. Most have a slit in the side that allows for good mobility.

Some come as part of a bikini, where the bottom is then designed as a pair of short shorts.

Again, it is basically just a matter of taste and preference, when it comes to which type of design you prefer. For most people, comfort certainly matters too. You must feel comfortable in your swimwear.

Which type of shorts is the best to swim in?

There's a big difference in whether the individual types of bathing shorts for women are suitable for swimming in. Some of the models are best suited for a shorter swim at the beach. These are, for example, the shorts that are looser around the waist. They won't be able to stay on if you swim more seriously in them. They could be just fine to play beach volleyball in, but specifically as a form of swimwear, they are not ideal.

If you swim more seriously in your shorts, for instance in a swimming pool, then you should choose some swimming shorts for ladies that, first of all, will be able to stay on to your waist when they meet the resistance of the water. Secondly, they should preferably be made of a material that is not 100% cotton, because this becomes too heavy when it gets wet.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your women's bathing shorts and that they don't irritate you or restrict you when you're in the water. They must be comfortable and feel good when you swim in them.

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With us you always get a big and versatile selection of bathing shorts to choose from. There will definitely be some that you'll like. We have some of the most respected brands, that stand out by producing excellent bathing shorts for women.

So browse through our selection, and find the pair that is going to go swimming with you.

Apart from just selling women's bathing shorts, we also provide very good conditions for our customers. With us you always get:

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Order right away, and you'll be able to jump in the water in your new cool bathing shorts in no time.

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