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Swimsuit with skirt

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A swimsuit with skirt should have a comfortable fit, support you in the right places, and not least have a great looking skirt. The swimwear you find on our page has and does just that. We have a very special selection of these swim...
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Swimsuit with skirt

A swimsuit with skirt should have a comfortable fit, support you in the right places, and not least have a great looking skirt. The swimwear you find on our page has and does just that. We have a very special selection of these swimsuits with skirts, so you are guaranteed an optimal quality and some great looking swimsuits. So if you like to be covered a little more by your swimsuit in a great way on the beach, in the pool or during the vacation, take a look here on our page, where you are bound to find something to your liking.

Why are swimsuits with skirts a good option?

You probably already know this, but there are actually a lot of areas where these types of swimsuits with skirts can be extra great, hence why many women prefer this type of swimsuit. You could also classify these swimsuits as bathing dresses, since the form and function is the same.

A swimsuit with a skirt is particularly great when you want to be a little more dressed, than if you were wearing a regular swimsuit. Regular swimsuits for women often end in a V at the hip, which you can fix in a very elegant way, by wearing this skirt on top. This also means that the skirt covers up the upper part of the thighs and the whole rear.

Another reason is that this skirt gives you a very special appearance, which is surprisingly stylish and works really well. When you are walking on the ledge in the pool, or by the shore on the beach, the skirt on the swimsuit drapes beautifully over the swimsuit, and almost gives you a dress-look - which is also why they're called bathing dresses. And when you swim in the water, it actually stays over the body in the same position.

A third reason is that these swimsuits with skirts come as swimsuits in plus size. Many "regular" swimsuits stops pretty early in their sizing, where these can reach significantly higher. Actually most of them go all the way up to 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60, so they will also fit you if you are slightly larger. If you are looking for different swimsuits that complement female shapes - or need an alternative - a slimming swimsuit or a swimsuit with padding could be a great solution.

Mirou swimsuit with skirt

Here at we have chosen to have the popular Mirou swimsuits with skirt, and bathing dresses, which we actually find to be the most popular - by far.

And that's not without good reason.

We have found five good reasons as to why many prefer precisely Mirou, when they are going to pick their swimsuit:

  1. The swimsuits with skirt is in simple black colours, some has vertical and horisontal lines in more contrasting colours.
    This means that the suits emphasizes your waist instead of other parts of the body.
  2. They consist of two layers.
    The skirt itself sits on the outside of the suit, and because of this, these Mirou suits consists of a skirt in two layers all the way around.
  3. Soft cups to support the bosom
    Apart from the skirt itself, the suits also naturally support your bosom. Both by having added an extra layer here, which raises the bosom, but also because the cup itself is surprisingly soft and comfortable.
  4. Covers the whole rear and half of the thigh
    Many other suits with a skirt doesn't quite cover the whole rear. These Mirou suits definitely does that - and in a very stylish way.
  5. Made from 83% polyamide and 17% elastane
    This combination of materials really just mean that the suit is guaranteed to be durable, and surprisingly long lasting, all the while being flexible and comfortable to wear.

All in all, a Mirou swimsuit with skirt fits surprisingly well and naturally on the female body, supports the right places in the bosom and on the back - and you just simply feel more dressed wearing one of these, than with other and regular swimsuits.

Classic as the 50's swimsuit

When you think of swimsuits with a skirt, most people probably look back on the fashion from the 1950's where both men and women used bathing suits, and where many swimsuits for women in particular, had skirts.

The fashion has changed quite a bit since then, and today men no longer wear swimsuits. Swimsuits with skirts, however, are still very current in the present fashion scene. In the 50's swimsuits with legs for women was also super modern, and we have also seen this trend return.

Buy your swimsuit with skirt at

We have become the Dane's favourite swimshop, when it comes to swimwear for women. Both because of our great range of products, cheap prices, but particularly due to our great customer service.

So if you have a question about these swimsuits with a skirt, or about swimsuits in general? Perhaps about which size or model would be the best for you? Then please call our customer service, or write to us in the live chat. We would love to help you make the best choice.

And if that wouldn't be enough, you will also get:

  • Free shipping on orders over €79
  • 3-5 days delivery
  • Our customer service is ready all weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM.

    So feel free to take a look at our swimsuits with skirts here on our page, and buy your new favourite swimsuit for the beach, the pool or anywhere else!

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